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Note to OctoMom: Buy Makeup, Meet Producers...

4/8/2009 6:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom Nadya SulemanOctoMom Nadya Suleman is full of it when she says she's not doing a reality show -- our sources say she's been in talks with producers as recent as... today, but no deal has been struck -- yet.

There is one hitch... Octo has told several producers she wants to limit face time for the babies -- but don't think she's now a candidate for Good Parent of the Year. We're told she took heat from Kaiser Permanente, where the OctoBabies were born, after she allowed media access to the kids, bright lights and all.

We called Lifetime, TLC and Oxygen -- reps said so far there are no plans to put Octo on the tube -- tube, get it.


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Wake up people!    

I agree COMPLETELY with the "Neighbor of Octofraud" and " Mad AS Heck". I think she's lying ONCE AGAIN to try to get herself in the spotlight. It just makes me cringe when I think that when this fails, heaven knows what she'll do to those kids.
She is a pathological liar and she is clearly a sociopath. She is going to break and it's not going to be pretty.
Those kids are in danger and everyone is turning a blind eye to her madness.

This will NOT end well. Mark my words.

1989 days ago

Average Joe    

This woman willing had herself impregnated with 6 embryos knowing she didn't have health care coverage nor the financial means to pay for the enormous hospital bill she would have for the delivery of 6 healthy babies let alone 6 premature babies. Nor did this woman have the means to support them or their 6 siblings once she took them home. So now shes out there hustling herself and her children a reality show to pay her way. I guess I wouldn't have a problem with that (remember John & Kate Plus 8) IF she made it clear to all the taxpayers that all the expenses incurred by her and being paid for by the taxpayers would be reimbursed FIRST and then she would start profiting from her multiple deals. I personally don't like her or what she has chosen to do with her/her childrens lives, but she isn't the first person to make money off their children. Its sad that this happens, but even sadder that so many people watch this trash.

1989 days ago


Has anyone noticed increased frequency when days go by with no OctoMom story anywhere - here, Radaronline, Insdier, etc.? Her "fame" is fading as most of the kids are home and EVERYONE IS TIRED OF HER OVEREXPOSED UGLY FACE.

She may be shopping a reality show and looking for a book deal because that's what she's banked on as far as a future money-making "career" but people just aren't that interested anymore. SHE OVEREXPOSED HERSELF AND THE PUBLIC IS TIRED OF HER.

She might "get" a show, but the rating will have to stay up or they will cancelled it. I don't think she has what it takes to keep the ratings up. WE'VE ALREADY SEEN IT ALL - THERE'S NO SURPRISE OR STORY LEFT TO TELL THAT'S OF ANY INTEREST TO MOST PEOPLE. The only "show" she will get will more than likely be an internet show because the networks will demand the ratings stay at a certain level. There will be so much protest and backlash, no TV network worth it's salt will touch it.


Bottom line: AMERICA IS JUST TIRED OF HER AND SHE'S ON HER WAY TO BEING A HAS BEEN. No one wants to hear it anymore and the media outlets are listening and not carrying the story.

1989 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

After Octomom and her 6 kids trashed her Mother's house, where does her Mom live now? I feel so sorry that she had a '
mentally retarded child like Octomom. Having all of those kids just so she can live off of all us taxpayers makes her a thief. The kids should be placed in loving homes and the Dingbat Octomom should go to Jail. She loves all of us writing about her even though it's negative. Just shows how sick she is.

1989 days ago


Looks like something FOX would buy into :)

1989 days ago


Who would watch this nut case? You would have to be as narcisstic and nutty as she is. She is the one who wantss to be a celebrity and thinks this will make her one. She lies, keeps rambling on with all this psych babble - is actually quite stupid. I can't imagine any station would stoop low enough to put this piece of garbage on TV. No one would watch.

1989 days ago


Ann #72 - You are exactly right.
#69 LOL - KFed did what she wants to do. Make a lot of money off of someone else’s sweat. But AT LEAST he stays home mostly and takes care of his kids and is not living off of tax payers money.
We are not just tired of Octo-blah, but sick and tired of seeing her BEG, BORROW AND STEAL. I agree, the perfect name for her is OCTO-BUM.

