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Michelle Obama -- Fashion Diva or Disaster?

4/4/2009 1:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sweatergate 2009! Michelle Obama wore a sweater when she met with Queen Elizabeth II this week, and her wardrobe choice has kicked up major drama in the fashion world.


The First Lady often wears affordable American brand clothes to events, and apparently Oscar de la Renta isn't happy about it. He told Women's Wear Daily, "You don't...go to Buckingham Palace in a sweater."

But in this economy, if the First Lady wears clothes most Americans can afford -- isn't that a good thing?


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Hilarious Comment Guy    

how did barack obama arrange a photo-op with george washington?

2027 days ago


Is it me...or does Michelle not look like the Green Goblin from the Spider Man movies?

2027 days ago


How has no one mentioned her eye?!?!?!?!?! What happened?

2027 days ago

Mr. Ed    

I'm sorry but no matter what she does there will be Obamahaters with something to say about it. Can you imagine, in this economy, if she were to only wear designer clothes that regular people can't afford? There would be an outrage. People would be pissed off because she was buying $10,000 outfits when there are people losing their jobs and homes all over the United States. I, personally, think she is showing class, judgement and financial discipline in buying clothing that is affordable for most Americans. What got the majoriy of Americans in trouble is that fact that, for years, very few Americans have had any kind of financial discipline. I, for one, applaud her for her choice in clothing, for being someone that we can look up to. She is setting an example for all Americans. We should buy American and buy what we can afford to pay for with cash, not what we can put on credit cards. I also do not care what she looks like. I don't back the President or First Lady because they are good looking. I don't want leaders who are superficial. I want leaders who can get our economy back on track. Our country is in the midst of a financial disaster - stop bashing our leaders and stand behind them no matter if you're Republican, Democrat, Gay, Straight, Black, White or pink with purple polka dots. We can't recover from this without being a United... States of America!

2027 days ago


Sorry but all this talk about how handsome and beautiful they are is rediculous. They certainly look polished but lets face it they are not physically attractive people. Michelle is one big woman! She towers over Prince Phillip. They do work with what they have ......but a Will and Jada they are not! Poor Michelle can't do much about her face which is a bit weird and Barack will only be neat looking at best. Hey quit worrying so much about their physical attributes at least they don't look plastic! Michelle's outfit is fine but kind of boring I would not call it fashion icon wear, not awful but probably not appropriate to meet a Queen. I would have preferred she wear something more stylish. She could have worn that to a library. The gifts were not their fault but were kinda lame. What we reallly should worry about what Obama has done relinquishing our economic leadership to Europe! We have big problems ahead now! I was really upset that he is apologizing for America's arrogance! HELLO?!

2027 days ago


The queen looks so tiny and petrified standing between them, lol. It is actually quite funny.

2027 days ago


Her outfit looks wonderful. Her husband is hot! She's intelligent and classy.

Who wants another empty headed, frumpy diva as First Lady anyway, not me.

Why all the attention to her outfits anyway? Who cares? If that team can stabilize our economy, rekindle our relationship with the world and derail this pending depression, she could dress in a potato sack as far as I care.

No one gave a damn about Eleanor Roosevelt's outfits or Franklin Roosevelt's wheelchair when he pulled this country together in the 30's and 40' with real issues like the Great Depression, World War II, Hitler and more important things as such.

Bush was a flaming idiot yet no one noticed what color blouse his wife was wearing when he declared war on Iraq.

So let's forget all about her outfits and start worrying about our mortgage payments, rent, grocery bills, college tuition, lay off notices, shoes for our children, credit card debts and electricity bills.

2027 days ago


Hate them both

2027 days ago


Laura Bush was quiet, subtle, and without expressions due to all those Botax injections. Nice to see someone who can make facial expressions. Regarding class, Laura was married to marginally intellegent man, who was a below average student, male cheerleader, drunkard, and was hated by most foreign leaders. President Obama, on the other hand, is favor by many leaders due to orator skills, intelligent, and ability to work with other. Obviously, there are many who has no idea what class is. Regarding fashion, most fashion commentators compliment Michelle's choice of fashion. The haters on this site are the swap meet and flea market shoppers, who are still fashion challenged.

2027 days ago


The thing is that there are very few "haute couture" designers out there who can design and construct for the curvacous body of an African American woman. I really look forward to more designers being inspired by Michelle and the likes of Beyonce. Oprah has yet to get it right 100% of the time but designers like Bradley Bayoud who has dressed a dazzling Oprah "get it" as to what it takes to showcase the beauty of an African American woman.

Michelle is like Princess Di. It took a few years but in the end Princess Di was a dazzling sophisticated beauty.

2027 days ago


You don't wear a sweater and a tank top to meet a foreign dignitary. Somebody call Clinton and Stacey! Michelle needs help. She's 45. She should know how to dress by now. Sigh...

2027 days ago


Thank God she had her mouth closed smiling. I do not think I could stand those Mr. Ed teeth with the Queen. And it takes away from DumbOs ears!!

2027 days ago


Michelle absolutely does not wear clothes most Americans can afford. Aside from the J. Crew pieces, most of her clothes are designer - up and comers and therefor not as expensive a De La Renta, but still, hundreds of dollars per piece. The mess of a patchwork sweater is $800! Let's stop pretending she's "just like us".

2027 days ago

Jay D    

The Obamas are milking the spotlight way to much. Everytime I turn on the tv or go on the net there is something on Obama on there. I'm already sick of it, it's tacky for the prez to do this. Way to many live tv speache, too, it's ridiculous..

2027 days ago


Oh, please, just look what the bloody Queen is wearing... looks like a pink burlap sack, hospital gowns are more attractive than that shapeless bag!

2027 days ago
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