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O.C. 'Real Housewife'

Gets Real Threats

3/30/2009 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0330_vicki_gunvalsoon_ex-1Cops say someone hates one of the "Real Housewives of Orange County" so much, they've actually made threats on her life. 

The Orange County Sheriff's Department is investigating two death threats received by Vicki Gunvalson. We're told sheriffs believe the two threats came from "a fanatical female fan who takes the show way too seriously."

According to Sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino, Vicki received one of the threats through a phone call -- and the other through an email sent to another cast member from the show, Jeana Keough. The email told Keough not to worry about Gunvalson because she "would take care of Vicki for her."

An investigation is currently underway.


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Vicki is so annoying and I would like to bitch slap her myself. She is extremely self-absorbed and superficial. I cannot stand watching the show when she is on it. I wish they would get rid of her. She's mean to Lynne who just wanted to be friends with her. She's an ugly person inside and out! AND.. someone needs to tell her to get some serious micro-dermabrasion!

2000 days ago


No one deserves to be threatened like that. But! Vicki and Tamara act horrible and are complete bitches. Gretchen I believe is a complete fake, and gold digger. She tries to come off all perfect, but you can see right through her and see what a user she is. All these woman except for Laurie who was smart enough to quit the show, are poor examples of what "OC Housewives" are really like. These are the most self obsessed, money hungry, manipulative, cold hearted bitches on TV, and this is who they are in real life and they don't deny it! Karama is a bitch and it is all their middle names.

2000 days ago


In reply to Joan Short :
They are all talking about the first reply(1st comment), that is where it is spelled wrong, not in TMZ's post

2000 days ago


Wow that is really sad and scary. I love the show and I find her funny personally, but then I unlike a lot of people (obviously this psycho person making the threats) watch this show for what it is....entertainment. People forget all the time that there is a lot of footage left on the cutting room floor, plus they pull comments from other seasons and put things together to make it look one way when the situation in real reality was different. Laurie commented on that...when they showed her talking to her daughter about her skin care line...and then they flashed to an interview with laurie saying "I hope she does not screw it up" that comment was from last season regarding lauries wedding. So really people need to chill out a bit. it is tv.

2000 days ago

peoria native    

OMG jealousy is gonna get you people now where. Just because these ladies have money, jewelry, nice houses, and I must agree obnoxious,superficial,spolied children...doesnt make them all bad. I guess alot of you dont understand that all shows esp. reality ones have editing that makes them seem worse than what really takes place. Jenna,Tamra,and Vicky are the only true women out of all the Real Housewive shows. Due you not think the editing is put into place to make things worse, just so you will tune in next week, or the next season to whats happening. Vicky is not ugly by any means, and some of you just wish you could afford botox, or plastic surgery. Vicky does not work for AIG like someone else was saying either. She is a very hard working women, who takes alot pride in her job so she can have the finer things life has to offer. Maybe some of ya need to get out from behind your monitors and get a job so you dont have to be on welfare. We all live in an opinionated world and I know, were all entitled to ours, but if some of ya just stop and think of what so called Im so in love with Jeff (Gretchen) was up to the whole time. She supposedly loved Jeff so much, but she was secretly seeing another guy while he was dying in the hospital. Now she's chasing after ex RHoOC Slade whom is basically broke, wait till she finds that out. She's a gold-digging whore, who used a poor mans illness just to get what she wanted. Did it ever occur to any of you that maybe Tamra was trying to set her up, so that Jeff could actually see what kind of whore she really was. I am a RHoOC fan and have watched it since its first season, and will continue to watch it as long as Bravo airs it. Some of ya just need to check yourselves and your own lives at the door, before you judge others, esp. when editing is being done.

2000 days ago


LIke anyone is really going to kill this idiot. She is FUGLY and so are all those spoiled ladies.Lots of plastic surgery, lots of money, but very bad mothers and wives.They give OC a bad name.

2000 days ago


Hey Cindy, maybe you need spell check, lol. It is spelled "received" "ei"

2000 days ago


I'm not surprised. She is one of the most revolting human beings. Her and her BFF Tamara. Nasty, lying self-centered whores, the both of them.

2000 days ago


vicki totally looks like miss piggy...she's digusting...even her husband doesn't want to touch her! And she thinks she's hot, she is sooooooooo fugly.

2000 days ago


RHoOC Fan is so obviously vicky....

Jenna,Tamra,and Vicky are the only true women out of all the Real Housewive shows...

Now who do you think wrote that????

vicky, many of us can afford the botox and plastic surgery but after seeing what it has done to you, I think I will pass. You are so insecure that it will take professional help..... why else do you think your mom couldn't respond to your insecure need for adoration with anything but," thank you" when you were trying to get her to say she loved you?? If you would stop trying to be rich and such a hard, hard worker and just be yourself, maybe people would respond more positively.

first, you need to realize that you have a problem and ask for help. yes, everyone needs help on occassion....even you. do it for your family. I too, turn it off, as I become so angry with you, for the way you treat others.......why are you so mean??


2000 days ago


oh yeah i'm not the only one that can't stand vicki. this broad thinks she is the cats @ss i think she needs to look in the mirror she has jowls and she is the only 50yr old woman that thinks she is cute when she is drunk if i was married to that i would kill myself.

2000 days ago


Did it ever occur to any of you that maybe Tamra was trying to set her up, so that Jeff could actually see what kind of whore she really was.

Did Jeff ask for your help?? Why did you think that was your job and just maybe, he was smarter than you and knew full well what the situation was. Maybe, just maybe, he was willing to accept that, in order to feel good, when he was with her.......Furthermore, it is none of your damn business, nor is it your job to be setting anyone up, for anything. Now I am really angry with all you fake women. You guys have rubbed off on Jenna too, or was she just better at hiding her nasty side???? She plays both sides and everyone falls for it....or used to.

2000 days ago


oh my..... that is the right animal.....MS. PIGGY.... that's it....i kep thinking what animal she looked like....hmmmmmmmm maybe don thinks the same ...she cannot fill up his love tank.....she is just a rude person tamara....

2000 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

An answer to "me" - I know exactly what everyone is talking about. I never open my mouth unless I do. But thank you for the thought.

2000 days ago


Okay, enough with the ugly stuff. I have friends, or so I thought they were, who have said I look like her a little bit. I don't think I look ugly or like a pig but now I have to wonder. LOL As for Jeanna, I like her. I like how she presents herself while on camera and to me, she doesn't come off as spoiled rich. I couldn't imagine living like she does but she makes me enjoy watching someone else living that way. I do find Vicki rude to her friends and family and very opinionated. However, I would almost bet she has a very low self esteem. Most people like that really crave attention and she seems to do just that. I will continue to watch as long as they are on the air. Oh, and Tamra...I really liked her in the beginning but Vicki really brought the worst out in her.

2000 days ago
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