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Michael Jackson's

Latest Hit ... and Run?

4/23/2009 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's peeps may have been involved in a hit-and-run with an ambulance yesterday in Beverly Hills -- no one is confirming, but all the facts seem to point towards Team Jacko.

Hit And Run
According to a KNBC report, Jacko's driver may have sideswiped an ambulance and broke off the vehicle's mirror on the way to pick up the pop star at Ceders-Sinai Medical Center. The ambulance driver tells NBC he saw the man driving the black SUV hop out of the car with an umbrella, walk to the hospital doors and meet Jackson. The ambulance driver says he saw Jacko get in the car and drive off.

The Beverly Hills PD acknowleged there was a hit-and-run accident around 3:20 pm, but only described the suspect's vehicle as "a dark colored SUV" that was "being followed by a group of paparazzi at the time of the collision .... the suspect is unknown at this time."

TMZ shot footage of Jacko leaving the hospital with a driver, who has an umbrella, entering a black SUV. From the hospital, Jacko went on an antique shopping spree.

There were no reported injuries from the crash. The incident is currently under investigation by the Beverly Hills PD.


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that's not cedars sinai, that's the roxbury medical building on roxbury st.

2006 days ago


Does anybody here read Perez or Dlisted? Neither site is working for me this morning... just wondering if it's just me.

2006 days ago


You mean "all facts seem to point towards Michael's driver." Hey, if Michael's cook steals a banana does it make headlines for him? What a stretch TMZ!

2006 days ago


Actually, some of the paparazzi footage from this occasion seems to contradict this story.

2006 days ago


if you look at the right passenger sideview mirror you can tell its been pushed back - aka- hit something that caused it to get pushed back parallel to the window.

2006 days ago


Why cant you people just leave Michael alone? Its his driver you're suspecting so why cant you just leave him out of this. I know your tricks. You're just using Michael's name as headline to captivate readers attention. What a shame on you. You people always want to show the bad side / things of people and thats the same reason you leaked Rihannah's battered photo so that everybody can hate Chris but things dont always work that way.

2006 days ago


#7 Exactly, and the vehicle picking up Michael Jackson was sitting there for AT LEAST TWO MINUTES from the time the camera started rolling--yet the "victim" from the ambulance claimed it sped off within 30 seconds (as he sat there snapping pictures of MJ just like any other paparazzo). Soon we'll see the mirror up on eBay as "the one Michael Jackson's driver hit!"

2006 days ago

Eileen Gatti    

OOO NOOO You ditent! Don't ya know he is above the law?

2006 days ago

Wanda W.    

What in the hell is wrong with that Jackson? Must he continually wear that ridiculous mask getup? What is he hiding? Cant he even pretend to look/be normal ? Its no wonder people think hes weird. Its that nose of his I bet, or rather whats left of that nose. Totally lost all that was really him,so, so sad.

2006 days ago


Geee I wonder who it could have been ???

Ask MJ - He'll tell you it's just a bunch of lies & nonesense & silly rumors by a bunch of bad nasty ignorant poeple.

HEEEE Heee ~ Jamm ON !

2006 days ago


Not Michael Jackson's Fault*)
It's the driver who was driving the vehicle.)

2006 days ago


Well, I just saw the video and by the way Michael Jackson is reacting. NOTHING happened. I mean, really. He's so calm and so is his bodyguards around him. It's as if they don't even know about the crash. ....sounds like another TABLOID...I mean, haters are getting pretty desperate...there's really nothing bad to write about him. they've already been proved COMPLETE liers with the whole dying in a couple of months story.

2006 days ago


location is wrong!!!! did not happen at cedars sinai. it happened in an alley way behind a medical building in beverly hills on roxbury. TMZ get you story straight!!!!!!!!

2005 days ago

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