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Fans to Ringo: We're Looking Through You

4/4/2009 4:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rock 'n' roll rule #1: Drummers get no love.

The Beatles: Click to watch!
Ringo Starr got a painful reminder of that outside Radio City Musical Hall on Friday night. It was near silence for Ringo's exit, and just a few minutes later -- Beatlemania-revisited for Paul McCartney's.

The two living Beatles were rehearsing for tonight's benefit concert where, guess who, is the headliner.


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And I'll bet Ringo would gladly say, "Paul can have it." Who wants to be followed around every minute and hunted down by the press? I'm sure he is perfectly happy just the way it is.

2006 days ago


G-DAWG - Dude, a bit harsh, don't you think? NO!T. I totally AGREE with you! I truly cannot imagine a life where the most important thing in my life was to post "First" on every single piece of crap posted on TMZ. Very sad.

Play nice, all. I'm going to fire up my big two-wheeler tomorrow, rain or shine. If the sun won't come to to New England, I'll head South. Almost finished packing. Love to all my Harley friends out there.

2006 days ago


Fact:The Beatles came to America! Fact: Paul was a sensation. Fact: You had to be alive and around 10 years old to get Paul's impact! This is not a slam to Ringo. Fact: Ringo was there but no comparison to Paul. And That's that!

2005 days ago


I am sure that every one legged hooker in town was screaming her lungs out.

What does Ringo care.. he's married to a Bond girl who adores him.

Paul is a jackass.

2005 days ago

Mike M    

I hope I can bring some sanity around here. Probably not, but I'll try.

As I understand it, Ringo stopped signing after signing for years. He would get stuff in the mail, sign it and return it. When stopped in public he would sign, but as a goof he would run off with the pen his fan gave him to use. I recall that he got very upset when he was surfing through e bay and saw a whole lot of his signed stuff he got through the mail. If it's true I don't blame him. But when making a public appearance autographs go with the territory. For a long time Ringo has been well known to be short tempered at times when stopped by strangers on the street. It's not like us getting stopped all the time by strangers, he's one of the most famous people in the world. He ought to lighten up and have a few laughs.

Paul, on the other hand, doesn't usually sign when stopped on the street. But he will often chat with you if there's not a lot of people around. He said that he will often ask, "what kind of work do you do?" His reasoning is that his life is an open book and the fan knows about him, so he would like to know about the fan. It makes sense.

When John died the music historians and wannabee fans who never listened to his records were rewriting music history in less than a day. John was the genius, Paul was the office gopher who was only capable of running errands. But, the fact of the matter is -- John couldn't give away his solo records, let alone sell them while he was alive. If everybody who raves about John since his death did so while he was alive he would have been the most successful ex Beatle in the 1970's. In the 1970's both Ringo and George had more success than John. The excuse that he stopped recording for several years doesn't hold up. His only #1 while alive was a duo with Elton and his next was "Just Like Starting Over" from Double Fantasy after he died. John felt lousy that it wasn't selling that well when it came out a few weeks before he died.It probably would have done well in the months ahead because he was talking about doing a tour. That would have been his first real tour. On a lighter note, John was excellent with his fans and would sign for them.

Paul's music is every bit as relevant today as it was in 1970. Go out and buy his latest album/cd "Electric Arguments" by The Fireman. It's an alias he's been using since the early 1990's. It's just about his best post Beatles work he's ever put out and it's just as good as anything the Beatles put out. The two previous works under that alias were all music, no vocals. The is the first one with vocals. Go buy, you'll love it.

2005 days ago


See both Paul and Ringo; wish I had seen John and George.


In a more serious newsbreak, It's 9:55pm and TMZ doesn't have that Farrah Fawcett is hospitalized and unconsious, in critical condition.

So many people, woman and men have died or are dying from cancer. Life is waay too short to trivialize the contributions of our great artists.

2005 days ago


the only reason that people give ringo a hard time is because he is black. Yea that's right, with that nose, rhythm, etc...that's a soul brother all the way...just like Babe ruth's black azz.

2005 days ago


I'm sorry, but didn't Ringo get a Beatle check, same as the rest? That retarded, simple drumming earned him millions. Who gives a crap if he's as famous as Paul? Besides, he married Barbara Hershey back when she was smoking hot. Who'd Paul marry? Some wacko vegan and a one-legged money whore?

2005 days ago


Ringo married Barbara BACH, not Barbara Hershey. I was a Beatles fan when they first became popular. I saw them at the Hollywood Bowl both in 1964 and 1965. I enjoy their music to this day.. Such mean spirited comments I read on here. Sad...

2005 days ago


i love their music MUCH more than the current CRAP out there today that all sounds the same or is some stupid rap. and grow up gym coach you sound like a idiot.

2005 days ago


I believe Ringo is very happy with the situation. He gets to enjoy the fame wtihout the craziness. Between Paul and Ringo I believe Ringo has a happier and settled life. Of the two I would rather be Ringo than Paul. I'm sure they are both great guys but I have always had a sweet spot for Ringo.

2005 days ago

Ihma Khunt    

Well Ringo has his head up his ass, he is apparently too busy for autographs or pictures with any of his fans. You treat people like that, bam you get no respect back in return.

2005 days ago


It's because he's been crappy to the few fans he has left. "Don't write me anymore". So they don't! lol

2005 days ago


VIctoria is spot on with what she says about Paul and his being a ruthless businessman, I worked for a music royalty company and he was infamous for his backstreet gutter maneuvers, He is NOT a nice guy, So fake, Always astournds me when I see him on interviews and his "act". Don't buy it,

2005 days ago


Psh. The Beatles had more of a crazy big following of fans then the Jonas Brothers could ever HOPE for. Without The Beatles and other groups like them I doubt music would have been the way you see it today.. Try listening to something other then your cookie cutter boy band pop music once and a while.

2004 days ago
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