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"Wiseguy" Sues Guy Over Lost Fortune

3/31/2009 2:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ken WahlKen Wahl, the dude who starred in "Wiseguy," claims he's destitute and blames it on a conspiracy between his former business manager and Wahl's ex-wife.

Wahl's lawsuit, filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, claims he hired Henry Levine back in the day to take care of his finances. Wahl says Levine had the dreaded power of attorney. The actor explains how his career was red hot from 1983 to 1991.

But things changed radically in '91. Wahl divorced his wife, Corinne Alphen and gave her "ALL of the community property assets." Dumb move. The assets included a Malibu mansion and an estate in Boston, worth "many millions of dollars."

The suit claims during Wahl's marriage Levine entered into a "secret business manager relationship" with Corinne. He says after they got divorced, Corinne squandered Wahl's money "on plastic surgeries, facials, and massages" from the sale of the Malibu property -- Wahl says the proceeds were supposed to be held for their son.

More bad luck...Wahl got in a bad accident, broke his neck and was permanently disabled. Wahl says the business manager screwed him over, making him believe several million bucks were put aside to support him -- in fact, he says, his ex-wife got that loot too, thanks to Henry.

Wahl says he now doesn't have a pot to pee in and owes $250,000 in back taxes.

Wahl is suing Levine and the Screen Actors Guild. SAG is named as a defendant because he has a beef over errors in his pension contribution.

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This is a "sucker punch". He had to trust his manager and wife, when he was out of it from an accident, but later found out how much they screwed him--even more than initially. At least when you have nothing, you know who your real friends are. The plastic ex and the corrupt manager don't have his talent so they "coat tail" on his broken neck. SAD!!!!

2034 days ago



An ongoing reality show starring Ken Wahl.
First he gets off the pain killers with Dr. Drew on "Sober House".
Then he goes on "Cheaters" to find his ex with business manager counting money in his own bed.
Then he goes on "Americas Most Wanted" and arrests all the people who stole from him, including his ex and manager and SAG.
Then he goes on Extreme Makeover and redoes his Arizona house into an awesome santuary for rescued animals!!!

2034 days ago


This surely isn't the first time a former manager and ex have gotten together to screw over the celebrity. It amazes me to see how many people jump to say it's the celebriity's fault!!! Just because some celebrities get mixed up with drugs and have problems of their own making, sure doesn't mean they all do.
I believe Ken got screwed over and needs help - for God's sake, can we not have some compassion and sensitivity to his problems? Funny how quick we are to believe the negative - so different if it were happening to us!!!!
Positive thoughts going out to Ken - know that there are many who believe in you!!!!!!!

2034 days ago


I have a friend that did a guest star appearance on his series back then.
At that time Ken was living in a crummy one room flat on edge of the black section near La Brea and Washington in L.A.

Not the exact type of location you would expect him to be leaving in?

Gold Diggers have a way, along with drug abuse of screwing up your career.

2034 days ago


You go Ken - you have a lot of support - a lot of positive support - nice guys "don't " have to finish last!! We're with you!

2034 days ago


Wiseguy is still the best series ever made. Ken was the best actor. They say you make or break it with the people you surround yourself with. Too bad he wasn't too wise with who he surrounded himself with. They didn't just steal his money, they stole his desire to come back.

2034 days ago


Ken does a lot of really good things in this world. He has dedicated a lot of his time and energy to animal welfare issues, helping a lot of animals, with no thought of reward for himself. It's sad to see TMZ having to stoop so low to put a negative slant on a great guy. This isn't gossipy news, this is just a bad attempt at some negative publicity, with little regard for true information. Fact check people. Ken got screwed over back in the day, and is now trying to right this wrong. TMZ, how about a story on his amazing compassion towards animals?

2034 days ago

mellon bruse N    

He`s a great act...tor

2034 days ago


One more thing...I agree with Amy. Thank you nice people. TMZ posts a story and some people feel the need to get caught up with negative comments. Ken, we support you!

2034 days ago


Regardless of the opinions of others, Mr. Wahl is simply exercising his right to go after those who have wronged him...IMHO, it's probably a good thing he's doing it now, as nobody would have believed him back in the day...He has suffered with severe, chronic pain for years and conducted himself with great dignity...He didn't run to the Tabloids, nor is he an "Attention Seeker"...He never cried over his plight, nor did he dump his issues off onto others...
I will always respect and admire Ken Wahl...Both as an Actor, and a MAN...
I hope things work out for him, and that he will return to entertaining the masses..."Wiseguy" rocks!!!

2034 days ago


So sorry for all of this Ken. You are a good guy and don't deserve any of this. And then having to have such nasty posts from pathetic bloggers. It's obvious these bloggers are Corinne and Carole. Corinne and Carole are the last people who should be posting such hatred. Both ladies are gold digging over the hill losers whose acting careers never took off. Isn't Corinne's son in prison for attempted murder? Carole calls herself an animal rights activist but will only do charity work if it will benefit her promoting her awful book she wrote about her rescue dog or she can show off her sagging tatas. You'll never see her walking dogs or cleaning up cages in shelters. Ladies...get a life and do something productive. Maybe go to the shelters and walk some dogs. Corinne stop buying puppies from stores that sell puppy mill dogs. What's that famous saying? People who live in glass houses should not throw stones...

2034 days ago


I remember him from his show. cute guy. But I have to agree with one ot the commentors, when you are seriously hurt and on pain medication, it is hard- very hard, and people can get addicted to it and more, and getting off the stuff is probably just as hard. He's had some bad breaks (no pun intended). hope he has some good luck in his future.

2034 days ago


More power to Ken! I hope that this works out for him and that he can continue his wonderful outreach for the animals ... he has obviously been through a lot yet is still motivated by compassion - in the final analysis, what else can we ask for? Let’s celebrate and not denigrate…

2034 days ago

Christi Metropole    

I know Ken Wahl. He's a great guy. He's caring and sensative and loves animals and that's all I really care about. Why is it so hard to understand that people get taken advantage of? They do. He may not have been in the movies for a long time and has horrible neck pain but the first time i met him, I could not get over how handsome he was. He adopted a cat from me named Roxie aka Sweetest after his beloved Cutest passed away. You should see him with Sweetest. Real men love cats and Ken Wahl is a real man. Phonie macho men say they hate cats and love dogs and while loving dogs is a great thing, understanding cats is a bigger stretch. So instead of being harsh, judgemental people, how about a little supoort for someone who has had a hard time. It might be you some day.

2034 days ago


To Patti (posted at 3:01 pm on March 31)

Methinks it would be a tad tough to monitor the activities of staff when bedridden with a broken neck.
I applaud Ken for the courage to go after these mega-men knowing that people will mock him. Be strong Ken. I hope you win.

2034 days ago
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