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Brutal Mugshot in ShamWow Case

3/30/2009 4:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is what ShamWow can do for you -- allegedly. Take a look at Vince Shlomi's handiwork. The hooker pictured below -- Sasha Harris -- allegedly bit his tongue during a "business" meeting, so he punched her in return.

Both Harris and Shlomi were arrested, but prosecutors dropped the case.
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Bob Barnett    

The ShamWow guy paid $1000 for that pig????????????? YOW

Here's hoping Billy Mays gets picked up with a young boy
Maybe 2 if he orders NOW!

2041 days ago


Ya'll are making me sick! What part of a man EVER harming a woman is right? I'm disgusted with the lot of you! People like you are the reason women don't come forward to report any type of abuse at the hands of a man. She's somehow always to blame...the man is aways right. What's even more disturbing is that some of you responding are women!!!!!!!!!!! Ladies...and I use that term loosely...unless you've walked in this woman's not make judgments about her. None of us has the entire story.

2041 days ago


Interesting commentary, lol.
Did some of you ever wonder how she was even able to bite his tongue in the first place.
Do you think maybe he was trying to force his tongue into her mouth at the time?. HMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No means No, even in this case.
It appears to me were it the case, he was trying to, they were "both" asking for trouble.

2041 days ago


Shakes head....she deserved it? Um, if she deserved anything why not bring his leg up (as I would have done had the situation been reversed) and knee her in the crotch--wouldn't that have made her let his damn tongue go? Um, I'm thinking it would have. Those pics were pretty grusome and I sure as hell do not condone that kind of violence/beat down on a woman EVEN if she did bite his tongue, and EVEN if she was (is) a whore. He F'n chose to buy her service did he not. Therefore, you never know what you're getting yourself into. Dumbass. And why the hell did both prosecutors drop the charges? I'd sure like the answer to that question.

2041 days ago

Michael J. Jackson Fan    

See America Black men arent the only ones that hit, White boys do it too......

2041 days ago


Who/what is Shamwow? If she bit his tongue one hit would have been sufficient to stop her. This looks like much more than that.

2041 days ago


It looks to me like the first set were taken by the police at the scene and the second were taken at the hospital as the injuries set in so it would begin to swell. The question is - why did she bite his tongue?

Seriously, even if she did bite his tongue it doesn't that that much force to get her off his face...that's more than one shot to the head.

2041 days ago


She is a hooker, right below mammals and reptiles. So now that we have established that, let's move on to something else.

2041 days ago

Illinois person    

Was this before or after her pimp got a hold of her? What do you expect in her line of work?

2041 days ago


If women wanted equal rights, then what's wrong with a man defending himself against a woman? Feminists can't have it both ways!

This whole situation is just creepy anyway though.

2041 days ago


thats what happens when you are a whore . she started it.

2041 days ago

Black Power    

He hit her so hard he knocked her chin off. I always say a man should never hit a woman unless she pulls a gun or a knife on you. I guess I'll have to add if she bites your tongue also.

2041 days ago


What, the woman gets to walk away scott free, even after initiating the fight? The court system is soo lenient with women, even if the victim is a male.

2041 days ago


If she bit me I would punch her too. Geeeezz she is sleezzy looking..

2041 days ago


Yeah...She's a nasty hooker. But doesn't give that poor excuse for a man any damn right to beat her like that. I wanna see pics of his tongue!! Now if it's half hanging off then yeah...he had a right to beat her down like this. But we all know he probably doesn't have any marks to show or we'd done seem them by now. He's just as nasty as she is for hiring a hooker! Any man that goes and hires a hooker get's what he get's!! Maybe next time he hires one and tells her to suck it...perhaps the lady will bite it!! LMFAO!!!!!!

2041 days ago
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