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Lindsay Lohan -- I Need a Mood Swing

4/12/2009 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has once again turned to chemicals --but this little diddy is harmless -- it's called Neuro Bliss, touted to "relax neural tissues, to enhance brain activity, focus and provide a sense of well-being."



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Went to the website. Now I want to try a Neurogasm.

1988 days ago


slow new day again? tmz

2018 days ago

The Plain Truth    

I wonder how much the has been skank got paid to carry that around in order to get a photo of it for the company?
She is bottom feeding again. Thats what washed up ex-celebs do when their careers are over.

2018 days ago


she is just turning from one chemical dependecy to another...what she really needs is to leave hollywood for a while, get clean, get some therapy, and live a normal life for a while...she is never going to get better in the same envioronment that contributed to her problems. she is on the fast track for tragedy and unless she wants to change and get her life together she is going to continue in this downward spiral and is going to end up dead...she has to want to change on her own, or its not going to work...maybe she needs a conservator like brit brit...but i doubt that anyone in her family or circle of friends are a good influence, so i wouldnt want them to have any more pull than they already do...

2018 days ago


That is not a bottle,
it is her man sized strap-on so gals do not bend over if she is around.

2018 days ago


Neuro-crap, stimulates Neuro-rectum muscles and relaxes Neuro-colon tissue to enhance blood flow to the multiflacid-general all purpose area, cutting off oxygen and proper blood flow to the brain, so you can buy our neuro-crap without thinking twice. IT REALLY WORKS

2018 days ago


Stupid washed up whore!

2018 days ago


Spray her down while wearing hazmat suits.
Every guy and their sister have been dipping into that thing.

2018 days ago


This is what happens when people have children and then find out that their child has talent. The parents then become the children......quiting their jobs to "work" for their child as an agent. The roles then become reversed. The child becomes the parent and the parent is the child. And when the child is paying the parent the child then becomes the boss. The boss of the house, the money, and the decision maker. And what 17 year old is capable of making constant grown-up decidions. Heck, most grown-ups fail in that regard. This is why Lindsey is as screwed up as a soup sandwich. She assumed an adult role without having the necessary tools to do the job. That's why Sam came along. That's why alcohol, drugs, and car wrecks came along. Lindsey didn't fail people. Her "parents" failed. They failed Lindsey, her youth, her career, education, and the ability to learn from them, as parents, the right way to grow up. Alcohol, drugs, lesbianism...none of those things are her problem. They are only symptoms. Her "parents" are her problem. They never gave her the necessary tools for survival. Oh! One more thing. In God's eyes, there is nothing wrong with being gay or lesbian. God loves all gays and lesbians. He just hates homosexuality and lesbianism . In case you all don't get it, one is the person......the other.....the act. And those two things are mutually exclusive.

2018 days ago


Ewwww...that freckly arm of hers is all that stands out to me. Nothing says 'unattractive' more than a freckled faced (and in her case all over her entire body) brat!!

2018 days ago


I think Lindsey needs to completely get out of show business; and find another line of work..

2018 days ago


If you click on the Neuro website and the ingredients for NeuroBliss, one of the main ingredients in phenylalanine, which is in aspartame. That has been a known carcinogen for years. (for you non-academics, a carcinogen is something that causes cancer) Why would anyone use or get paid to walk around with that product??

2018 days ago

Rap sucks    

Man, next thing you when she loses all her money she will be standing on the street REALLY being a whore. All over for you lindsay...

2018 days ago


The girl obviously has alot of problems! Why doesn't TMZ and everyone else leave her alone to try to figure them out. You can see the look of sadness in her face She looks empty!

2018 days ago

The Dude    


aha...ha..ahhha. ew hooo.

that is funny. :)

whew! notice it's tapered for easy insertion if consuming the product is too much or not enough!

2018 days ago
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