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Christina Milian -- Kissing Someone Else

3/22/2009 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How could R&B singer Christina Milian break so many hearts? Does she even understand the consequences of her actions? Somewhere, hundreds of men just lost their faith in humanity.


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I totally agree with #6 and #8...THAT IS A BAAAAAAD Lipo job...I know this FIRST hand because I hate the same thing happen to me when I got it and gained a little weight back. I eventually lost the weight after seeing myself looking like a freak! If you get lipo somewhere you HAVE to keep the weight off. If you don't it will look lumpy and uneven. look at Tara Reid...same problem. Why does she need liposuction anyways...isn't she really young? For pete's sake! Just go to the gym. Sounds hypocritical on my part but you live and learn. I learned the hard way...

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2049 days ago


If that's her "dream", I pity her.

2049 days ago


someone tell that guy to back off from KFC............... Eeewww Christina Milian wtf? love is def blind!

2049 days ago


DATS THE DREAM......SHE'S KISSING.............

2049 days ago


JEALOUSY, JEALOUSY, JEALOUSY...her body looks great, amazing. Her stomach does not look like she had any Lipo. She definitely works out alot. I saw her on an interview years back and she works out 5 days a week, almost 2 hours a day. She said she does tons of ab exercises. Why cant people give compliments. Why is it so hard to say somebody looks good?

2049 days ago


lmao..."someone else"

thats the rapper "the Dream"....


2049 days ago


nappy headed hoe... nuthin to look at

2049 days ago

ya right    

I think I am hardly jealous of that stomach---it would be stupid of me to badmouth her on this site, as I think she probably doesn't read these comments anyways. Her body looks good, but her stomach is a botched lipo job. The ripple effect happens when either the doctor takes out too much fat, or you gain weight after the surgery. I love the girl, love her music---I just made a point that I wish pretty young girls such as Christina would leave their bodies alone!!!! And yes, I read a similar article of her talking about how much she works out--blah, blah, blah......but a picture speaks a thousand words. And this one says she had liposuction.

2049 days ago


She's a walking STD...and not making things any better by kissing primates.

2049 days ago

Shirlaine D.    


2049 days ago

Ashley Combs    

To bashy35 ask paris hilton, jen aniston, madonna, britney spears, they might know b****!!!!

2049 days ago


That's so disgusting. This chick seems to be sleeping with everyone she works with/for.

2049 days ago

The Dude    

When I look at her, all I can think about is putting a a 14" rod through her little hair bun on th eback of her head. That way there can be some handlebars for the ride! :) giddyaap a smack on the hindquarters might get her to buck! Well, she is probably not into country..but then again..neither am I.

2048 days ago


NUMBER 53!!!! AMEN!!! YOU SAID IT! That Destiny is either Milian herself or someone who is ridiculously obsessed. That is a BOTHCED LIPO JOB! It's that simple. I've seen them on friends before as well. It's usually caused by gaining weight in the original area that was lipo'd...girl can work out all she's not going to change the fact that she is predisposed to gain belly fat. She just went and had it sucked and is lying about it. People, especially celebs...if you are going to get any kind of plastic surgery and it's freakin' obvious..DON'T LIE ABOUT IT! You will just look like a tool in the media. If you're famous you know paps are going to be chasing your ass everywhere. For Pete's sake..BE PREPARED!

2048 days ago
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