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'Britain's Got Talent' Lady Needs Support

4/16/2009 11:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Internet sensation Susan Boyle will probably get a record contract after wowing the world -- and Simon Cowell -- with her singing on "Britain's Got Talent" this week, but what she could really use is a brassiere.


The 47-year-old got nippy outside her Scotland home.

Susan's natural talent is sure to bolster the music industry's sagging sales.


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By mistake caught part of TMZ program and they were making rude remarks about a lot of people,laughing their heads off. Kirstie Alley said when she was in an airport, TMZ yelled at her "turn you fat ass around so I can get a picture". These jerks need to be boycotted and their web site should be swamped with enough mail that tells them what jerks they are , that their site crashes. Kate Smith was a big star and weighed much more than Susan Boyle. Beverly Sills was a big, not so pretty lady but huge star. Barbara Striesand refused to have a makover and she made it huge. Sorry, but take all your scantily clad Brittany, Beyonce's, Jessica's, Rhianna's, Lady Gaga's, they all sound the same and lumped together still do not have the god given talent that Susan has. If some of you judge talent on sexiness, then it only shows how shallow and unknowledgable you are. Deprived of oxygen at birth left Susan with a learning defect which (which she admits to) endears her even more with her sense of humor and personality. Making fun of persons like this is totally reprehensible and those people should be shot...GO TO HELL TMZ AND ALL THOSE THAT AGREE WITH YOU

1946 days ago


So she has boobs! I personally didnt want to see them but damn I suppose some old man in a nursing home is probably getting the lube mixed up with the poligrip about right now.

1946 days ago


and some make up, and a dietician, and a haircut, and a stylist, and some tweezers. to start.

1981 days ago


OMG!! Are you guys serious? The poor woman already admitted she's never been kissed. Leave her alone. There are many people desearving of your jokes, but she is not one of them. LOW BLOW!!!!!

1981 days ago


A woman? For true???????

1981 days ago


Amazing performance, she belongs on Broadway.

1981 days ago

northern gypsy    

agree with u on this 1 tmz...she may have talent...
but...going au natural is a turn that for ur bedroom...
hey...get people to focus on ur distractions...ok ???

1981 days ago

brazen weep    

LEAVE THIS WOMAN ALONE!!! She's amazing. She's not trying to be a publicity hound like OctoMom or most other celebrities... I'm sure she didn't expect the huge amount of sudden publicity she is getting. She is a humble, charming woman.

I'm usually all for you guys going after people, but please, you really should leave this woman alone.

1981 days ago


Go Susan Go! Your voice is amazing and I keep playing your youtube video over and over. Thank you for singing for us!

1981 days ago

Bash a Pap    

he has more talent in her tiny toe than anyone at TMZ will EVER have. She has a great story and nothing you jerks say about her will diminish that. Not everyone can be Brittney Spears and live in the LA bubble. Maybe if the staff at TMZ didn't have their heads up their asses, they would be more tolerant of people outside of the 310 area code.

1981 days ago


Must be a slow news day for TMZ to make personal attacks. So what if she doesn't live up to your standards? Who appointed you guys God? Get your feet back on the ground and your heads out of the toilet.

1981 days ago


She is a great singer and belongs on broadway....

1981 days ago

clam she's a trainwreck right now...she's a diamond in the rough. Leave her alone.

1981 days ago


You're an ass TMZ.

1981 days ago


But yes she needs a bra,lol

1981 days ago
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