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"Wiseguy" Sues Guy Over Lost Fortune

3/31/2009 2:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ken WahlKen Wahl, the dude who starred in "Wiseguy," claims he's destitute and blames it on a conspiracy between his former business manager and Wahl's ex-wife.

Wahl's lawsuit, filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, claims he hired Henry Levine back in the day to take care of his finances. Wahl says Levine had the dreaded power of attorney. The actor explains how his career was red hot from 1983 to 1991.

But things changed radically in '91. Wahl divorced his wife, Corinne Alphen and gave her "ALL of the community property assets." Dumb move. The assets included a Malibu mansion and an estate in Boston, worth "many millions of dollars."

The suit claims during Wahl's marriage Levine entered into a "secret business manager relationship" with Corinne. He says after they got divorced, Corinne squandered Wahl's money "on plastic surgeries, facials, and massages" from the sale of the Malibu property -- Wahl says the proceeds were supposed to be held for their son.

More bad luck...Wahl got in a bad accident, broke his neck and was permanently disabled. Wahl says the business manager screwed him over, making him believe several million bucks were put aside to support him -- in fact, he says, his ex-wife got that loot too, thanks to Henry.

Wahl says he now doesn't have a pot to pee in and owes $250,000 in back taxes.

Wahl is suing Levine and the Screen Actors Guild. SAG is named as a defendant because he has a beef over errors in his pension contribution.

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My husband is a very sucessful writer/producer (I am Legend, Star Trek, Saturday Night Live, Fire in the Sky, etc.) and I wrote an exclusive article interviewing Ken if you want the whole truth and it explains all the mean crap people some of these jerks are snickering about - how can someone be so cruel? Go to and read the whole truth. TMZ forgot to put the link on but said they'd add it tomorrow.

I know all too many people who have been ripped off by business managers as I live in Beverly Hills and see it all the time. I'm convinced other big celebs were ripped off by the same man. The bottom line is the laws need to change and we need to demand it from our government because it happens to all kinds of people, not just celebs. As a society, we need to step up to the plate and hold politicians accountable.

Shane Barbi is Ken's caretaker now and didn't leave him when the money was gone. Kudos. You people out there who are attacking Ken need to read the article and get the real truth. He's a nice guy and despite all this, he still does charitable work and cares about others. Please be kind and stop attacking. You can't get any lower than to kick someone when they are down. Sorry, no respect for you. Where's your integrity?

2032 days ago


ok so i would say way over 10 yrs ago i was in manhattan where i grew up picking up this guy i met on the airplane at a park ave hotel. i see this guy sitting at the bar and i was like man that guy looks like somone i know. i am wondering did i date this guy who the hell is he? i see him talking to this old lady and this cute women is talking to this old man. next thing you know i am geting on the elevator and i am with two old people a hot women and guess who Ken Wahl i am like hey arent you the guy from wise guy? he was like no and very upset. well off they go and he was arrested for pimping out his women i am not sure if that lady was his wife or girlfriend he had a limp and he was a mess. he was picking up picking at the bar and pimping himself and his girl to get money. He is a hot mess

2032 days ago


what is up with the he is so nice to animals? i mean people can be a hot mess and be nice to animals. What does one thing have to do with another?

2032 days ago


Ms Torme: I read your piece in BHTmag. I know nothing of Wahl except the few things I've read over the years and certainly have no dog in this fight. I wish him well. Your article depicts him as now living a quiet and dignified life, and I commend him for it.

I would like to mention to you, though, that placing the words "perpetrators" and "crime" in the same sentence -- absent the word "alleged" -- prior to adjudication is a risky business indeed. Did the legal department at BHTmag vet your piece before it was published?

2032 days ago


Wiseguy was better than the Soprano's (which basically was heralded because they are HBO, can show nudity, extreme violence). Wiseguy had to do it all for less and with less: and did it better.

