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'Star Trek' Widow's Trust -- For the Dogs

4/22/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before Gene Roddenberry's wife joined the "Star Trek" creator in the great beyond last year, she made sure the couple's dogs would live long and prosper after her death -- by willing the pets a frickin' fortune!

Majel Roddenberry

TMZ has obtained the Roddenberry trust documents, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, in which Majel Roddenberry made sure her dogs would get to live in one of her multi-million dollar mansions until they die. There's even a $4 million residential trust set up simply for the upkeep of their incredible doggy digs!

There's more: A domestic employee named Reinelda Estupinian -- the person who cared for the pups -- gets $1 million and the right to live in the mansion with the dogs.

In the papers, Majel claimed Reinelda deserves the massive stack of cash because she "did an excellent job of caring for my animals (giving them comparable or better care than that which I gave them during my lifetime)."

As for the Roddenberry's son -- he gets the Bel Air mansion, $60 mil up front and $10 million bonuses when he turns 35, 40 and 45.


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The dogs get to "live long and prosper"...
Amazing that rich people waste money on garbage like this while humans are starving all over the world.

2013 days ago

Ms. Hysterical    

People who treat dogs as if they are human are total cowards. A human may reject you, but you can always count on the doggie to wag its tail and give you the " unconditional love ' thats been missing from your life. Attention all you losers, a four legged animal that cleans its butt with its tongue is not " a baby.' Be sure not to die in the house with your " baby " because after a day or two your " baby ' will start to eat you. Pathetic

2013 days ago

mark sanchez    

Reinelda Estupinian never knew how much she loved those dogs until now.

2013 days ago


To those dissing people who give money to their pets, maybe it's because the human race lowered it's standards of how we treat each other. Maybe if we treated each other with respect, things would be different.

2013 days ago


You'd think they'd give their money to NASA at least if they weren't leaving it to a charity. Your dogs don't need this money, the MILLIONS of people all over the world without food or even clean drinking water do.

This is why capitalism fails.

2013 days ago


I thik it was a waste to give so much money to an animal; but it was her money, not ours. She is allowed to do what she wants with it.

I did love how they set up the fund for the son. So much upfront and so much every 5 years. That way if he blows the first 10 million, he has a second chance in 5 years. If he messes that up, he gets another oppertunity of 10 million to get his life in order in 5 years. Then one more dose after 5 years of 10 million before he is declaired an idiot if he has no more moey left or a good investor if he has more than the 30 million already given to him in bonuses.

While I could never give that to my kids, I like the though that thay have 3 strikes to not f up what I would leave to them.

2013 days ago


It's her money - she can spend it any way she wants - those dogs were like her kids.

2013 days ago


the son gets $60mil up front and he's not even 35 yet? that's pimpin.

2013 days ago

Linda Mott    


2013 days ago


It was their money and they could do what they wanted with it. It sounds like their employee was like family to Mrs. Roddenberry.

I once read about a similar situation (much less money) involving someone who set up a trust to look after their Labrador. After many, many years the law firm handling the trust finally got suspicious. Turns out the dog had died of old age and the "caretaker" replaced it - more than once - so he could keep collecting his fees.

2013 days ago


10 Millsion bonus during your pinnacle points in life. Amazing, just have to lift a finger and secure a small franchise and sit on long term money.

2013 days ago

Money Talks    

Good ! I'd rather read about people caring for their dogs than mistreating their dogs as many celebrities do. They buy dogs, get photographed to show how much they love animals, and then abandon their pets. Personally I prefer animals to people. People who don't love animals don't love people either, Doris Day said something to that effect. I am providing for my animals if anything should happen to me and leaving ZERO to any human being. We live in a free country and can do what we want with our money. Stop hating the animals.

2013 days ago


I think this is great! She is being a responsible pet owner by making sure her pets are taken care of after her death. Would you people rather stick them in the humane society in cages? They are going to finish their life out as if she were still living and continue to be loved by someone they know. It's her money and she can spend it as she pleases!

2013 days ago


Big deal. Its a 4million dollar trust set up to maintain a multimillion dollar property: property taxes, lawn care, utilities, repairs ect ect... She has taken care of her responibilities her son is well taken care of, she has rewarded a loyal employee, and she has taken care that the animals she owned can live a uninterrupted life seems to me nothing to complain abt here other then the fact why couldnt I have been her kid!

2013 days ago


Lots of people make sure their pets are taken care of if they should die...nothing wrong with that.

2013 days ago
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