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Garrett's Racist Taunts: 'Wear the Turban!'

4/15/2009 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Garrett ignited a new racial firestorm yesterday when the giant actor dropped some serious slurs at a paparazzo during a heated argument in the middle of the street.

We don't know what set off the scuffle, but Garrett can be clearly heard saying, "Wear the turban! Wear the turban!" People had to restrain both Garrett and the photog from attacking each other, but eventually Brad got into his car and drove off.

A rep for Garrett was not immediately available for comment.


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Ut Oh    

Why why why are they even following this has been anyway?

1964 days ago

Michael Madsen    

68. "59. We will populate this country like flies and take-over one day... soon you will be the minority.

Posted at 3:36PM on Apr 15th 2009 by asingh"

Someone has confused dot heads with falafel cooks

Posted at 3:55PM on Apr 15th 2009 by Bob Barnett

This racist venom MUST STOP, you filthy white snake. Like it or not, with your immigration laws being so favorable to my people... soon their will be a so-called "Dot-Head" and "Falafel Cook" EVERYWHERE you look... so much so, you'll hav e a hard time finding a Macdonald's one day. No more Fries for you! HA, Ha,ha....We are strong, resolved, highly intelligent and well-schooled at business and politics... so sit back, kick up your Sweat-shop runners and watch the show White-devil.

1964 days ago


How many times is this idiot going to make a scene with the paparazzi. sometimes pay the price for being a celebrity...DEAL WITH IT. Jesus!!! You're making a total ass of yourself YOU FRICKIN STUPID FOOL!!!

1964 days ago

Michael Madsen    

82. Keep wishing that way you Jihads. Go home. You'll never take my McD's away. Your right #78. You are like flies. Dirty, nasty, stinking flies.

Posted at 4:32PM on Apr 15th 2009 by Ut oh

Flies are highly evolved CLEANERS - they are fast can change directions at will and they eat garbage as we will eat you.
Just wait... one day Macdonald's will be serving real food ... Pitas with falafel, tahini, spicy carrots, goat cheese wrapped in grape leaves and lots of olives ... we will rid this country of your way of life... starting with burgers and fries!
Peace be with you... but no fries for you! ha, ha, ha.......

1964 days ago


its disgusting how ignorant most of you guys are.. show some respct.. saying muslims are dirty or terrorists shows how much you actually know about muslims and it proves you dont know sure you guys would be angry if a D-LIST actor like him made slurals about your race or your religion.. if you had some class you would know that SIKHS wear turbans and not muslims and theres nothing wrong with that.. i have muslim friends and they are very respectable and kind..

and anyways what is TMZ doing following a d-list actor like him?

1964 days ago

Hilarious Comment Guy    

asingh - you are a douchebag. everyone has thought it, but i'll type it out for you.

you're like a nine year old dork, or some forty year old fat dude who can't get laid with a stack of twenties in a whorehouse.

eat some mcdonalds, you douchebag.


1964 days ago

Linda Mott    

I think he needs a lesson in tolerance and needs to take an anger management control class.

1964 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Hilarious comment guy... why do you doubt me... do you not like our customs...
silly question... your words would lose you your head where I come from... Santa Barbara.

1964 days ago

Hilarious Comment Guy    

i should have known my nemesis, mrfunny, was behind the jihadist scourge!

allah is my homeboy

1964 days ago

Hugh Jass    

C'mon, we don't know what the paparazzi intentionally did to provoke him into a reaction the guy could then get on film, video or as a digital image.
That's how they get all those unflattering pictures of people.
So telling the guy to "wear the turban" sounds like a not so subtle way to imply he should dress like a terrorist if he's gonna act like one. Especially if he's "English" like the guy then says.
Much ado about nothing.
Not racist.
Not anything.
Not even middle-of-the-road rage.

1964 days ago

Rap sucks    

How the hell is that racist? I'm not racist but really it's just like saying to a black guy "hey wear the flat brimmed hats", you know.

1964 days ago


based on past stories and replies, i'm not surprised that tmz is plagued with people who harbor racist sentiments and are in denial or too stupid to realize they are racist. if you dont get what was wrong with brad's statements, you probably never will even if we explained it to you.

must be good ole "real" american christian values lol

1964 days ago



You do realize you are FULLY supporting the paps and all they stand for by visiting this very site, don't you?


1964 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Never doubt what you cannot see, Hilarious comment guy... I am neither 9 or 40, neither fat nor particularly smelly and women have never been a challenge... costly... but never a challenge.. you... am merely here to uplift and undermine the scourge of hatred and depression with a little something we b oth like to call ... Funny and HIlarious comedy comments and scenarios....
Alas... it is our fate.
Keep up the Hilarity... I've come around and see the irony now....

1964 days ago

Hilarious Comment Guy    


that's a depiction of the prophet muhammad's balls....
let the games begin...

i'm pretty sure the USA will come on top

1964 days ago
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