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Crying Anna Nicole Judge Accused of Abuse

3/27/2009 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The judge who famously broke down and cried during the epic Anna Nicole Smith Florida hearing is now accused of abusing an elderly woman.

The niece and the caretaker of 83-year-old Barbara Kasler lodged a complaint on the Elderly Abuse Hotline in Florida, accusing Judge Larry Seidlin of doing several horrible things to his neighbor and family friend -- including "failing to feed and medicate" Barbara, and "endangering her health with poor care."

But Seidlin says it's all B.S. -- a ploy by several disgruntled people, including the old lady's caretaker.

Last year, Seidlin was investigated by the State's Attorney's office for allegedly trying to milk Barbara out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts -- he was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Now, Barbara's niece has teamed up with her caretaker to attack Seidlin again, telling The New Times that the judge "brainwashed" the 83-year-old into believing that he is her son. They also claim Seidlin convinced Kasler to will a huge portion of her multi-million dollar estate to Larry's family.

The two also claim Larry ignored an infection, failed to feed her, change her or give her the required medication. The caretaker claims one time she came to Barbara's place to find her "soaked and wet."

Launch photosBut Seidlin's family sees it differently -- Larry's wife, Belinda, tells us the caretaker is really a housekeeper -- not a nurse. Belinda says she and Larry don't live with the old lady, have nothing to do with her care, but did recommend to the agency which supplies nurses for Barbara's care that the caretaker wasn't up to the job and that she return to housekeeping duties. And that allegedly royally pissed the woman off.


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artie help    

he's a great guy. Always thinking of others, i had dinner with him last week he's a terrific person.

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2034 days ago


I do not believe a word of this report. He is a good man who made the right decision in Anna Nicole's case. You have to understand that the Cuban's down in South Florida will sue somebody if they fall off of the curb. I don't care if you don't like it or not, just the facts. Our state is full of people that take advantage of the elderly by dumping them down here and taking all of thier money. Thier own families do this and expect Florida to foot the bill. The probate laws changed to protect the elderly but it still happens. We have "Quit Claim Artist" that get the elderly to sign over all of thier property unless the people have been proven incapacitated. Unless you have a certified nursing assistant instead of a house keeper, you cannot expect to get quality care.

2034 days ago


You can tell he is a compassionate person. I don't believe this at all. Why would he be in charge of taking care of her anyway? Courts would have a family member take care of her affairs over a neighbor if the woman is incompetent. THe whole thing sounds fishy and I would never jump to conclusions unless I see proof that he is doing something bad. People can say anything they want and it shouldn't ruin someones reputation.

It's sad how many old people can be taken advantage of. If you have elderly neighbors, be sure you look in on them and let them know you are there for them if they need anything.

2034 days ago


why would it be his responsiblitly to change the old ladies diaper??? he is a neighbor not her nurse ???

2034 days ago


this judge was a joke from the very beginning

2034 days ago


Gee, morons who believe judges are noble people. Judges are just lawyers who generally get elected/appointed (no one really understands it) through political maneuverings. The robe and the raised bench do mind tricks which is why these props are used. Some of the judges in L.A. are mental cases. Especially the female judges towards females. Female judges want to prove to the boys that they're not soft, especially towards other women, so they end up being excessively rough, unreasonable towards women, and suck up to the lawyers so they'll get a good rating.

People especially don't want to believe it about this guy because he was unconventional and entertaining. Hopefully it's not true. But just because someone's entertaining does not mean they have pure motives. Didn't the other judge in that case get arrested for smoking pot in the park.

Judges are not noble people and the sooner people accept the uncomfortable chaotic truth the better.

2034 days ago


yeah, he's a super great guy. I had breakfast with him just this morning. He had Count Chocula and I had Lucky Charms. We wore our PJ's. He didn't even cry. It was fun.

2034 days ago


I still don't understand what he was crying about at the anna nicole trial. Weirdo!

2034 days ago


He is a DOUCHE and a horrible Judge. He should have to live with Howard K Stern and take what ever prescription drugs Howie deems neccessary.

2033 days ago


People are easily intimidated by costumes...
which is their dumb cowardly problem.

I'd bet a grand...

that he's dirty.

2033 days ago


Larry Seidlin is a very BAD GUY! Everyone in Ft. Lauderdale knows that. He is MOST DEFINITELY scamming Barbara Kasler and anyone who says anything else about him on this site, has to be Larry Seidlin himself. He's corrupt, he extorted money from attorneys, you don't even want to hear the sex stories about him (in chambers and out), he's a thief, and he needs to be in jail. If you don't believe have to ask yourself ... "How did he get his mitts on 2/3 of Barbara Kasler's will? ...a disoriented eldery lady who can't figure anything out for herself any longer. Please go to: New Times Broward Palm Beach, read The Daily Pulp. Google Seidlin. The guy is a psychopath, thief and a disgusting piece of trash. You have to spread the word on this guy...he's as guilty as hell. If you knew what many of us in Ft. Lauderdale knew, you'd want to throw up. You just gotta trust this's fact!

2033 days ago


# 2 Excellent point!!!

2033 days ago


The judge cannot be a guardian and a judge at the same time. He can be in charge of ruling the case but not the guardian. Conflict of interst.The judge appoints the guardian and then it is up to that guardian to act as necessary. If any of this were true, he would go before the JQC (Judicial Qualification Committee) and he would be thrown off the bench after a lengthy investigation. Other lawyers and judges are asked about specific things and all comments are taken into consideration. That is the law in Florida, don't like it? move!

2033 days ago


Um, for one peeps, the correct terminology is CAREGIVER! NOT caretaker. Just sayin . . . .

2033 days ago
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