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The Six Million Dollar Croc

3/20/2009 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meet RoboCroc -- a living, breathing, chomping crocodile cyborg!

RoboCroc: Click to watch
After this Florida croc's skull was crushed by a car, a team of plastic surgeons jumped in and rebuilt its face using four metal plates and 41 screws.

Because that's just what Florida needs, more crocodiles.


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What is man without the beasts? If all the beasts were gone, men would die from great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to man. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the children of the earth. - Chief Seattle

No outrage here. Stop assuming this cost a huge amount of money. There are veterinarians out there who sometimes offer their services for FREE. It's not impossible that this was all done by volunteers. The news story doesn't say either way.

1952 days ago

something smells    

great while the rest of the country is in a recession we rebuild crocs

1952 days ago

Linda Mott    

They should have put it out of it's misery and used the money to help the poor people with food, perhaps a croc of soup.

1952 days ago


#30 - Jackiemichele - I'm pretty sure you're my favorite person today.

1952 days ago


I live in Florida and I can tell you, from experience and EDUCATION, that we have alligators. The only crocs here are in the zoo.

1952 days ago


A bullet would have been so much cheaper

1952 days ago

Ticked Off Taxpayer    

Rather see this than Octomoron and her childless shopping sprees. At least the Croc. deserved the kind treatment he received.

1952 days ago


mama, I'd get your money back from wherever you got your "education" because that is an American Crocodile.

1952 days ago


silly readers. there are lots of alligators in florida and a very few croc's. not the same huge kind as in southeast asia, australia and africa. the 2 recents deaths were one in Australia and one in Phillipines by those huge croc's. american croc's found in florida are very rare, i imagine they went to all this trouble to get his dna. robo croc

1952 days ago


I live in Florida on a lake and I can tell you that the expenditure of this money to do this to this overgrown lizard is nothing short of stupid. These animals are aggressive, especially right now, during mating season, and they have no mercy on their prey. They kill children, pets, and when given the right opportunity, adults. Why, oh why, would ANYONE spend money and time to do this???? IT'S NOT LIKE WE HAVE A SHORTAGE OF THESE DISGUSTING CREATURES AROUND HERE FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!!!!!!!

1952 days ago


The kids that were recently killed by crocodiles were in Australia I believe. NOT Florida!! Looks kinda cool but could you imagine if that thing came after you, YIKES!!!

1952 days ago


I'm guessing that hurts

1952 days ago


It's not a matter of Florida needing more or less of any animal, it's a matter of a living thing being hurt and needing help. It would be cruel to let any animal suffer, especially when the fault was that of a human. As humans are the most destructive, volatile living things out there, the ones who hurt this animal, it's only right for humans to have fixed him.

To the person who said about kids being attacked by an alligator recently, think of all of the wildlife humans attack. You can bet the numbers for humans hurting animals is unbelievably higher then vice versa.

Being from Florida, I'm glad money goes to helping wildlife.

1952 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

They have been around for millions of year leftovers from the BIG liz time.CROC`s here are on the protected list mess with one go to jail.Yea they`ll all eat you so will sharks here CAPITAL of sharks they say.So kill all the sharks too? all the snakes and birds and bee`s are you nuts?.Leave them alone or go to jail or get eaten.Crocs like to walk and gaters like to stay in water.Manatees here also SEA COW.When I first moved here there was a 16 foot black mamba living in the front yard...I thought it was a bull snake and just about tryed to grab and remove it.But it was standing upright at five foot tall and they can go 25 mph and see as well as a hawk and are the most deadly snake on earth and acn spit kill and kill many times over plus they keep biteing untill you go down and hunt nite and day.They are not from here but someone must have placed it.Someone got busted in the news form importing them...they will live here BIG PROBLEM.I sprayed it with the water hose everyday and one day I saw it leaveing to the high dunes and it cover both sides of the road and was going over 20 mph.They are only about 2inchs around and if one strikes you die plus they say it is like getting hit by lighting.I can see and know to stay away from gators but imported snakes kill every year also.

1952 days ago


American crocodiles are endangered so yes they need saving. Alligators are plentiful. Learn the difference before showing your ignorance with your comments.

1952 days ago
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