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Nick Hogan: Life's a Drag

4/11/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan was all smiles yesterday at the Formula Drift car race in Long Beach, Calif.


We're sure John Graziano would be thrilled that Nick may be learning how to drag race more effectively -- except John is in a permanent vegetative state, thanks to Nicky boy.


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He's even less important than his trailer trash sister. Honestly, this whole family falls ass-backwards into money and we're supposed to fawn over them?

1988 days ago


Loser Nick should be followed around by peole wearing John Today shirts! Wherever Nick the Loser goes he should be reminded of the person....the friend....the Iraq War Veteran... whose life he virtually snuffed out with his rich boy stupidity and complete disregard for anyone.

Shirt suggestions:
"What the In sur gents couldn't do with buddy did with his Supra" or "My Friend. More dangerous than an IED" or "Have a nice life" or "Supra-friend"

The Hogan's are a perfect exampe of why who get's rich SHOULD be regulated. Stupid people with money are just extravegantly stupid. They surely are an American family to be proud of.

1988 days ago

Cranky Pants    

yeah, #6, an ACCIDENT. Caused by a little bicth with a history of ILLEGAL STREET RACING,

Thank you, TMZ for reminding us that this little waste of oxygen put his best friend in a vegetative state because of his own selfish, childidsh, lawless behavior. You should put that pic of John in the corner of EVERY story about the Hogans. Worthless, white trash douche nozzles, every single one of them.

1988 days ago


oh leave him alone....

1988 days ago


Not to be a bitch about the situation but Graziano knew what he was getting into when HE Decided to get into that car with Nick who he knew was going to be street racing at a dangerous speed with NO SEAT BELT ON! It was an accident and nick has done his time and I sure he's sorry for what he's done but life goes on people! While what happend is very unfourtunate it's not totally his fault they both share the blame a seat belt might have saved John!!!!

1988 days ago


He did time for what he did. And his buddy should've been wearing his seat belt.

TMZ ought to leave this kid alone now.

1988 days ago


It was an accident, leave him alone. You people talk about the Hogans, what about Johns dad sitting in jail for trying to have his mom killed!

1988 days ago


Nick and Brooke must be #6, 16, and 17.

1988 days ago

Hugh Jass    

It may have been questionable judgment for him to attend any kind of auto race in the public eye after his accident in an alleged street race, whether or not his passenger knew how he drives and still didn't wear a seat belt/protective gear/helmet/body armor, what-ever. I'm sure he has to deal with it every day. The lawsuit has been settled or it will settle. Maybe it's time to let it go. But like Ted Kennedy, TMZ will drive off that bridge when they get to it.

1988 days ago


11. I bet John is wishing he had worn his seatbelt after he bought a teenager booze!

Posted at 11:20AM on Apr 11th 2009 by laprns

It was proven that John had his seat belt on and it was The King of Roids that bought the booze for his pu$$y son and allowed him to drive a high powered car and drag race on the streets endangering others safety. Now look what their actions has caused. A young man laying in a vegetative state with part of his brain gone.

1988 days ago

david melchor    

I wish that inbred hulk whoever would do to his family what that other lunatic wrestler did to his family...

1988 days ago


What makes me sick are all the stupid comments people make. Yes he crashed his car and nearly killed his friend. But Nick has paid his legal debt to society. Nick has to look himself in the mirror every day nowing what he did. Does it really help anyone when ignorant people get on here and make stupid baseless comments simply to hurt Nick more. Lets all be adults here and let it go. Worry about your own lives and family. just my 2 cents worth... D~

1988 days ago


Because It's not Mr Graziano's fault at all for getting in the car with Nick knowing full well of his intentions and state of being. Nope. None at all.

1988 days ago


Come on TMZ....that's pretty shi**y to show pictures of this poor man. How do you think his family would feel about that???

1988 days ago


all I can say is that TMZ obviously does not know how to let a sleeping dog lie, Nick Hogan did not kill John, John was in the car with him and could have easily decided to gt out when he OBVIOUSLY knew that Nick was going to be racing, I am not convinced that a friend would not have known about the plans of the driver of the car ... get the F**K over it, Nick did his time and my sympathies to Johns family but Nick Hogan is not a monster he is a kid who made a mistake and has paid for it, everyone else who is so anti the hogan family just needs to get lives!

1988 days ago
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