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The Poop on the New First Dog

4/14/2009 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Obamas dogWe've already told you the Obama dog is a used pooch -- with a past! Here's the lowdown.

Bo, the Portuguese Water Dog whose original name was Charlie, was sold by a Texas breeder on December 8, 2008. The family that bought the dog paid $1,600.

But there was a problem. The family already owned a 6-year-old female Portuguese Water Dog, and when little Charlie came to the home he got off on the wrong paw by trying to nurse on the big dog.

Things went downhill from there. Right around St. Paddy's day, the family made the decision to return the pooch. The breeder, who had advance warning Charlie was about to become an orphan, had already been speaking with Senator Ted Kennedy and his wife, and made a deal to re-home the pup to the Kennedys, who paid the breeder $1,600. BTW, the breeder returned the original $1,600.

The Kennedys bought Charlie with the intention of giving it to the Obamas. Charlie went from the home he had been living in to a dog trainer in Virginia, where he's been learning the tricks of the trade for almost a month.

In a few hours the Kennedys will officially give the pup to the Obamas. Such is the life of a dog ...

Barack Obama


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Oh how I hope #52 is right!!!!!

2017 days ago

Mike Botz    

Ironic that Kennedy breeds water dogs. He could have used one 40 years ago.

2017 days ago


"For all the BIG-BELLY-ACHING-COMPLAINERS here... just relax.
Obama was elected President, because he was the people's choice.
His term will be up in 4 years, he'll move on, and you can start your BIG-BELLY-ACHING-COMPLAINTS about the next President.

Just relax! "


I so hope you are right!!!!

2017 days ago


Who Cares!

2017 days ago


Jamie Foxx is a racist and a pathetic loser for stooping so low as to attack a little girl,Miley Cyrus,(or anyone) because she's talented and earned her way to Hollywood.Would he have done that to a girl of African descent?I'm about half racist too,something I learned from some African American folks,and could say alot about Jamie Foxx but I'll just say that when I see him on tv,I change the channel within two seconds. Miley is funny,pretty and cool and her gums that Jamie was talking about are a good quality trait adding to her overall pretty and cheerful appearance.I kind of feel sorry for Jamie because he has to have stupid days due to his bitterness.I hope he repents and changes his attitude which will change his language and outlook on life.He's gotta love America though.

2017 days ago


It's a cute dog, how people can get their panties in a wad over a pet is beyond me. And I am not even an Obama fan, I just don't see how you could get mad about a dog that was a gift! Get a grip people.

2017 days ago

Linda Mott    

They both have the same initials B. O. and BO. Maybe we will get a conspiracy movie out of this.

2017 days ago

that's all    

76. "For all the BIG-BELLY-ACHING-COMPLAINERS here... just relax.
Obama was elected President, because he was the people's choice.
His term will be up in 4 years, he'll move on, and you can start your BIG-BELLY-ACHING-COMPLAINTS about the next President.

Just relax! "


I don't have to like or respect him. I didn't vote for him. And too bad you don't like the complaining. I had to listen to your stupid - A$$ complain for 8 years. for a person who has the same religion as the people who killed three thousand Americans. Fools! Idiots!

2017 days ago


OK TMZ one story about this-then two stories-now THREE stories about this--Enough already!!!! The first family has a new dog-the end. Can we please get back to CELEBRITY gossip???

2017 days ago


70. I hope that dog eats sh!t. If so, that turd colored president should be scarffed right up!!!!

Posted at 3:46PM on Apr 14th 2009 by obama is a piece of sh*t!!!!

Yeah, black people need to stop whining. It's all in thier heads. No one's racist anymore. We can drink from the same fountains, its all good.

Do any of you idiots who claim to hate Obama b/c of his policies and not his "turd colored skin" even fall into the tax bracket where you'd need to be worried about it? Just like Joe the plummer, probably not. No one can take money from you that YOU DON'T HAVE.

Wake up inbreds, the Repubicans do not care about you unless you have money. And even then they're trying to take it from you through glorious capitolism so they can still have more than you. Keep letting idiots like Rush Limbaugh use you to make 100s of millions of dollars a year while you loose your job and homes as he opts "not to partcipate" in the recession (that's a direct quote from 20/20). They give you the finger and you're too stupid to know it b/c your too busy being racists.

2017 days ago


I think there is too much talk about where the dog came from and all this drama. Who cares where it came from? the President and his family likes the dog and chose it. I know people are suppose to always being talking about what the President does but this is something for him and his family.

2017 days ago

Good Goin'    

Well, so basically the dog is paid for from a breeder. Thanks for the lies Obama about saving a life and getting a rescue dog! Shame on you! And hasn't Ted Kennedy already done enough? You know with killing that innocent girl and all. I guess he doesn't care about saving pets either from being killed. Very sad.

2017 days ago


david, I hope you're a teenager, otherwise you sound like a staight up pedophile. and please look up the word racist 'cause you obviously have not clue what it means. If Miley Cyrus want to be off limits then she should keep her gummy-ass off line posing in bras and making slanty eyes. She can't choose what attention she gets.

2017 days ago


Ok, so is this dumb ass dog gunna fix the ECONOMY!?? NO! who cares get ovr this stupid dog already & fix the dam economy, tht sould b the main focus!!!!!

2017 days ago


Not only does this poor dog have to learn a new name, he has to do it while living in his 4th home (the breeder, the first owners, the trainer in Virginia and the Obamas) . He's only six months old! If he has "issues" I hope the Obamas don't dump him too.

2017 days ago
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