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Missy Elliott Trashes NYC

3/26/2009 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Melissa Arnette "Missy" Elliott resurfaced in Manhattan Wednesday, showing off her fresh streaked weave and pleather Glad bag tracksuit.

The 37-year-old needs to flip it and reverse it up out of this outfit!


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when is she coming out?

1945 days ago


TMZ why would you say this about her??? She original and confortable with herself. If she
started wearing dresses all the sudden you would say something about that too. SHUT UP.
No wonder all of Hollywood is either anorexic or 'cosidered heavy'. LEAVE people alone.
Who cares what they are wearing or about their hair style. Why don't we concentrate on the
work they produce? I don't think you'd go up to Bill Gates and say "I don't like your glasses".
How dumb do you guys sound???

NORMAL PEOPLE should all be proud that celeberities are normal people too!
What a concept!!!

1945 days ago


Another talentless hoodrat like Fantasia!!! At least this one didn't get knocked up at 12, but that's probably only because she prefers the carpet over the sausage!!

1945 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

Hello, TMZ? Missy Elliott should be treated with much greater respect than for you to pick on her outfit. Remember how fat she used to be? She looks great, she beat that demon, and she should be respected for that. It's really hard to lose that much weight, and she did it, and kept it off! Good on you Missy Misdemeanor. I'm a long time fan and you ROCK. So don't listen to the jerks.

1945 days ago


Wow, it looks like she's lost a lot of weight. I, for one, thinks she looks great. TMZ needs to quit hatin.

1945 days ago


TMZ, this report is not even news worthy. Her outfit doesn't look like a trash bag and she appears to be comfortable wearing it -- and minding her own business!

1945 days ago


DAMN! I thought that was STAR JONES!!!!

1945 days ago


Missy looks great and it as talented as it gets. Much respect

1945 days ago


Well, she has her bling and false eyelashes on............................the outfit is pretty bad as is the face!

1945 days ago

northern gypsy    

hey...she looks great...keeping that weight off is no easy task...
altho...she's off the radar with the hit tunes...what's up with that ???
i've always considered her innovative & unique...sooo lets get buzy missy !!!

1945 days ago


is that chuck D?

1945 days ago

Lord Snooty    

Oh My God.... can you say 'clapper' ?

1945 days ago

Guess Who?    

What makes white folks think that all black women are weaved up? We do have our own hair that can grow long and thick. SMDH at mofo racist!

1945 days ago


"15. What makes white folks think that all black women are weaved up? We do have our own hair that can grow long and thick. SMDH at mofo racist!"

It is because they feel they are a culture above reproach. They can spend millions of dollars on tanning products, they can get breast enhancement surgery, they can get collegen injected into their lips, they can get face lifts and butt lifts, they can do whatever they want to look more and more ethnic....but as soon as a black woman adds length to her hair, they poop on themselves. Ultimately, it just speaks to the fact that they are unhappy with themselves and are jealous of black women. Hell, jealous of black people in general. Why be a part of the majority but turn cartwheels putting down the minority if you were not insecure? Its laughable. TMZ just went out of their way to insult Missy Elliott all while Amy Winehouse and Lindsey Lohan are walking the earth. Them damn whites and jews are so typical.

1945 days ago

Sebastian Stoker    

I am hardly a hip hop fan, but I appreciate Missy. At the very least, she did not build her career on T&A, and has integrity. And even I - a Britpop fan - know that Missy's contributions to music are pretty significant. TMZ, if you are praising the Britster and slagging off Missy, then you have a problem.

1945 days ago
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