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Beth Chapman: Multiple Witnesses Heard the Shot

4/22/2009 1:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beth ChapmanBeth Chapman wants everyone to know yesterday's alleged shooting incident was the real deal -- despite a lack of physical evidence -- because there are multiple witnesses who can back up their story.

Beth tells us Duane "Dog" Chapman and the crew knew Hoang Nguyen was going to be a tough capture before they even went after him, because they were under the impression he was "dangerous" and a "known runner."

Mrs. Chapman says when "Dog's" team arrived at the Colorado Springs apartment complex where Hoang was holed up, 15-20 people were watching -- and when the alleged shot was fired she says the crowd had ballooned to around twice that size. The picture below was taken shortly after the shooting.

Despite the current lack of physical evidence -- like a gun, bullet hole or shell casing -- Nguyen was booked for attempted homicide.


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Jennifer Bouldack    

I'm sorry, but I just cannot resist this temptation. Terri, presently you are posting at number 6. Please see my comments below.

You wrote, "6. I can't believe her back doesn't kill her! I know a mother and daughter that come from a large family, 4 girls, 2 boys in this family (all adults now). Anyway, the youngest girl, ended up having bra size I (yes that's a I as in after the letter H) and the mother's bra size was J. They had to go to a specialty bra store to have their bras made and yes they were very expensive. And they were natural size, no implants. The daughter ended up having hers reduced because she just could not handle the back pain that went along with breasts that large. And she was not a short lady either, she was nearly 6ft tall. Her mom was about 5'7 or 5'8 (she kept her size and is in her 60s now still with those mammoth size breasts).

Posted at 1:11PM on Apr 22nd 2009 by Terri


Terri, dear, do you really think that ANYBODY came here to the boards to read your rambling post about some random people you know that no one else knows? What possibly made you think that anyone cares about these people you know?

1976 days ago

Dylan Saint-Saëns (    

hahahaha He looks like Jon Gosselin of 'Jon And Kate Plus Eight' fame.... but without the freebie hairplugs. lol What an idiot. Both Gosselin AND him. :-p

1976 days ago


15. He is a perfect example of how people can turn their life around, he did make a mistake in the past with the N word...But, he paid a price for it. And happy his still getting the bad guys off the street.

Posted at 1:46PM on Apr 22nd 2009 by Dawn

once trailer trash always trailer trash...and beth is the biggest trailer skank of them all...too bad mr nugyen missed her, but mark my and his bitch tranny beth will meet up with the wrong person and I will laugh my ass off when they put these two trailer trash dog feces six feet under. beth is a bitch and dog is really a homo....just ask anyone that was in jail with him...i know someone who was in there with him and dog loved it up thebutt

1976 days ago


It looks like they were filming, theres 2 guys with a camera... Thats not considered evidence? lol

1976 days ago


Who cares? It would have been great if he had got shot in the head.

1976 days ago


Beth is the most disgusting female I've ever seen on TV. Nobody wants to see a fat _itch in tacky, tight clothes. She is the reason I quit watching the show. She is so fake, trying to be something she is not and never will be.

1976 days ago


Since it appears that no one here actually lives in Hawaii, I do. I office a block from Da Kine bailbonds. It's a pit fitting the family. Beth runs around town in her Black Tahoe with the little camera's all over the inside like she is queen. Her fake pidgen to the folks they catch is offensive and typical.

They may perform service by removing offenders from the streets, but have done a disservice both in attitude, and what they show of Hawaii and Honolulu. Da Kine is virtually deserted most of the time and their business has not recovered yet. Good thing that A&E picked them back up, Living in Kalihi or Waianae is a far cry from living in Portlock in a gated community.

1976 days ago


ha ha thanks for the addy, this is what I just wrote "I love the show The Bounty Hunter with the Chapman's, love the whole family and hope to keep seeing this show on tv, thanks!" hahaaa you dumb dumb.

1976 days ago


You stupid people Dog and his family are good people and do good things without them thier would be alot more bad guys free!!! Everyone makes mistakes! How would you like it if everyone didn't like you cuz of your mistakes?? I lovweTMZ and A&E, but if A&E takes Dog off the air cuz of stupid people like you there's alot of people that will stop watchin A&E!! So you stupid poeple out there if you don't like Dog cuz you NEVER make mistakes how about you just don't watch him?? You can always watch something else!!

1975 days ago


Bounty Hunters are relics and should be made illegal because we have the national marshal service that can do the job and are actually subject to regulation. While I wouldn't want to see *cough* "The Dog" shot, he and his crew are a joke.

1975 days ago


I used to watch Dog the Bounty Hunter but since he used the 'n' word against his son's gf, I refuse.
However, I am glad he was not injured but I wish somebody would sit on Dog's ass and cut that mullet. Hell, it's the 21st Century.

1975 days ago


I'm happy that no one was hurt or killed. With that said, I don't watch the show anymore. And it's NOT because Dog used the N word, either. I just don't care for them or the show. I've never seen so-called 'Christians' use so much profanity and treat people like crap, the way these people do, and then turn around and treat a suspect like their best buddy on earth, offer up cigarettes, a drink, and then SAY A PRAYER BEFORE AND AFTER A CAPTURE. It reminds me of Catholics........they can do anything they want as long as they go to confession and ask for forgiveness, that makes it OK.

And Beth Chapman, or whatever your last name is now......PLEASE get a boob reduction. You look ridiculous, although you're dressing much, much better now. You don't look like a street walker anymore.

1975 days ago


Poster 47 I absolutely agree with you.

1975 days ago


Listen if you don't like the show than don't watch it! We all have different opinions about the show a few of us like it and a few others don't. Just change the channel if you don't like it. The_truth I am not trying to put your opinion down but it's people like you that blame televison for our actions. We all have our mind of our own but don't punish others by a stupid sily petition which MOST PEOPLE DONT EVEN READ! Because he thinks your racist. We are all a little racist. If you say your not than your a liar!

Also as Dawn has said "He is a perfect example of how people can turn their life around, he did make a mistake in the past with the N word...But, he paid a price for it. And happy his still getting the bad guys off the street. "

This is the truth he is trying to help people and get the bad guys off the street. We all make mistakes but as Dawn has said he did his time for his mistake, He also changed his life around and is now getting the bad guys off the street and making society a safer place for us all!

1975 days ago


FYI 'Butterfly' my kind sweet elderly uncle was murdered on the Fourth of July in the middle of the afternoon at a busy intersection many years ago and the police do not have any suspects. So I do know the pain of having a loved one killed. Now with that said, I reiterate, "That bullet should have ricocheted off his heels, through her nasty tits, and into his stupid mullet!"

1975 days ago
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