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Miss Cali Claims She Was 'Biblically Correct'

4/21/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sure, she alienated the gay and lesbian audience and probably lost the crown by saying "Marriage should only be between a man and a woman," but Miss USA loser Carrie Prejean has no regrets.

Carrie Prejean: Click to watch
Matt Lauer gave Carrie a second chance to answer the controversial question this morning on "Today." Her answer: "The way that I answered might have been offensive ... but for me, it was being biblically correct."


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It's interesting how this woman is being villified and yet we coked up former actresses getting paid to show up somewhere stoned just because she's a trainwreck.

We have gangster rappers with have all kinds of weapons violations, drug charges, beating up people, and these pieces of crap are revered. They get to cook with Martha Stewart.

This woman will be forever tarnished because she answered a question honestly.

1978 days ago


I'm gay...but I'm not sure this is particularly "offensive"...probably not what most people (who aren't arguing a political point...which really should have nothing to do with the Bible to begin with, but that's another story) would have stood on a stage and said, but it's her opinion. Not one I agree with and certainly one that has been argued about (whether or not the Bible truly says it's wrong), but whatevs.
I do have to address one thing, though to someone above who mentioned choosing to be gay...just fyi, it's not a choice in most situations. Perhaps one could argue there is a choice to ACT on it, but the actual being gay...not really. Just like straight people choose to act on their being straight, apparently, is also a choice.

1978 days ago


This has nothing to do with whether you are for and against "the lifestyle"!!!! The majority of people do not support gay marriage, but that doesn't mean that they are against "the lifestyle"! Gay folks need to quit this whole rhetoric that you are hateful if you don't support gay marriage. This is blatantly false.

Also, shame on Miss USA for 1) having a BLOGGER for a judge and 2) for not screening the questions before the contest and throwing out politically motivated questions. What a disgrace! “Keith Lewis, executive director of California’s Miss USA operations, said in a statement released to Hilton that ‘religious beliefs have no place in politics in the Miss CA family.’” Oh really? Then why was she asked a question that does draw out religious beliefs? Did they ask any of the contestants when life begins???? Or their opinion on capital punishment???? These are also questions that most people would fall back on their religious convictions if asked. Shame on Mr. Lewis, Perez Hilton, and Miss USA for not letting her be an American, and saying what she believes. This is America, right??

1978 days ago


Perez Hilton is a joke. I don't think anyone with any sense would think he represents most gay people. Hes a pathetic turd. I don't think the moron should even worry about marriage since it seems he never can get a man anyway.

1978 days ago


So she's not entitled to her opinion? Millions and millions of ppl believe the same thing. And I think its ridiculous shes getting all this bs for it. And to the person whos talking about shes an unwed woman standing on stage in her under wear..... should she be a married woman and showing her body off? I mean, does it really matter?

1978 days ago


I believe this is not a moral issue, but a civil rights issue. Why dosen't every American deserve the same rights we all have? Yes, she had the right to say what she said and I have the right to say that there is a much better way to answer that question. That was a completely ignorant statement. I am not gay, but it offends me that I am allowed to get married, while there are so many people in this country more worthy of that the honor than me. Just because it's two men or two women, that dosen't mean that they love any less than a straight couple.

1978 days ago


Both Perez and Carrie exercised their right to free speech - that's why she lost.

1978 days ago


Rog, then are gays brainwashed and forced to be queer?

1978 days ago


Maybe for her next career move she can become the 5th or 6th wife of a Mormon. She will look lovely in a compound hairdo and clothes.

1978 days ago

The Mighty Thor    

I praise her for answering the question the way she felt, and I respect her even more for sticking up for her beliefs. It is NOT crime to be against gay marriage! I don't know why gays can't accept this. For thousands of years, marriage has only been considered between a man and woman, why change it now?

Even the most unbiased person has to admit, that gayness is a natural scientific defect. Scientifically, for any species, if males did not reproduce with females, there would literally be no life! Males MUST produce with females. It is the natural order of things. But mother nature isn't perfect and sometimes genetic defects happen.

The fact that this woman lost the crown, because she wasn't PC, is sad. That's sending the message that "you can only believe what is PC, or else you will be punished for your beliefs". How is that acceptable? It infuriates me that people can't simply say "I am opposed to gay marriage" without being labeled a bigot.

The fact that the gay community is going crazy about this, makes me want to support them even less. They are PERSECUTING others for their beliefs! That sounds hypocritical, because their whole argument is that THEY don't want to persecuted for THEIR beliefs! Sorry gays, it works both ways. If you want to be free to live your gay lifestyle, then I also have the right to disapprove of that lifestyle.

America is officially too liberal. I'm a democrat, and I think the liberals are simply out of control. Obviously, people can't even hold their own opinion anymore. This is supposed to be AMERICA. In AMERICA, people have the RIGHT TO DISAGREE!

What's wrong with things like civil unions? That way the gay couples can be insured from their partner if something were to happen, and they don't need to violate the sanctity of marriage.

This woman is a hero, and I support and praise her actions 100%.

1978 days ago


Good for her... she has my vote for Miss USA.... that's her choice and most of us agree with it.

1978 days ago


Jazz -- people don't choose to be gay, they're born that way. Are you honestly suggesting that people choose to be marginalized, disrespected, beat up, insulted, and at times sexually assaulted and killed? Are you kidding me? I have several gay friends (I'm happy to say two are getting married) ... but the pain that is inflicted upon them is absolutely terrifying. I don't know what has happened to us -- it's so easy to hate, so few people have empathy anymore. I am a Christian, and as I recall -- we were chastised by Jesus not to judge, that was God's domain. I find it stunning that Jesus and the disciples were willing to die for love and peace, yet we're willing to kill for it. Makes no sense.

1978 days ago


Why in the hell was Perez Hilton judging a beauty contest????? He is a bigoted, racist, fat, ugly, heterosexualphobe. This woman should sue the Miss USA pageant. The sponsors of this pageant are also to blame. This woman simply answered a question. What are we coming to when someone is demonized by a hate monger and called filthy, vile names like this idiot called her. Listen to her answer and listen to what Hilton (use your real name, idiot) called her. How disgusting of this Hilton pig. Wake up people, freedom is under assault by the leftist, liberal elites. We could be heading to another civil war in this country. Freedom is worth fighting and dying for.

1978 days ago


I totally agree with her answer however, that fat pig Perez had no business asking such a personal question! He brought religion in to it and it NEVER should have been asked.

1978 days ago


This is ridiculous, Perez Hilton is such a cry baby. I agree to lose a crown over not agreeing with gay marriage is nuts, she has a right to her opinion that what free speech is. I agree with her on her beliefs and she has the right to them whether the gays like it or not. No one should have anyones beliefs shoved down someone elses throats so get over it Perez, your such a discredit to the human race!

1978 days ago
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