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"CSI" Advisor Sued for Framing Ex

3/21/2009 3:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

CSI: MiamiA former homicide detective who has been an advisor to "CSI: Miami" is being sued by his former fiancee, alleging he viciously framed her in a police dragnet that could have gotten her killed.

Rebecca Accarino claims she was engaged to Michael Scott, a former L.A. County Sheriff's detective. According to the lawsuit filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Accarino and her 11-year-old granddaughter moved in with Scott, but things went south when Accarino felt Scott was threatening toward her.

The suit claims she decided to break off the engagement but did not tell him. Accarino says on June 16, 2008, she and her granddaughter went to Scott's house to retrieve her stuff. Scott was not there but a neighbor spotted her and asked what she was doing. She told the neighbor she was breaking up with Scott and moving out.

Accarino says she took her stuff out of the house and drove off with her granddaughter in her BMW, which had been parked in the driveway. The neighbor called Scott and told him what had gone down. Scott told the neighbor to call 911 and say she had committed a burglary, she was driving a stolen car, she was armed, she was in possession of drugs and she would elude arrest.

The next thing Accarino knew, she was driving along when L.A. County Sheriff's deputies surrounded her car, with weapons drawn. Accarino and her granddaughter were removed from the car, forced to their knees with heads down and arms back. They were then handcuffed and searched.

Accarino is suing Scott and his neighbor for not less than $1 million for emotional distress and false imprisonment.


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2050 days ago

LA LA    

What a psycho ex detective! Cops and law enforcement have gone bad! I dont beleive in the system anymore! Im glad her and her grand daughter are safe!

2050 days ago

Congressman ron paul    


2050 days ago

god forbid you end up in an accident or in the hospital!    

If I were the neighbor I would have thought twice about saying all of that! burglary and stolen car...maybe. but the rest...I would have thought twice about. it just seems really out there

2050 days ago



2050 days ago


Seems he can't handle not being in control nor rejection. How pathic and costly for his back pocket and the department.

2050 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

Wobble SHORTbus

2049 days ago


brings to mind the song, "Breaking Up is Hard t0 Do." Law enforcement, for the most part, are controllers. When they can't, they find a way to try to. She should have gotten a deputy to go with her to retrieve her possessions. Scott would have most likely been notified, but there would have been, hopefully, an impartial witness. The car was hers. That smells of false report of a crime. She should get the money, and the neighbor should receive a NCIS slap to the back of the head. And, TMZ - where were your camera crews when this was goin' down. ;-)

2049 days ago

[][] ScOut W. [][]    

Another L A finest moment, hang em both by the balls!

2049 days ago


What a psycho and the neighbour is just an idiot - doing this call - I can't believe it how low people go.

2049 days ago

Misplaced Texan    

I bet the “helpful” neighbor is a cop as well. I hope Rebecca Accarino wins and Michael Scott is arrested and charged with filing a false police report, among other things, and his neighbor charged as an accomplice. But we are talking about California and they are not real big on convicting anyone for anything. Ms. Accarino and her granddaughter should be thankful that she is out of a bad situation.

2049 days ago

kendra joy bethune    

go off the air do not like csi miami have a big problem with it if you want dead people go to a cemetary do not do any more marathons i'm alive i talk to live people i like the jonas brothers i have no rude comments on my facebook page
okay i don't like you don't look for me okay you guys have a negtaive attiude tmz is okay .okay i like nick and joe jonas
you're day ruinners.. take a too long vacation don't come on again kendra bethune

2049 days ago

Linda Mott    

What was the neighbor thinking! He had a phone and he is asking the neighbor to call 911? Does that make sense to you?
The person must have had an idea about the relationship and known that a child was with the woman. There must be more to the story. Telling the police the detailed information sounds fishy. How did he know what she would do?

2048 days ago


good for her. let's hope she gets all the cash she is asking for and more and that they are both charged by the DA.

2048 days ago

kendra joy bethune    

oh ge yah nick jonas and joe jonas just writting a story in my journal about a guy nick of england and new england he's fake
he's fiotional not real nick lived in a time era of 1821 Csi miami news ruinned my day

2048 days ago

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