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Gisele & Tom

You are Cordially Invited...

3/26/2009 1:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Break out the tux and the fancy dress for the most cookie-cutter, boiler plate, fill-in-the-blank wedding of all time -- Tom and Gisele ... wait, scratch that -- Gisele and Tom Brady.

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Can't you just feel the love?

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Ms Mo    

"Because you have shared in our lives with your friendship and love..."
We would like you to fork over a sizeable amt of dough to drag your butts
down to Posta Rica to see us get married *again*. And don't forget to bring
your bathing suit and a gift. Uh.... right.

Here's a big idea. How about skipping the trip down South and just making
a donation in kind to a worthy cause.

2037 days ago


4. Am I the only one who noticed that their is NO Saturday the 14th in the month of April? This is a hoax!!!!

Posted at 12:52PM on Mar 26th 2009 by Smarter than the average bea

Yes, you were the only one, because you you are stupid! It says the fourth...not the fourteen

2037 days ago


1. It's the FOURTH of April, not the 14th. And yes, the 4th is a Saturday.
2. I doubt it's another wedding, probably more like a reception to celebrate their recent marriage with their friends and others who weren't there for the actual wedding.
3. I also doubt the people they're inviting are hard up for cash, so I'm sure it's not a big deal that it's in Costa Rica.
4. As others have mentioned, the woman's name goes first on invitations for any kind of wedding-related event. I don't know why TMZ wants to skew everything to make it seem like Gisele is some kind of power-freak slavedriver. I'm guessing it's because she won't give paparazzi the time of day - you guys demonize anyone who won't play up to you.
5. Cookie-cutter? It's a formal invitation! This isn't something your cousin typed up on his computer and printed out at home, it's an invitation with a classic font, layout, and wording. What's it supposed to have - hearts, doves, and glitter? Then again, I wouldn't expect you guys to have any sense of class.

2037 days ago


harvey is in love with tom brady and he's just jealous.

2037 days ago


Hey Smarter than the Average Bear -
Are you the only one didn't noticed the invitation said "the fourth" moron - not the fourteenth. Hoax, huh??

2037 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

Now that we know when the marriage is to take place, when will the divorce take place.

2037 days ago


Commenting to the 4th comment

Are you just an idiot or what? It says Saturday the 4th not the 14th!! Learn to read!!

2037 days ago


Wow Alot Of People That Commented Dont Have A Good Reading Comprehension .

The Wedding Is On April FOURTH .
And It Says The Wedding Is In COSTA RICA .

Morons .

And Plus , Heath Ledger Would Have Turned 30 On There Wedding Day . ;[ RIP Heathy .

2037 days ago


#4 is sat april 4th, not the 14th...

2037 days ago

Perez Richie    

Can't you just leave them alone?

2037 days ago

Julie from Boston    

I can't believe that some of you truly think there's such a place as "Posta" Rica. It's Costa Rica, you idiots - what, if it's not in normal font you can't read it?

Ms Momo - "We would like you to fork over a sizeable amt of dough to drag your butts
down to Posta Rica to see us get married *again*." Absolutely priceless. Dumbass.

2037 days ago


Hey Julie, why don't you chill. For one thing, I think most people that are referring to Posta Rica, are making fun. Derrrrrrr. Dumbass.

2037 days ago


For reals? Did you guys pay money for this? It's a nice invitation - you're not supposed to get "creative" with wedding invitations. They're not kids. Leave 'em alone, they seem like decent, relatively humble people.

2037 days ago


Smarter than the average bear : apparently not! it says the fourth. Hope you feel stupid

2037 days ago


wow looks so elegant the invite iam happy for them

2037 days ago
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