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Mary-Kate Olsen

Human Torch

3/29/2009 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She only weighs 48 pounds, so it wouldn't take much for the highly flammable Mary-Kate Olsen to go up in smoke. Hence a bad idea to pump gas with a cell phone in hand.


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Nikki M    

okay let's clear a few things up
1. The warning is not to USE your cell while pumping gas, holding it was never against any rules.
2. There is NO HARM in using your cell phone while pumping gas. It has been proven over and over again that using your cell phone will do NO HARM.
3. It's her car keys TMZ. Get your facts straight. I know you don't like to, but when it's blatantly staring you in the face, you might want to try.
4. Leighwitch #15,First of all every gas station has signs saying no cell use. Secondly, there is nothing wrong with using a cell in the hospital. Have you ever noticed that every doctor does? That's because they don't actually affect any machines at all. The reason they keep up that charade is to keep it quite in the hospital. Can you imagine being a patient in a hospital where everyone was on a cell phone yaking away? Ya, it would suck. You should work for TMZ since you can't get your facts straight either.

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1997 days ago


Has she become pro-Israel? Why else would she wear the Israeli flag around her neck??? Cool!

1997 days ago


You guys are idiots. That's an internet myth and so busted! It's static electricity that set off a fire, not cell phones.
Plus she has to wrap up in all that clothing to keep from blowing away on blustery days!

1997 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

BOTH hands on the pump... never take your hand off the pump.No wireless devises..signs are posted and even a little static charge can make for a flash fire.Chances are is there is a flash burn it won`t blow up the gas station these days as the tanks are underground and safely vented off plane with the pumps.Old days many stations blew up with aabove ground tanks and killed many people like my step familys old station in alexandria NE in 1968 four people DEAD.Never unground yourself while pumping gas means one hand on the pump handle at all times and keep other hand grounded on the pump itself or a metal post ot whatever.SIGNs are posted on many pumps but just like the old days many people don`t know how to pump thier own gas.She does have on glasses and thats good but loose sarf is a gas wic.Leather coat or even a fire suit as the race car crews use....even they get burned to death sometimes...never too safe.

1997 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

A cig into a tank of gas? yes the fire must have air and gas in a lid state may not light up but the flumes will and that will flash back to the lid.Flumes do NOT allways buildup takes the right temp and space.BUT like you can see every year at the races tracks even PIT crews get dead from gas fires while pumping fuels of all types and they are PRO`s at it.What if the vent tube at the station is plugged than BOOM flume BOMB and if the fire hooks up to the liq gas than hot fire...but most likely won`t back into the under ground tanks UNLESS they have leaks than than the ground itselfs can and has burned and blown up YES even dirt and concrete loaded up with gas can blow up and happens around the globe year after year.Thats why the EPA and fire dept the tanks all the time and puts a inspection note and lic on the tanks and stations.

1997 days ago


Her and her sister are just plain weird looking. Neither will be aging beauties. And I agreed with poster #12 -- it looks like she has a double dong on top of her head.

1997 days ago


reality series - the next homeless chic

1997 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Has NEVER been BUILT!.Even if you try to be safe you still the inspection teams from fire dept`s to watch your life for you and even they are not 100% safe all the time.

1997 days ago


What does she DO? She is a fashion designer...... ROTFLMAOPIMP

1997 days ago


TMZ--By now you should all know that the cell phone/gas pump theory is all bunk. So much for your "investigative" reporting, eh? You know, you CAN verify this stuff very easily on the Internet, or does that take too much time for you to care?

1997 days ago

Zen Grouch    

If it was a cell phone, why don't you have a shot of it next to her head?

More like car keys, but then, *if* it is a set of car keys...

...why don't you have a breaking news shot of her cleaning her ears with 'em?

***now I know why you guys hide behind that "TMZ Staff" thingie, rather than take responsibility for any of this garbage***

1997 days ago


Somebody feed that bitch a cheeseburger - STAT

1997 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

New updates at gas stations like hooded flume vents on the pump/handles.Underground double shielded fule tanks made from high tech materials...all old steel tanks ripped out.The 1960`s gas stations with metal tanks is over.New tanks drove many out the bizness.Yes new stations are safer but you stll must not build up any static charges or point of origin flash burns are possible than HOT fire on the gas itself and the tanks can go.How about when the tanker truck is fueling the station would you smoke or use your phone than?.The tanker truck is just like the old above ground station and those tanker trucks still blow up every year coast to coast.high risk pay and haz mat ed and I`d still never drive one or park next to one.

1997 days ago

Interracial facial    

The Olsen twins were cute as buttons on Full House. They were a franchise unto themselves. You wanted them to never grow up. What's happened? Why does every femme hasbeen today grow up to be an anorexic recluse? What do you call this new breed of showbiz stiff with no brain, no body and no soul? Gen X is too tame a word. Why not Generation Skank?

1997 days ago
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