1989 days ago


C'MON...THIS MEDIA WHORE IS OLD NEWS. I'd rather read garbage on Shana Sanda...a whore of a different kind.

1989 days ago

Adri from LH    

... NOT watching the show.
I don't know if there are any pending federal investigations, or if they are actually going on right now, but there should be. It is beyond me how anyone who filed for disability because of a "bad back" could carry 8 children. I'm no doctor, but I do have enough job related experience to know that pregnant women with bad backs usually don't feel all that great. Women who have normal pregnancies that is. I've treated them, I know. This woman is a narcissist, and that seems to be the mildest of her psychological pathologies.
Something that also irks me to no end is the fact that since she was a psychiatric technician (of all things) that she uses all this psycho-babble and psychiatry jargon to manipulate people. She expects people to believe that she is okay, and that she has valid reasons to have done what she did.
You know what? SCREW HER! She has no mental capacity to take care of herself, let alone all those poor children. The nannies can only do so much, but children need the attention of their birth parent(s) from time to time. She is a very sick person. A patholigical liar at best, a coniving, manipulative moocher at worst.
She wants a reality show huh? well here is an idea. Set up a boxing ring in her back yard, and cast some normal every day people too. Have that hideous heffer fight people for money. If she wins, she gets money. If she loses, then the winner wouldn't only get the money, but the satisfaction of punching her in her ugly trout mouth too. Not that I condone violence, but if she wants a show, that would probably at least get her ratings. I would love to see her get smacked around.

... On a serious note though. Enough is enough. This woman is an embarrasment, and proof of how easily the system can be abused. What she needs to do is quit going on her f***ing shopping sprees, and look into at least getting a part time job.

There are many of us who work our asses off to try to make ends meet, and still have trouble making it. Then comes this clown car for a uterus psychopath, and pulls her stunts... then she wonders why most of us dislike her so much.....

1989 days ago


i dont think you could good parent of the year becuase you dont worked since 1999. because your lazy ass how come you could be a good parent of the year you support all your children with the help of other people everything from donation your house ,endosperms, cribs of your children,clothes of your children.everything from donation i dont think so...MAYBE YOU ARE THE candidate OF IRRESPONSIBLE AND DILLUSIONAL MOTHER OF 14 CHILDREN.. IT COULD BE..COZ YOUR USING THIS 14 CHILDREN HOWS YOUR DREAMS COMES TRUE....MONEY HUNGER.....

1989 days ago

They were in it for the money    

We dont care of she makes money, the point is, she is and has made thousands and thousands of dollars at the same time being on public assistance for the last ten years and does not have any intention of paying any of it back, not to mention all the donated items also worth thousands of dollars. She is one heck of a major gypsy scam artist

1989 days ago


I agree.....BOYCOTT! That is, IF there ever is a real deal with this looney-toon. I think most people (producers of reality shows included) have seen what a poor excuse for a human being this woman is and might be careful about actually signing a deal with her and her brand of crazy. I can't imagine too many people would want to be caught up in the fall-out from working with her in any way. The IRS and Protective Services will be (SHOULD BE) breathing down her back for a long time over all the fraud she has been party to............and she's not on many people's list of Mother-of-the-Year so I can imagine a lot of people will feel as I do and boycott the sponsors rigth off the bat. Except for the train-wreck factor, I can't see any reason to watch a show she is a part of........those poor kids! They are the innocent voctims here. Them, and the taxpayers of California.I really hope there is a HUGE boycott if any type of show is ever decided.

1989 days ago

ut oh    

Everytime I see her ugy mug I want to vomit!

1989 days ago


I can't believe any network is still considering giving this greedy white trash a TV show!

1989 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Wonder what Octomom looked like before all the plastic surgery? She couldn't have looked worse than she does now. Usually there is something redeeming about every person - I can't think of any about her. What is so pathetic is that she doesn't understand that people hate her and think she's nuts. Poor Thing !!!

1989 days ago
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