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The Six Million Dollar Croc

3/20/2009 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meet RoboCroc -- a living, breathing, chomping crocodile cyborg!

RoboCroc: Click to watch
After this Florida croc's skull was crushed by a car, a team of plastic surgeons jumped in and rebuilt its face using four metal plates and 41 screws.

Because that's just what Florida needs, more crocodiles.


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Dear Dear Mandy and ramblr...If you can, please go back and read my posts. I never said that the animal in the picture was not a croc...I said that we do not have crocs in the wild in Florida. Only someone who's not so bright or a highschool drop out would be so focused on and offended by my "supposed" education. Why so touchy? It is very easy to tell the difference between the 2 reptiles. That was not my point. We have many crocs here, just not in the wild. And by the way, since it interests you so much, my (master's)degree is psychology. So, please take some free (lucky for you) advice and get some therepy.
Sorry...wrong again

1982 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

Like I said about three times a year on the news local that got hurt by traffic.Gators are on the news all the time but the middle of winter.If a gator is under three feet it gets back to a home...if it is over three feet they put it down and give it to the eaterys that sell it and that money is given to the homeless.Crocs are protected here so there are crocs in the wide thus the protect ACT just like manatees which I see about a doz times a year.I don`t think anyone had to pay for the fix up I think they did that one thier own like with the widelife people manatee team birds so on.There is also a mass inflex of imported critters dumped and that is a majar problem here now.

1982 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

Go on for your PH-D and than one more PH-D in a mental sciences feild than maybe you would be a leader in your feild not just standing in one.I hear everyone with two PH-D`s but everything else is just BS.

1982 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

From FLORIDA F-L-O-R-I-D-A!!! see the light? crossing over now??

1982 days ago


I think it's an alligator. Us floridians try to keep clear of the crocs. Unfortunately the shoes still show up.

1982 days ago


#72 "EGO MAMA"-is that rambling misspelled mess directed at me?
You need to put down the bong and pick up a dictionary.

1982 days ago


Here's the thing "mama", we do have crocs here in FLORIDA. I've seen them myself.. All you have to do is take a drive down to the everglades and if you're lucky enough, you will see them. I live 10 minutes away from the Everglades so it isn't too hard for me. You want to know why there aren't many in the wild? Because they're ENDANGERED! That is the whole point on why that croc was saved. Once again, he was run how do you explain that? He was a 'rogue' croc that escaped from the zoo? Sorry to burst your bubble but he was in the wild. Next thing you're going to tell me is that Panthers are also not in the wild in Florida (just in Zoos). Oh, and that Harvard degree is doubtful since you probably wouldn't have been able to graduate from elementary school without knowing that there are such thing as the AMERICAN CROCODILE and they live here in Florida- in the WILD.

Here is a little excerpt from (National Parks Conservation Association):
The American crocodile can be found in Biscayne National Park, FL, and Everglades National Park, FL.

Here's an actual news artcile about Robo-croc's surgery:
The giant male predator, dubbed Robo Croc after the operation left it with a significant amount of metal dotted around its face, was close to death after having its head crushed by a car in the Florida Keys last year.

Did you get that? He was struck by a car in the FLORIDA KEYS. Hence, he is a wild croc. He isn't the only one either.

If we're going to have a debate, don't be juvenile enough to say 'oh, I went to Harvard, blah blah blah' actually give proof to support what you're saying. But good luck because you're not going to find any reliable information saying crocs are only in Florida zoos and cannot be found in the everglades (or the Keys fro that matter).

1982 days ago


There are alligators and crocodiles in Florida. There are less than 500 crocodiles in Florida and they are endangered, they are known as the American crocodile.

1982 days ago


Florida doesn't have Crocodiles they have Alligators! Duh!

1982 days ago


Wow ramblr you have some serious anger issues. I'm sorry you had neither the brains nor the money to attend college, like I did (got both by the way)- that obviously bothers you a great deal. Being a Floridian I can say that living 10 minutes from the Everglades explains a lot about you. It is hilarious that you think that anyone is going to believe that you've seen a crocodile in the wild here in Florida. Also, why in the world would the croc in question have to be an escapee from a zoo? You know, zoos and preserves for these animals have cars too...
I only brought up the Harvard issue because, well other than being proud of it, my education was put into question by under-achievers like you.
Have a great weekend, and out for those crocs you see running all over the place.

1982 days ago

stupid women & the religious right    

Not sure why this 'mama' is so freaked by the idea of being proven wrong, but it's pretty funny to see people boasting their education in an online forum just to have facts put in their face and STILL not accept it.

I am from Miami, myself, and while wild crocodiles are much more rare than the gators we have roaming all over the state, they ARE there, and it's pretty silly to sit on one post on one website to defend your intelligence, not only against fellow commentors, but against the article itself... 'mama' needs a pill.

1982 days ago


Thank you #9!!!! Alligators you dummies!!!!!!

1982 days ago


Mama - It's "t-h-e-r-A-p-y" not "t-h-e-r-E-p-y". I certainly hope a Harvard educated psychologist would know that.

I'm not trying to stir up this s**t storm but if you're going to be arrogant, spell check before hitting the comment button. You lose credibility otherwise.

1982 days ago



1982 days ago

Crocodile Informanat    

Whomever said there were NO crocdiles in Florida is a moron....salt water crocdiles are found near Key West all the time not to mention it is not hard to migrate. People are idiots.....way to pay attention in science class. As for the crocodile, it is neat how they transformed his facial structure but you would think they would spend 6 million a little more wisely...Geez!

1982 days ago
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