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The Poop on the New First Dog

4/14/2009 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Obamas dogWe've already told you the Obama dog is a used pooch -- with a past! Here's the lowdown.

Bo, the Portuguese Water Dog whose original name was Charlie, was sold by a Texas breeder on December 8, 2008. The family that bought the dog paid $1,600.

But there was a problem. The family already owned a 6-year-old female Portuguese Water Dog, and when little Charlie came to the home he got off on the wrong paw by trying to nurse on the big dog.

Things went downhill from there. Right around St. Paddy's day, the family made the decision to return the pooch. The breeder, who had advance warning Charlie was about to become an orphan, had already been speaking with Senator Ted Kennedy and his wife, and made a deal to re-home the pup to the Kennedys, who paid the breeder $1,600. BTW, the breeder returned the original $1,600.

The Kennedys bought Charlie with the intention of giving it to the Obamas. Charlie went from the home he had been living in to a dog trainer in Virginia, where he's been learning the tricks of the trade for almost a month.

In a few hours the Kennedys will officially give the pup to the Obamas. Such is the life of a dog ...

Barack Obama


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What an adorable picture of President Obama & the doggie running down the hall. I'm sure he will become close to the dog as all the family will. That is one lucky dog. Such a beautiful first family we have, I am so proud to be an American....

2019 days ago


9. Zoya - The dog has plenty of room to roam & run. The land around the white house is plenty of room for the dog to grow. I'm quite sure the dog will be very happy with the girls & any others he comes into contact with!

Did Dubya's dog's look miserable or on medication for depression? Sounds like you're the one unhappy and in need of therapy & meds!

2019 days ago


Wish McCain was President,

Everything out of his purple lips has been a lie. Just like how he cursed the "wealthy" during his campaign and said there's nothing wrong with a public school education and swore his girls would go to public school, HAHAHAHA, yeah right!! They're in the finest private school in D.C. This thug is a disgrace to the White House and will go down as an even worse president than God awful Carter.

Why are they forcing this poor dog to learn tricks? Is a normal dog not good enough for them? Why did they change the poor pooch's name? Typical elitist Socialist. I'm sure this dog will wind up dead the moment he's booted out of office in 2012 just like the Clinton's. Kooks hate animals.

2019 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

Yeah, why get a male with all their annoying habits unless breeding is in the future. I've seen PWD's and found them kinda aggressive and -- big.

2019 days ago

Democrats are evil    

He can barely pay attention to his children let alone a puppy. I feel sorry for the dog. At least the interns will be there to give him walks. Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall when the prez steps in his first dog poo?

2019 days ago


#1. Just like some posters we know. Hope the dog at least has better grammar.

2019 days ago


13. What an adorable picture of President Obama & the doggie running down the hall. I'm sure he will become close to the dog as all the family will. That is one lucky dog. Such a beautiful first family we have, I am so proud to be an American....

Posted at 1:56PM on Apr 14th 2009 by katiejean


Hey you racist bitch, the dumbfricker Ubama has the dog on a loose leash so it can get caught and get hanged.
Yea how cute and shows his brains is in his doper ass.

2019 days ago


#9 the "confines of the white house" is not enough room? Are you an idiot?

#21 You're also a dolt. If you've ever trained dogs, leaving a leash on is the best way to immediately give corrections while training that dog.

It's the friggin WHITE HOUSE, people; it's not like there aren't a bunch of people around to make sure Bo is constantly monitored. Use your heads before you pass judgment.

2019 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

I didn't think I would ever see a Dictator becoming an American President. Bet Washington, Lincoln, Eisenhower, Reagan, are rolling over in their graves. My future children, grandchildren, great grandchildren will be paying for the Lunacy of this Administration for a long time. Obama talks about billions and trillions of dollars like they are a few dollars. Printing more money and borrowing from China is insane. Can't someone step in and show the arrogant Show Off how to be President?

2019 days ago


Will Bo provide the fertilization/manure for the White House garden? That is recycling to the fullist.
This family is all for publicity and photo ops. I bet the dog will be cared for more by white house staff than the first family. Just like I bet Michelle is not out there weeding or watering that garden. Her "help" is doing all the dirty work.

2019 days ago


Hey MOST dog owners are good peeps. Props to the President to enlarge the kids world with a pet. This simple step may just encourage others to make good choices on pets AND IN LIFE!

2019 days ago

Shame on you    

What would have been really nice is if the kids got to pick out their own puppy.

2019 days ago

artie help    

katiejean , please shut your ignorant mouth.

2019 days ago

artie help    

at #18, i apologise and recognise my errors. Now , pleas bite my big black ass. ty.

2019 days ago


All the ignoramuses going on about the Obamas going back on their shelter dog promise obviously don't get that 1) they needed a HYPOALLERGENIC dog for one of their kids, and you don't necessarily have that option from a shelter; 2) They made a contribution to a local shelter since they accepted a dog from another source. A lot of people are just pig-jealous of the Obamas and are looking for any little thing to complain about. What a sad way to "live".

2019 days ago
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