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Paris Hilton's BFF

Slams Head in Car Crash

4/23/2009 6:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany FlickingerThe winner of the MTV reality show "Paris Hilton's My New BFF" was involved in a three car smash up in Hollywood last night -- but escaped with minor injuries.

Brittany Flickinger claims she was on her way to a Hollywood party at around 10:30 PM when the car she was riding in smashed into two stopped cars on the 170 Freeway.

Flickinger says she wasn't wearing a seat belt at the time -- and slammed her head into the front windshield. We're told she went to a nearby hospital where she underwent X-rays and CAT scans -- but was only diagnosed with a chipped bone in her leg.

According to Brit, the other people involved in the wreck are all okay.


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Stephanie Sorge    

I don't understand all the hostility towards Brittany! Haven't all you people noticed that Paris Hilton doesn't stay friends with anyone for long?! She can't keep a boyfriend either! Brittany won, so get over it, Paris doesn't know the meaning of BFF, only that it looks cool and was something new to bring her attention! She is just jealous because Brittany looks cuter than her anyday and at least she doesn't have a lazy eye. With all the money Paris has you would think she could afford some class and not talk bad about her "BFF" Brittany, If you have nithing nice to say Paris, don't say anything at all! It makes you look immature and silly. Just because you have a disagreement with someone doesn't mean you have to plaster it all over the media...oh wait, but that's the only way you would ever get bad...

1971 days ago


I'm not believing about whatever stuff that she did to Paris. I dont think she's that type. Yo britt, take care ! :DD

1971 days ago

brooklyn b    

I am so sorry to hear about this happening to you brittany, im just glad youre ok... and to the rest of you rude ass bitches out there, that all you can do is run your mouth about her, when something so bad happened.. just remember karma is a bitch.. im glad you're ok and Brian too! Stay strong

1970 days ago

Brittany is just a cool girl and thank GOD everything is fine. Just shut the F up when you don't know her!!

1970 days ago

Sophia Willis    

The most important thing about Brittany is that she is well and not dead and her friend both made it out alive,so everyone el's stop hating her.

1970 days ago


umm!!! hello i think ppl should their mouth if they cant say anything nice beside crap!!! u dont know her side of the story! anyone can say she changed..she is mean..well do u even know her? n those who make it seem such a big deal about paris doesnt like her or they are not frnds ..brittney has never mentioned why they are not friends anymore. its not about who is aganist who !!! its their personal life not anyone else.


1970 days ago


&& about seat belt!! like none of you have forgotten to wear seat belt!!???/ u dummmmmm oooomy god she is bad!! shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1970 days ago


You guys are idiots.

You don't even know Brittany so stop judging her like she's a bad person when you don't even know crap.
Paris obviously just wants another hour of fame so she decided to have another season of her show,which everyone knew was going to happen!

1970 days ago


people need to stop bashing on Brittany. no one knows her personally. you're all going off of what you hear. i know we can all have our own personal opinions. but if you don't have proof of evidence of the things you're throwing at her (besides not wearing a seatbelt, do you? not many people do now-a-days...) then just shut up. seriously, it's dumb. everyone makes mistakes. and who cares if she used them to boost her recording career? it's pretty smart! Paris didn't want anything to do with her afterwards anyways. so it was pretty smart of Brittany. i love her and i always will. she's extremely respectful to her fans and appreciates them. which makes her a very respectable person in my eyes. love ya brit! : D

1970 days ago


Well im glad shes okay, And she didn't do anything to bad Paris. Paris just wants attention. I mean really who needs a TV show to find a "BFF" ? So don't go on and blame Britt for everything that has been going on because Paris is the one causing all this drama. BRITTNEY FLICKINGER HAS NOT CHANGED AT ALL!

1970 days ago

dany gutri    

STOP IT GUYS!! you guys do not even know her,all people have bad things n good things in your personality
brit is not perfect,so does all human,,if you call her bitch or whore ,,you guys are 10 times bitchy than her,,,all people make mistake,,GIVE HER BREAK!! is not you guys who are best friends with her Paris is ,,,n if she does something to Paris is her business not you guys,so stop being so busy body,,is not like you guys do not have life...n one more thing if you guys had the same dream as brit (to be a rockstar) n you guys have the opportunity,,you guys would do the same thing,,do not say something you do not even know about it,,I'm just glad that brit is save,,soo,chiao!

1970 days ago


Moofaces TV got the exclusive Friday Evening in Hollywood when sources
say that Moofaces TV Correspondent/Host Brandon J was seen hanging
out with Paris Hilton's BFF Brittany Flickinger, Pamela Hasselhoff, Ariel
Teal Toombs, EZ from What u need tv, some of the cast of Millionaire
Matchmaker, Aton Sanz-Katz and more... Sources also state that he was
able to grab an interview with Pamela Hasselhoff which seems impossible
for major media outlets. Moofaces TV has not stated when they will
release the footage however sources state this week sometime. Will keep

everyone posted!

1970 days ago


hey first of all this is messed up dissing on someone who was in accident . she's imperfect and crap happens ,maybe , for a good reason . brittany is a sweet and awesome person who happen to be loyal to her fans through her bff show winhing to right now where she is currently injure from the crash. she only kept her mouth shut cuz paris is a controversial bitch who's making another bff show prt. 2 for a ''perfect bff''. ok , brittany wanted to be rock star so what?! their's millions of people who want to be famous or known to the world , right? you should care about each other and not dissing each other . you should worry about other things like the economy , the swine fever , global warming and real stuff!

1969 days ago

Tasha Face Immunity    

wow there r so many negative comments on here. she wasnt even driving. yes she sould of been wearing a seatbelt but she didnt cause injuries to anyone by not wearing her own belt.

1969 days ago

Get A Life    

Wow some of you people are pretty cruel considering you do not know Paris or Brittney, so maybe you should worry more about the people you know, like yourself, and quit trash talking people you do not know. How about that!!! Grow up!

1921 days ago
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