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The Six Million Dollar Croc

3/20/2009 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meet RoboCroc -- a living, breathing, chomping crocodile cyborg!

RoboCroc: Click to watch
After this Florida croc's skull was crushed by a car, a team of plastic surgeons jumped in and rebuilt its face using four metal plates and 41 screws.

Because that's just what Florida needs, more crocodiles.


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PEPSI Generation    

BLACK MAMBA vs anything MAMBA WINS illegally imported and place to kill Howard Robard Hughes IIV.But it hated water and waveing a shirt at it and yelling.I have never seen a snake at will look you right in your eyes at your own height.This one did...I just hope the hunting is better on the dunes then here as they return to old hunting grounds if the lizards run out.

2046 days ago

VIP D    

In FL we have Alligators.....not crocs. Stick to celeb news TMZ. lol. what a waste. 6 million dollars to fix a CROC!?? people being laid off of their jobs ....struggling to get by and yet they have 6 mill to fix a croc skull. what a shame!

2046 days ago


Hey Floridian, looks like your education doesn't count for much, cause we do have crocodiles in Florida. They are protected and rare, but they are here. Go back to school now.

2046 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Look just the same as a black mamba but they do not kill and only get about six foot.Black bull snake looks like mamba but is shorter and bigger around.It was a pro murder attempt by black mamba...I googled and studyed them untill I found out what it was and how to get rid of it I knew.I hissed at it sprayed it with the water hose untill it ran out of lizards to eat.Thats why I noted it in the first place no lazards around.They will strike at nite are black and only two inchs around but go to 20 feet and like trees.I think they drugged it after a huge feeding than placed it in a drain pipe by my front door.I about ran it down with the car but worried it could wrap around the underside of the car.They arte lighting fast.But about the only time they attack people is if you get in the path to thier den when they have eggs or feel indangered.I could unrun a gator on dry ground but a mamba can out run any human alive.

2046 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Are killing even the killer REPTs from here

2046 days ago


My vet Dr Doug Mader did this work, some of you who live in So Cal. may remember him as he used to live there and had a column in the Long Beach Paper. Salt Water Crocs are very rare and I hope this guy makes it. Thanks Dr. Doug for keeping our animals in the Florida Keys and South Florida safe.

Yay for Key West and the Florida Keys for having and exceptional vet like this guy.

2046 days ago


Mandy...Harvard doesn't give refunds. What made you an expert? Some crap you read online. There are NO crocodiles roaming free in Florida, no matter what you have heard or read. Everyone keeps saying "extremely rare"...well, they don't live here. I can go outside and spot a gator any day of the week (since my Harvard education allows me to live on the water instead of a trailer park like Mandy) but you will not ever see a croc of any kind in the wild in Florida.
Deal with are wrong.

2046 days ago


First of all, I am from SOUTH FLORIDA and for all of you that say that the picture of the animal is an alligator need to go back to 2nd grade. Just google "alligator" and you'll see that alligators have very round, short snouts. That clearly is a CROCODILE and yes, we do have crocs here! For all of you that say you're from Florida and you know because of "education" (*cough cough* mama) I hope you didn't pay for it because you were robbed. Just take a trip near the beaches in the everglades and if you're lucky enough you'll spot a couple of crocs (IN THE WILD - NOT THE ZOO). How'd you think he got run over? Crocs don't only live in Australia or Africa you know...

2046 days ago


All animal haters should be put to death. There are way too many people on this earth, eating and sh...ting it all away and you disgusting pukes are complaining about saving an animal's life. You are so sick. Don't you know we are part of the animal kingdom - maybe we shouldn't take care of you if you get hit by a car - you pukes. I hope you all die from a car hitting you and no one comes to your rescue.

2046 days ago


Amen ramblr. And Mama, I knew right away by the snout. Not from any "crap" I read online. I've also known since I was a little girl about wild American crocodiles. Suffice it to say, I don't live in a trailer park but if you were trying to insult me, you failed. It's more insulting that someone with a supposed Harvard education can't tell the difference between two reptiles.

2046 days ago

truthfully yours    

I live in an area with critters like this in the lake behind our house. They are a dangerous nuisance. The state will only come trap them if they "are threatening you"..., whatever that means...I know, because I have called. Basically, you have to pay hundreds of dollars to a licensed trapper. It's scary to take my Yorkie out at night. These creatures have more rights than I do. I'm sure if I had a crushed face and my insurance wouldn't cover it, a bunch of bleeding hearts wouldn't team up to help me. People have died as a result of these reptiles. It's a sad thing that human life means less than animals. The time and money could have been spent much better. America, wake up.

2046 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

As in millions of years when crocs where over 50 feet long and weighted tons.I see about three of them a year on the news here.Yes there are a lot of gators.Jump in that lake and get eaten warden or not.A few wounded peole last year sharks also CAPITAL of sharks and they have a surfing contest right there.They could never clear all those critters if they tryed snakes also and than it would imblance the chain.Stay out of the chain and your fine.If I didn`t like those critters I would`nt live there....I love southern florida I was born here and moved back here again a few years back.Nice warm and best beachs...I don`t go inland much coaster!.KEY west is the best place in the US bar the islands.

2046 days ago

jen jen    

abuse of tax dollars? i dont think so. what this is, is experimentation. next they will be using the device on a human in some way. who knows? but it does allow us to help the animal and learn at the same time. and, i agree with #65. they were here first. if you cant take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

2046 days ago

jen jen    

#63, would a fence not remedy this situation? (im not being sarcastic...)

2046 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

After the mob tapped me rappy tap tap cut cut cut burn burn burn.My face was pinned togather my kiddney was beat in and my rib cage smashed and cut up.Trake tube six weeks coma to coma OH the good old dayz.Man I have a head pain ear was cut off finger toes cut off arrow lodged in brain with three bullets.BB`s in back but`s it`s all right now and in fact it`s a gas.12 bullet wounds to legs rib cage rebuilt safe house burned man I miss those good old daze I want my baby back my baby back RIBs right BB? ha ha ha I forgave light years ago.Some got planted and some of my friends got murdered by right wing mobsters.I would trust that croc over those mobsters.

2046 days ago
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