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Janice Dickinson

3/23/2009 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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She is a beautiful woman who keeps herself in shape. I'm sure all you haters are perfect specimens. You're probably fat, out of shape couch potatoes. Believe me, you're not witty at all. Rather pitiful...

I like Janice because she tells it like it is. Has she gone too far with some of the plastic surgery, maybe, but at least she tries to look good. For a woman in her mid-50's she looks damn good!

2004 days ago


Umm, # 33? Janice is in her late 50's (56 I believe)....she's way past menopause and probably hasn't had a period in 10-15 years! No no...what you're looking at is a hoo-ha that has been used and abused for far too long and could use a nip/tuck/lift ASAP. She was beautiful back in the 70's but she's had way too much plastic surgery over the years that now she always looks mad, evil...then she opens her mouth and all of her ugliness spills right out. She needs to learn how to speak like a lady and carry herself as such....she's too old to keep portraying herself as a slut. Plus she's doing her beautiful children such a dis-service. I can't wait to read their tell-all books when she dies. Mommy Dearest The Sequel? How sad.

2004 days ago

Kooky Fan    

She looks amazing for her age. Nice high-beams and you guys that think she has a package must have small pee-pees

2004 days ago


What pressure does she blow her lips up to?

2004 days ago


She's still hot for her age. Leave her alone you nay-says. I bet none of you look near as good as she does. Let's post photos of you and see how well you stack up.....or NOT.

2004 days ago


She most likely suffers from bladder problems and has a Poise on

2004 days ago


shes hotter than my last "girlfriend" and she was 22

2004 days ago

Pitbull Poker    

Meat Curtains.

2004 days ago


Pay your toll before driving through that tunnel. She has been a pure 100% scank for years now. I guess that is where she parks her car. WHo needs a garage? YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2004 days ago


That settles the age old question of which feminine hygiene product is more discreet: Tampons or beach towels.

2004 days ago

big joe    

i can't eat my lunch now.

2004 days ago

Karen Ann    

To #7, Linda Mott - SHE had a hard life??? Poor baby!!! She is a super model. If she had a hard life, then she made it on her own. I don't feel sorry for her in the least. Besides, she should be glad she's a super model with the looks that she has!

2004 days ago

Black Teef    

Dude's packin' a firehose down there.

2004 days ago


Ok first of all you commenters defending this persons flagrant display of her sexual organs need to get a grip on reality. Fifty year old women should not be showing their lady parts for all the folks to see as they walk by. This person is wearing tighter than needed clothing and is well aware that lady things are in view of any passerby. This person was a model for clothing and probably knows how to dress in the morning. When checking in the mirror the box was marked for "showing lady parts" that's the point of this photo.
Is it pretty? Is it ugly? Do we need to be the judge of that? Don't we arrest people for exposing themselves? Does this person need to expose themselves? At what point does clothing become just paint over your vagina? If one person is offended by your display of your reproductive organs that is one person too many.

2004 days ago


Oh my...

2004 days ago
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