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OctoBabies: Check Out Our Double Wide!

4/12/2009 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom Nadya Suleman's strollers can each hold four babies -- her uterus held eight. Victory: OctoMom.


Along with some hired muscle, Suleman took at least 10 of her kids to a local park in La Habra yesterday, presumably to field an entire baseball team.

Just your normal, average day at the park...


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I don't think Octolips put the loads of blankets over the babies due to the weather. She was trying to hide the babies from unauthorized photographers, meaning anybody who wouldn't pay her for the pictures. As another poster commented earlier, this trip to the park looks like something staged for her reality show. Notice how well Octo's hair is styled, and probably there's a good eye-makeup job behind the sunglasses.

Comment 74, my little girls, thanks for the detailed info on workmen's comp rules. It does sound like Octolips put one over on the government. Just the picture with this article is proof enough - she is supposed to have a bad back but is easily pushing an oversized baby carriage and also dragging another child in a toy car behnd her. As you say, scammers like her just make it harder for workers who were really injured to get compensation.

1966 days ago


quite frankly I am very surprised that she took all the newborns to the park. I would think that most docs would say no, based on the premature birth, low birth weights, etc..... I was told I should not take my newborns out of the house (basically anywhere there were non-sanitary conditions exist) for 2-3 weeks.

So, off the to the park she goes...the whole family of 14?? Do we know this for sure?

Here's a thought---the older kids play in the park's sandbox, a feral cat's litterbox, and then the those older kids decide it's time to kiss and man-handle the new borns.... Can we say EWWWWW????

1966 days ago


She took them out because there have been so many stories about her never spending any time with them. Too late, Octonut. ARE ARE ON TO YOU!

1966 days ago

Capt. Howdy    

To # 10. I'm with you. I had a hard time just getting an easter baskets for my 2 kids. In AZ. you only can get cash aid for 6 months then they cut u off. Cali should do that to, Shes a medi slut. Bitch has more $$$ then us hard working folks now. Maybe I should have my wife do what she did and have a biss ol litter to. PAY ME AMERICA!

1966 days ago

jen newman    

has anyone noticed that when any of her 6 older kids is photographed they rarely if ever are smiling?

Jen Newman

1966 days ago


This stories sad...
It doesn't take a genius to realize that 8+ mom didn't intend on having 8 more children.
I hope the children are doing well and whats her face gets help.

1966 days ago


Babies that young should be kept at home away from strangers.

1966 days ago


At least she's spending time with her kids thats more then i can say for alot of other moms .And no its not rite for her to collect goverment help but what eles can she do them babys need alot of things.With that many kids the goverment should put a time limit on cash but everyone knows how the goverment works their a bunch of dumb asses to!

1966 days ago


#10 you are sad....YOU are not paying for anything....and as far as OUR tax money, look at all the other stuff YOU have paid for...criminals behind bars, a war that was unnecessary, millions and millions of illegal immigrants from mexico...i could go on and on...stop complaining and vote....there is not one single person in America paying for that octomom chick...she's got book deals, interviews and a master's ain't paying for nothing she does so get over sound like a bumbling idiot.

1965 days ago


uh #81 you are mistaken....public assistance is only available to people in cali for 6 months, 9 months if you are unemployed. medical is available for the life of your shut up, you sound stupid...easter baskets? give me a break...the octomom is not the reason why it was a struggle to buy your kids baskets, your lack of planning for such an "important" pagan holiday is...

1965 days ago


She took them to the park for a staged interview with a web-blogger. He took photos and video. There are more lies recorded.

1965 days ago


If I'm not mistaken, California cannot recoup anything. I believe there is legislation in place to fully cover preemies like these. She will have to pay back NOTHING no matter what she makes.
Secondly, IF she were so "concerned" about the comment the AIW nurse made about abduction, why on God's earth would she haul them out to a park. Gloria Alred, PLEASE, do something -- she SEEMS untouchable with all her planning to rape and pillage the state. There HAS to be a loophole of some sort she hasn't uncovered and exploited. And unless her preemies are unlike tens of thousands of others, they SHOULD NOT be out and about yet. Does a "mother" have the right to decide these things given the fragility of the babies or doesn't that constitute unsafe surroundings?? I'd like to know what kind of input Kaiser nurses have, what reports they have to file . . . What RIGHTS does the public have in this matter since they are footing the bill and if she doesn't take proper care of them, when they contract a respiratory infection and go back in the hospital . . . . God doesn't this woman pay any attention to the advice of professionals?

1965 days ago


She needs to team up with Kate Gosselin ! They both are exploiting their children for the almighty dollar. I think that they should team up and have a 'Mommies Day Out ' together. I'm sure that would be another big money maker !They both are utterly disgusting and show no love that a true mother should have. The only love they have is for themselves and the money. So sad.

Oh well, they had better enjoy it while they can. It won't last much longer.

1965 days ago

faaw-q attitude    

i agree, gloria hurry and make this go away, i believe this is for the camera also.... and yeah, i have noticed the older kids NEVER look happy.

1965 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

vio...( short for invitro?)

The only stupid sounding person is you....and I'm being polite. First of all....she DOESN'T have a Masters Degree...thats common knowledge ( try to keep up here). Secondly...her "deals" are running out, because other than you and the rest of the minions ( all 3 of you )...we, Joe Q Public, are fed up with her behaviour her ,lack of ANY mothering starting from the first child and lastly her sense of entitlement. Don't think if you come in here and insult the posters that it will change our view towards your "Madonna Incarnate". That has already been set in stone, in the court of public opinion...and I believe the majority has spoken.

1965 days ago
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