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Michael Vick

My Doggone Life

3/29/2009 10:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It looks like former Atlanta Falcons QB and current dog-killing inmate Michael Vick is following in O.J. Simpson's footsteps -- he's shopping around a book about his life and crimes.

The proposed memoir of Vick's rise from poverty to stardom would likely be an attempt to show the NFL that he's sorry enough to be let back in the league. You know, sorry about the dogs, dog fighting and dog imprisonment, but also sorry for going to jail for 23 months. Remember, this is the NFL... it's almost impossible to get suspended forever. They still like O.J. and he killed his wife got imprisoned for stealing memorabilia.

The book will likely be a mixture of the "Da Vinci Code" and O.J.'s "If I Did It." Except with more dog torture. And 100% ghostwritten.

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Michael Jackson's Voice    

Ok #11 I see where you are going. and for a one time offender... ya they get probation, but Vick had done this sick cruel thing to defenceless animals over and over. Even tortureing them till they died because they lost a fight. This dirt bag deserves to be punished just how he punished those dogs along with his buddy D.M.X people like these victimize animals for sport. And as far as the O.J reference... He is writing a book. Do that reference was toung in cheek joking. what O.J did was another kind of disgusting. Form moment one in the court room O.J had zero remorse and kept that smug jackass grin on his face. He knew he wouldnt pay for murdering nichole. and he was right. But Karma is a B***H and she bites.... so O.J is finally in prison. Vick is a creep and a tard and I do not feel he should get his career back. My son used to be a fan of vicks, and now isnt. He still loves the Falcons, just not vick. Now the police were called to O.J's house over and over for domestic disterbance... and each time that jakel faced creep just gave those idiots an autograph and they went away. NEVER mind the neighbors said they could hear a woman screaming . They never went inside and never checked on Nichole.. Because this was O.J Simpson, the greatest foot ball player of all time.... Turns out he is SATAN in disgise... So here it is Vick had all kinds of devises to torture those animanl, rape stations for the females, and the DEATH PENALTY if one of those poor animals lost... DEATH BY HANGING AND ELECTRICUTION!!! That exceeded any other kind of torture I have ever heard of. I believe the Nazis did that to the Jews in the prison camps too. so he is on the level with human creeps of his kind.... funny thing if Vick was in one of those camps back in the day, guess who would be hanging and electricuted untill they died... HE WOULD .. Maybe he should have a taste of his own medicine untill he dies too... For how ever long that takes...

1997 days ago


The NFLs Roger Goodell is a sell out, phony, support Bill Belecheating, man of the owners....I thought he was OK when he had a "get tough" policy on conduct and than realized with the nonsense he allowed with the Tank Johnsons, Plaxicos, and a host of other players that happen to be black given the nfl is 70% black, have caused---its a travesty he's going to let Vick back in the League.

Woe to the Team that signs him---PETA will protest early and often and probably take it to the homes of the owners and GMs that do...they dont fight fair, but when it comes to mistreatment of animals by savages such as Vick, there is fairness needed.

May he suffer the remainder of his days as he made countless innocent animals suffer during theirs.

Black people are as silent about him as they are about Rhinna and Brown beating on her and silent on the Black Trash that marches through Oakland proclaiming the slain convict Mixon a hero. When will Black people take a stand against their own when they are out of line?

You all are looking rather foolish as a Race these days with yours silence. Dont blame other Races, we helped elect a Black man to the highest office in the world.

Stuffs on you now to speak up pand out against your own when they do wrong instead of doing the No Snitch nonsense...its cost a lot of good Black people their lives with your policies.

1997 days ago

George Herbert Walker Chicken    

It has nothing to do with race; it is about CRUELTY FOR THE SAKE OF SOME CHEAP LAUGHS.

MIchael Vick is no Martin Luther King - comparing Vick and other pieces of garbage who defend him to King is an insult to a great man who worked tirelessly AGAINST sick sadistic dirtbags.

1997 days ago


Come on TMZ O.J. "killed his wife" In this country we have this thing called a justice system, O.J. stood before that justice system and it said he didn't do it. Unless you were there, you are just like the rest of us and don't really know the truth about that night. So until there is something to prove that he did it, it's time to let it go. If our justice system is not gonna be respected and honored then let's do away with it. If he did kill those two people then I hope he get's everything he has coming to him in life and after. But it's wrong to keep saying "he killed his wife" when he's been trialed and proven otherwise.

