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Kelly O & BF -- Zombies Do It Better

4/2/2009 10:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Like a pair of sexy corpses, a rehabbed Kelly Osbourne and borefriend Luke Worrell entwined their milky bloodless flesh during a white-hot make out session in Miami on Wednesday.

Afterward the undead duo slathered formaldehyde onto their cadavers and worked on their untans.


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you can't win with TMZ - 2 stories above you are slamming fake and bakers and here you are slamming those who dont! Not that I am in any way shocked but at least spread it over a couple pages!

2033 days ago


Looks good pale. Cancer suks.

2033 days ago

pattie in cali    

we love KELLY, best wishes , GODS BLESSINGS, your a cool lady

2033 days ago


Who's who? Just being the smart ass I am! He he he...

2033 days ago


Jeezes......this ain't love folks.............either he's a fame whore "doing it" with another fame whore or Mommy and Daddy finally found someone who they could pay to play "nice" with their awful spawn. Come on guys and gals.........who EVER thought Kelly was worth the effort? Even prisoners about to recieve lethal injections would have "a last go" with K.O.! She is only known because of her parents..........PERIOD!! She is Ugh!!! If there was no Ozzy or Sharon who were famous and talented in their own right........well you and I would drive up to the service window at McD's and take our orders from Casper-the Friendly-Ghost little sister.

2033 days ago


I meant "would not" have a last go with her.........Oops

2033 days ago


This is a no-Brainer attack against white people.The TMZ staffer who regularly mis-spells words and also posts remarks like this one is a ***** person.

2033 days ago


Yuck. Why would I want to see Kelly Osborne? So unattractive and stumpy...i cringe

2033 days ago


Why do you think it's o.k. to pick on people for the color of their skin?

2033 days ago


I'm pale blame my Celtic background lol, I'd have to go on holiday for 6 months somewhere very very very hot to get a little brown. I'd rather not risk skin cancer though! It rains half the year here anyway!

2033 days ago


Hey Landy, (#46)
Are you referring to "moi?" Ooh what a great thing it would be if TMZ hired me. It would be incredible.......a dream come true. But otherwise I am me and I live in on the other hand should remember to take all of your medications........not just those Flintstones' vitamins!!! or white (I'm white).....ugly is ugly is ugly. K.O. is no centerfold material.........unless Veternarian Monthly calls..................???

2033 days ago


You ppl are ridiculous. The days of "healthy tan" are long gone. Its completely asinine to criticize someone who has no desire to look like a dried up wallet in 40 years. Kelly is not 'hot' so to speak, but she is beautiful in her own way. Grow up people.

2033 days ago


What, you want them to look like Valentino??

2033 days ago


Jeezes you people are UNREAL.............I could give a crap if they're pasteled, rainbow colored, or pasty-white. The whole thing was a J-O-K-E by TMZ. Get over it. The ONLY reason that they were "caught" making out is because K.O. is a media whore........she gave up drugs for being noticed. Come on people.......put down the doobie and go out and get a sense of humor........they're discounted in this crappy economy. And while you are out drop off some dog food at the local animal shelter........Kelly's starting to look a little thin.

2033 days ago


Braindamaged2too, in case you haven't noticed, your sense of superiority is being ignored. It's time for you to grow-up!

2033 days ago
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