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The Poop on the New First Dog

4/14/2009 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Obamas dogWe've already told you the Obama dog is a used pooch -- with a past! Here's the lowdown.

Bo, the Portuguese Water Dog whose original name was Charlie, was sold by a Texas breeder on December 8, 2008. The family that bought the dog paid $1,600.

But there was a problem. The family already owned a 6-year-old female Portuguese Water Dog, and when little Charlie came to the home he got off on the wrong paw by trying to nurse on the big dog.

Things went downhill from there. Right around St. Paddy's day, the family made the decision to return the pooch. The breeder, who had advance warning Charlie was about to become an orphan, had already been speaking with Senator Ted Kennedy and his wife, and made a deal to re-home the pup to the Kennedys, who paid the breeder $1,600. BTW, the breeder returned the original $1,600.

The Kennedys bought Charlie with the intention of giving it to the Obamas. Charlie went from the home he had been living in to a dog trainer in Virginia, where he's been learning the tricks of the trade for almost a month.

In a few hours the Kennedys will officially give the pup to the Obamas. Such is the life of a dog ...

Barack Obama


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artie help    

these dog's are notoriously ,smarmy,condescending and in over there heads.

2018 days ago


Spare me the spin. It was known Ted Kennedy wanted to give them a pooch. It will be Ted's legacy to the presidential office when he is gone. I can only say that I am very happy for the girls. The dog is cute! I am sure there will be a rush of people running out to buy these dogs. Good going Ted. On there are several one who is 6 months old too.

2018 days ago


How come he didn't get a white dog?

2018 days ago


that's a great picture in the White House! poor doggy missed his mommy. these dogs are intelligent and loyal pets.

2018 days ago


I heard these dogs are simply amazing. In addition to the usual tricks, they can even clean the mess left behind by other dogs.

2018 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

I see that Obama lied, as usual. In his publicity stunt, he said they were getting a dog from a Shelter - NOT a Breeder. Also, why did the girls have to wait so long to get a dog? Most kids are far younger when they get pets. Senator McCain was on Jay Leno last night. What a Classy Gentleman. He was Funny and we all know about his Bravery. It's laughable that Obama is Commander in Chief.

2018 days ago


I would have liked it better if the President and family had gone to a local shelter for a dog...

2018 days ago

She is hot    

Spread the wealth Obama!! I am sure some of my extra dog bones can go to your new BO. Seriously, I wouldnt accept a penny or a billion dollars from the murderer Ted Kennedy!!

2018 days ago


I don't get why we have to hear all this drivel. Who cares about the dog, the outfits, the gardens, etc. The way our media is drooling over every little thing this guy does is sickening. He's a socialist. He's bowing before other nation's leaders, but oh, he got a dog - ooooo goodie. What a good story TMZ. Stick to Celeb garbage, at least you are good at that.

2018 days ago


It's amazing that with all the important things going on in our country, all the media can talk about is this dog! What about the committment that Obama made to get a shelter dog? What about his wanting to grant amnesty to over 12 million illegal aliens which will further bankrupt this country? Why can't the media focus on this instead of constantly talking about the dog?

2018 days ago


What a way to spin this story. I don't buy it. Call it was it is. You got a dog from a breeder, not a rescue. What a lie.
You don't live up to what you say unless the teleprompter or polls tell you what to do. No backbone, and yes you did bow to the Saudi’s, not matter how you spin it.

2018 days ago


Im gonna side step the issue regarding the Obamas claim they wanted a rescue dog from a shelter. I think this dog is not very appropiate for the enviorment that they are bringing it into. Port. Water dogs need ALOT of room to roam they are not lap babies they like to play I think they are doing a real diservice to this dog by putting it into the confines of the white house it isnt going to be a really happy dog .

2018 days ago



2018 days ago


3. How come he didn't get a white dog?

Posted at 1:36PM on Apr 14th 2009 by Yo

What difference does it make? Ted Kennedy's dogs aren't white, did you ask Ted why he didn't get a black dog? Don't be so stupid!!!

2018 days ago

that's all    

that family doesn't even want the dog, they owned not even a goldfish before this happened. And my biggest fear is that alot of idiots will buy this breed just because Obama has one and the dogs will suffer. I haven't seen any pictures of these people even playing with the dog or walking it. Animals should not be treated as commodities and it's apparent that they insisted he have a dog because all the other American presidents had one.

But O is NOT the typical U.S. president coming from Indonesia and a religion that views dogs as filthy animals.

2018 days ago
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