1997 days ago


dam them dogs bush kill all of them soliders over a lie

1997 days ago



1997 days ago


It was wrong for Vick to make the animals suffer. But I am sure that he realize now what he did was wrong. His wrong doing has brought attention to dog fighting. and I am sure he sorry for what he has done. I think he should be allow another chance in the NFL. Everybody makes mistakes in life.

1997 days ago


Michael Vick...sure he is good player but this dog fighting stuff is out of hand. I live in Newport News (where he is from) and I actually went to high school with his brother Marcus. I know both of them. It is ALL over the news here and he just got sent back here from Kansas...who cares! I won't read a book about how "sorry" he is he made dogs kill each other. He is only sorry because he got caught and ruined his career. If he goes back to the NFL, he will NEVER be where he was. He is too much a liability now, people around here are ever over him including the people at Warwick High School where we both went.

1997 days ago


justsaying at 11.

I agree that there is a bias in law enforcement in this country, but whatever race a person is, if they feel that torture, abuse and killing is acceptable to any living thing, they are dangerous to human beings, as well. This is not an opinion, it is statistically proven. The reason to jump hard on animal abuse (besides the fact that is morally repugnant in itself) is to prevent future abuse to humans. To frame it as "ruining" his life over a "dog fight," as though HE is somehow the victim here, is really ridiculous. This was significant torture and abuse. It does not matter what color Vick's skin is, this behavior demonstrates serious psychological pathology and makes him dangerous until he gets some help. I suspect it was his role as a celebrity NFL player that made this a huge story--not that he is Black. There are no doubt plenty of Whites, Hispanics and Asians who are equally guilty of these sorts of despicable acts, but so far none of them well known enough to rate media attention.

It is just as counterproductive to let someone off for a crime or excuse their behavior based on some misguided conception that it "evens the scales of justice" (which I agree are often tipped unfairly against minorities) as it is to allow the justice system to favor wealthy Whites. How was the African American community helped by OJ's acquittal? There is no benefit to any community to have a violent, sociopathic individual as a member. Same is true with Vick. We simply don't know if he is truly repentant. His continued efforts to get help for his violent tendencies would be a good start to proving he really wants to change. Writing a book about how he is a victim based on his early upbringing is not a good sign, however. He is not the victim here, he is the perpetrator and until he accepts that, truly, he is not rehabilitated and he should not be trusted.

1997 days ago


I'm a animal lover and respectful owner of two Rotties. This is the first time I have posted a response, but after I read some of them I had to comment. I do agree with most of the comments but would like to say that all a PET wants is love and companionship from his or her master. We as a human race should look to what we rely on for our guidance in eveyday life. Thank you all for letting me vent on this terrible situation. I will in no way support MV in the future or watch him in any respects, As far as his job is concerned I hope he never plays pro football again, I'm a fan of my Panthers and surely hope we do not get him on our team. I'm sure that the stands would be half empty as was stated.

1997 days ago

Lippy Loo    

I agree 100% with comments #7, #8, #9, and #15! I could not have said it better myself. This human garbage definintely needs to work in an Animal Shelter for the rest of his miserable sad ass life! Icky Vick is a loser.

1997 days ago


The white people are in control?? Stop using the race card. We have a black man in office. Michael Vick wasn't convicted because he was black, he was convicted b/c of all the HORRIBLE things he did to those dogs. Just like murdering a person, murdering animals in cruel ways just like he did shows that he is not going to "get better". I understand the whole concept of the difference between dog and human. But it still shows that he will always have a sick mentality and NO respect for life. He's NOT sorry. He's sorry for getting caught and losing all he had. I don't believe a word that comes out of his mouth. People that torture and kill any living thing for "fun" has serious issues. He's a cold-hearted person for treating an innocent animal like trash. Not only does he not deserve to be let back into the NFL, he deserves to spend the rest of his life donating and volunteering for the ASPCA.

1997 days ago

Michael Vick Hater    

I hope his book fails and he suffers embarrassment from too. Dogs do the things they do to please their owners. He violated their trust and didn't even take good care of them while at it. The dogs were found starving.

1997 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

If the NFL lets him back in, then they are as stupid as he is. I would NEVER watch any game that this Moron played. He is nothing but a nasty piece of garbage !

1997 days ago


SundayinLA- "borderline racist." Here we go. You people never learn. It is not about the color of one's skin. These are two cruel athletes who both happen to be black. Forget the crimes they did admittedly or not, you assert they are black therefore people are upset. My post will probably be deleted by TMZ because we wouldn't want to upset those who cry racism.

1997 days ago
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