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Brangelina in Aisle Three

4/21/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just like normal, non-famous human beings, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their daughters, Zahara and Shiloh, took a trip to a suburban New York grocery store.


Dina Lohan better take note, Angelina is the new unreal housewife of Long Island.


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First of all, who cares!!!! Old news!!! Second, no one in their right mind goes to a grocery store dressed up like that. I truly believe that if they wanted obscurity, all they would have to do is dress and act like normal people and no one would notice them. I mean come on, is this really what the news world finds interesting. The only reason I come on to TMZ is to see famous people make idiots of themselves...I could care less where they shop!!!

1976 days ago


"All wrinkled and mismatched clothing. Its disgusting and annoying."

At that age, many little girls are very picky about what they wear. They will insist on wearing the same dress every day for a week, or decide they are only going to wear green clothes, or whatever. I think it would be disgusting and annoying if parents forced their toddlers to wear fancy, perfectly ironed clothes to the grocery store.

1976 days ago

another over 40 mama    

The older ones are probably at school (where they should be) and the babies are probably at home (where they should be), away from prying cameras. Brad and Angelina seem to want to be a "normal" family but can't even go to the grocery store without being followed by TMZ. Angie doesn't look pregnant again, (like I've heard) Sure she has on some big heels but maybe she had somewhere to go afterward. haven't we all had to do that before? I only wish them the best. Did anybody read the post that told that Brad and Angelina paid for other people's groceries? Most stars don't even shop for themselves, let along pay for anyone elses groceries. Don't know if they are on the big "go Green" kick, haven't really heard them say, but I do get tired of hearing other big stars and politicians who are on the big green kick put us down. Why don't they only have regular size houses and modest vehicles. Plus, flying all over the world sure does not help the green stuff.

1976 days ago


junecarter is right...i remember when all my daughter would wear was a dress she could spin in and "tap shoes"

1976 days ago


Shannon, you obviously don't have experience with little girls in this age group, they wear what they want to wear. This is the way they start to gain some independence. Frankly they look cute.

1976 days ago

100% Me    

The kids cloths aren't the only thing wrinkled, look at Angie's arm! GROSS!!!!!!! I can't stand this so called family!

1976 days ago

Finaly he came to his sences    

They make me sick those kids look like they were dressed in the dark out of a rag bag while of course Brad and Angie dress nice I guess they thought it was time to go out and get some camera time and they need the kids for the family look it is all for show I can NOT stand them they are both trash I feel sorry for the kids!!!!!

1976 days ago


now the kids know how their food actually gets to the house and where it comes from. hope they continue to live normally. and leave em alone people... they are just lying cheating people with multiple adopted kids just like the rest of us!

1976 days ago


You would think they could put some decent clothes on them...their attire looks like Goodwill stuff. Don't they have any money?

1976 days ago


and angelina and brad please hire a black hair stylist so that you she or he can teach you HOW TO COMB AND STYLE YOUR BLACK CHILD'S HAIR! for crying out loud! stop taking her out looking like a dang mop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1976 days ago


We refer to these two as "do-gooders"??? Look at all the PLASTIC BAGS in the shopping cart!!!

1976 days ago

miss michelle    

I thought they were supposed to be earth friendly.. Those look like a lot of plastic bags. Where are their earth friendly totes?

1976 days ago


Love all those plastic bags!

1976 days ago


The two little girls look gorgeous as do the parents. I am not a fan of either one but really don't understand the ongoing hatred of this couple. They are just trying to live reasonably ordinary lives and that includes shopping from time to time. How they live with this constant stalking by the papz is beyond me - none of us could stand it believe me!

1976 days ago

Vermont Girl    

Um...she looks just like Octomom.
And...shame on you for using "plastic" bags....bad...very bad indeed.

1976 days ago
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