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Miley Cyrus:

Like a Virgin

4/23/2009 3:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's 16-year-old pop sensation Miley Cyrus in Madrid on Tuesday (left) -- and Queen of Pop Madonna back in 1984 at the VMAs (right).

Miley Cyrus and Madonna
One of them has a tendency to date younger men.

We're just sayin'.


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For SH*T sake stop with the "were just sayin" D bags

1954 days ago


20 year old bo and a 16 year old HO = NO virgin.

1954 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Princess Miley is sweet and innocent and talented and beautiful.

Baby Gorilla

1954 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

Miley looks terrific, while Madonna looks like a slut, no surprise. As far a Jamie Foxx goes, he's burning up good will and will soon be looked upon as the jerk he really is, a drug addict and sex pervo.

1954 days ago

stand up for what u believe in    

She's a star to the children; not the adults.

1954 days ago


I'm sorry but when I saw this picture of Miley last night I didn't think of Madonna at all but I thought it was cute and pretty dress for her so tmz you are so wacko when you do stuff like this after all Miley's outfit is like tanktop and layer skirt vs Madonna's outfit which is white lace corset top and with white lace skirt with sheer white lace over top

1954 days ago


Must be tragic to have a washed up cornfed father riding on your coattails!

1954 days ago


Miley is no where NEAR as vulgar as Madonna was or ever will be. Go Miley!

1953 days ago


yea on disney
im sooo jealous .. not
i do not want to be miley, do not want fame, or fortune
i jsut vant stand her
and poor madonna having to be compared to this littel trampy whore
miley's not virgin, 20 year old= wants to have sex all the time, have not matured very much, ya

she has a number 1 ablum for DISNEY! something little kids but, not adults,
id like to se her try to have a number 1 movie outside of disney.
at least zac efrons trying to get out,, she's staying in disneys comfortable clutches. singing best of both worlds

she better try tro get out soon, cause every disney star that made ittried to get out early in hte careeer
mileys not going to mske iut
sorry fans, but its the truth

1953 days ago


Miley Cyrus is a godsend. I wake up everyday and look at her poster on my wall. It has never failed in bringing a smile to my face. Anytime I feel upset or frustrated, I listen to her album and know everything is going to be ok. She is such a sweet, beautiful and talented girl. If only the rest of the world was as charming as her. Keep on rocking Miley the world is your oyster.

1904 days ago


i think you lot are very nasty, Miley is very talented and as for madonna well what can i say, you can not compare these two they are totally different, madonna is also talented but Miley is a great role model for my daughter at least she don't flaunt herself, she can wear what she wants and no-one should put her down, if you don't have anything nice to say about her then please keep your opinions to yourself and stop upsetting people that actually care about sweet Miley ok

1948 days ago


i don't think she's still a virgin.she just pretend to be like that

1945 days ago


And one of them has a tendency to date older men.

1945 days ago


ok 1. Miley is a sweetheat. 2. Justin isnot gay 3. Tish and Justin are not together as you all think. 4. Miley is a virgin . 5. So what if Justin wants a pony tail. 6. Billy Ray is not doing Miley. I think you all need to get a life if all you can to is put Miley
and every celb down!!! Miley is very successfull, You ARE JEALOUS!!!! Why don't you people go and help a charity. Instead of harasssing Miley And family. And some of you would be in jail if she was not a celb. for all the crap you say about her. You should all me ashamed of yourselves!!!! And tmz needs to call Miley and follow around as she visits City of Hope children who are sick. She helps so many people. Seems to be more than you neg.ative people!!!!!

1942 days ago


Plus Miley DOES NOT SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Regardless of what you think. And for the record she is not dating Nick Jonas anymore!!!!! And she like Justin!!!! My husband and i are 5 yrs. apart so whats the big deal!!!!! And she is also prolife. People need to their facts right!!!!! And If Justin and Miley are happy, leave them alone!!!

1942 days ago
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