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TMZ to Congress -- Do You Twitter Your Wife?

3/25/2009 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We asked Congressmen Jim Himes (D, CT), John Boccieri (D, OH), Joe Sestak (D, PA) Neil Abercrombie (D, HI) and Henry Cuellar (D, TX) what's the deal with all the Twittering on the Hill -- and while most were in the know, one of 'em thought it sounded downright "obscene."

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No, that would be this.


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first beetches! tweet this tweople

2006 days ago


Should've asked Barny Frank if he twitters his butt-buddy

2006 days ago

Dick Gardner    

He likes to twitter and watch the "Stupid Mario Brothers" on youtube.

2006 days ago



2006 days ago


Why are you only talking to Democrats?

2006 days ago


damn im so sick of all this twitter buzz

its not interesting get off the bandwagon

2006 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

Democrats are a cancer on our country. Twits one and all.

2006 days ago


I noticed they are all democrats, I guess thats why the economy and more Government control of our lives is getting so out of hand they are the ones running the whole show so there is no check and balance now. Constitution? Whats that? Oh that piece of paper thats so outdated and irrelavent now. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, etc.. should be arrested for what they have been doing , talk about Bush going over the line! They are talking about taking over private business, taxing us for carbon output, telling us what temp to keep our homes, how much water we use, etc.... and guess how much in taxes we are going to be paying in the future to pay back all this so called stimulas debt. Even our great great grandchildren will be trying to pay this back. WAKE UP America before you won't even recognise your own country.

2006 days ago


Wow TMZ, more cutting edge "reporting" from our UNBIASED pap friends in Hollywood I see! Why not ask these people what they think about the President making fun of handicapped children? Why no questions about how the President laughs at our nation's problems on 60 minutes? Why no questions about their thoughts on the President spending this nation into debt that will take generations to get out of? Why no quesitons about how many vacations he's already taken in only his first two months of office and during a "global crisis?" Why no questions on all the parties he has thrown during these dire times? Why no quesitons on how he admits to practicing bowling in the White House when he should be focused 100% on the economy? Why no questions on why he's more interested in being on Jay Leno, ESPN and 60 Minutes instead of solving this country's woes? Why not ask them if they think the President is mentally challenged himself since he can't handle a single news conference without his creepy teleprompter? Just a few idea for future reference. I'm sure you'll take the advice since you're "FAIR AND BALANCED." Right Harvey?

2006 days ago


Accountability Autumn Follows “Recovery” Summer

We are at the end of Recovery Summer and beginning of Accountability Autumn. Our in***bent congressman, Jim Himes, is running for re-election in a tough economic and political climate for in***bents with his voting record. Across the country, in***bents such as Himes are downplaying their votes for the stimulus, Obamacare, and record deficits. While Congressman Himes may be vulnerable this year, the 2010 election may also be a great opportunity for him if he is able to survive. That is because 2010 will be as bad as it gets for Himes in terms of accountability. If he can get a majority of voters to accept the status quo, then he will be practically invulnerable in future elections. Generally, in***bents face their toughest re-election battle after their freshman term. In this case, Himes’ first term ends amidst 10% unemployment. Two out of three voters in his district under the belief that Washington is on the wrong track. If he can overcome those odds, then he can do anything –- set aside his campaign season moderation and vote how he pleases in the future. If Himes can win this election, then Accountability Autumn may become as big a failure as Recovery Summer. So the question before the voters is whether or not the status quo is good enough. Because there may not be another chance at an Accountability Autumn like this one.

1456 days ago

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