2032 days ago


Rob, thanks for poiting out to the uneducated, quick to judge people that chronic back pain or any daily pain can be excruciating and people take medication for it because it affects there daily life. I am currently on Long term Disabilty from work and my insutance co. pays me. I would love to go back to work. The daily excruciating pain from the cancer attached to my nerves is only partially contolled by meds. Ken has talked about his health problems and the affect it has had on his career. People should not assume his wife was innocemt and so was his lawyer. For that matter because he was on meds he was probably be easier to take advantage of. The old story about walking in someone's shoes for a day is true. People need to have more compassion and not be so quick to judge someone just because they are celebrities. I hope Ken is getting the help he needs and that if people took advantage of him, they get whats coming to them!

2032 days ago


Lisa, it's not a Hollywood story. It happens all the time.

2031 days ago


Why did he wait this long? did he just sober up? Too late now pal.

2031 days ago


After reading all the comments, I am dumbfounded. The man fell down some stairs and broke his neck and is in terrible chronic pain and some people here are saying he is abusing his pain killers or whatever. No where have I read that he absuses them. What is wrong with people to have such hatred. YOU could be the next one to fall down the stairs, or be in a horrible car wreck or simply have some health issue that requires pain medication. You think you are immune? No one is. Otherwise, no one would ever die. WTF is wrong with some people.

2031 days ago


The comments for this article are WAY better than the articles that TMZ posts. Total non-stop drama. I have no opinion about any of this, but if he was fleeced by his ex-manager and ex-wife, then I hope he gets his money back.

He seemed to have a taste for skanky gold diggers who would do ANYTHING for money. Playmates and Penthouse pets, who do low-budget movies which are on the verge of being pornos -- will do almost anything for $$$$$,.. when will rich men understand that philosophy? It's so simple to understand. The girl you want -- is one who has some morals and dignity - they won't rob you blind.

Anyway, CAN SOMEONE TELL ME the name of Ken Wahl's stepson who is supposedly... allegedly... in prison for murder? I would like to google him up. Thanks.

2031 days ago


Dear Busy Body,

This is a public record you can look up.
Corrine's had her first son at 16 yrs. old with a drug addict boyfriend. Her first son's name is Louis De Felice, 37 yr. old, born 7/14/71, arrested for attempted murder about 2002 and moved around several jails in California. His mental health issues helped him not getting life in prison. Corrine tried to hide the fact she had another previous son. She would never go to jail to visit him because she didn't want it out in the media.

2031 days ago


I don't understand why people get pleasure out of saying "mean spirited" things! If they think hard times will pass them by, they will someday know what it feels like and the sting of their words will come back and haunt them. And to think that a business manager and ex can't do a lot of damage is a false reality!!

2031 days ago


I am absolutely blown away how cruel some people can be. The negative comments and tacky portrayal that some feel absolutely within their rights to say or write is simply not okay. I rarely post on things like this or any other thing but I was shocked to see how ugly people can be. Do you not realize the good that these people have done as well? Do you not realize they are human beings just like you & me just a bit more in the public eyes. Who feels okay to kick a living being when they already down? Shame on all who judge and post without even thinking of their own lives.

I feel safe to say that the majority of these negative postings come from anyone without something going on in your own lives or extended lives. Each of us have baggage or things we've done or haven't done that we should.

Take some time to examine your own backyard before pointing fingers so quick. It's unbelievable to me how ugly and nasty this energy is. God bless Ken and his family as they go through an open publics eye view of some bumpy roads they are in. May Ken, Shane and Sia get through it with God's speed and come out on top !!

You have many who may not post who are backing you and yours.

2030 days ago


Well id buy the DVD of Wiseguy just to help the guy out and i liked the sunny steelgrave plot only problem is ken wouldnt get the money anyway.

2030 days ago


1991 the guy got into an elevator car i was already in. believe me when i say he stunk - literally - to the high heavens. the man was a pig. he did have a nice chopper

2028 days ago
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