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Special Olympics Champ to Barack: Bring it On!

3/20/2009 10:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A bowling phenom in the Special Olympics has just challenged Prez Barack Obama to a White House roll-off ... and he'll probably kick Barack's butt.

Barack Obama

Kolan McConiughey, a Special Olympics competitor who has bowled three perfect 300 games, tells TMZ that the Prez has to score a lot higher than 129 to beat him. Kolan says he bowls an average of 266.

Play VideoKolan -- who works at a grocery store in Ann Arbor, Mich. -- said he'd love to go to the White House to beat Barack on his own lane. Kolan said, "He's cool, but he can't beat me."

We posed the challenge to the White House. They said "no comment."

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If anyone knows how to blow something out of proportion, it's TMZ

It was a slip of the tongue,
why are you all so up in arms about this?
and what's up with the republican vs lib debate???

let me tell you something, no matter what side you choose it's all the damn same and you are a bunch of puppets for believing anything different.

1939 days ago


The joke just pointed out the truth. A person with normal brain function will bowl better than a retard. It is just a fact but political correctness likes to hide the truth. He was just saying his bowling is so bad that he bowls like a retard would. It was a funny joke because it was true. People need to stop lying to themselves to think a retard functions just as well as a normal person. They just don't. Yes there are exceptions like the good retard bowler but use your common sense and know that they generally do not function at a normal level. Would you want a retard to do your taxes? No.

1939 days ago

Obama is Gay    

Hey # 20 go f@ck yourself while watching CNN

1939 days ago


Obama is an arrogant, insensitive jerk. He needs to have his @-- at the White House doing something instead of plastering his mug all over late night tv. Any other President would have been raked over the coals for such a comment. Of course Obama is just a D list celebrity who relies on a telepromter for every thing he says - give me a break.

1939 days ago


I love how the White House said -- he was digging on the Special Olympics....no, he was just making fun of handicapped people. If Barack was a man...he'd challenge the guy he dissed. Lame-O Barack can't say anything right unless a teleprompter is spewing words out at him.

1939 days ago


You GO Kolan!! The Dude would be proud.

1939 days ago


How will we tell them apart?

1939 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Always criticize a conservative and always make excuses for a democrat. That is the liberal motto and the mainstream media are the puppets in this charade. There is a reason his initials are B.O. It's so appropriate. This is what evil people do.

1939 days ago

Lord Xenu    

What the heck was Obama doing on Leno in the first place? The guy acts like he is still on the campaign trail.

Why doesnt Obama do something useful and fire Tim Turbo Tax Geithner and demands the resignation of Chris "Dudd" Dodd for shielding the AIG bonuses in the Porkulus spending bill?

Obama needs better handlers, he is turning into a walking gaffe machine - I guess The Messiah spends too much time around Joe Biden who is known for making insensitive comments.

Too bad some one like General Petraeus or Colin Powell isnt President. Now we have a juvenile delinquent in charge of the nuclear football.

1939 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Anyone really giving a rat's ass about this joke needs to get a life. I mean, really --- it was not intended as an insult, so if you're taking it as such, then you need to grow up and realize that the entire world does NOT revolve around YOU.. That includes "special needs" people. Everyone has to learn to function in the real world, and baby, this is it.

Nobody can take self-esteem from you, but if you choose to whine and cry crocodile tears because somebody hurt your widdle feewings and nobody is ever allowed to elvery say anything that MIGHT hurt your widdle feewings, then you can't function in the real world, period. That doesn't mean that everyone in the real world has to grovel down to your level. Grow up.

1939 days ago


Obama made fun of mentally retarded people? Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?

1939 days ago


a person in the special olymics cant bowl 300 games if he could bowl that he wouldnt be in the special olymics he would a pro bowler they bumper bowland how is this guy and obama going too bumper bowl when there is no bowling alley at the white house anymore he turned it into a basketball court lol what ever

1939 days ago


Guess his tax rate will go to 90% now.

Ya piss off da govRmint they r come n after u

1939 days ago

kenny darter    

People are focusing waaaaaaaay too much on this nonsense. There are much more hateful things out there...http://hateonme.com

1939 days ago


Hussain would get owned!

1939 days ago
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