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Miss California Gets the Big O

4/24/2009 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Surrounded entirely by heterosexual people of faith, Miss USA loser Carrie Prejean received a standing ovation at the Gospel Music Dove Awards last night.

Carrie Prejean: Click to watch
Oh Lord.


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No one is saying she shouldn't have an opinion...

It's just that now that we know she is a liar, she broke her contract with the pageant and she should lose the title.


1964 days ago


Just found today!!!!

Miss California Carrie Prejean has a Lesbian sex tape!

1961 days ago

artie help    

perez hilton can be scene, in back of photo with drink in hand.

1977 days ago


ok, I believe in equality for all, but jeez louise- this girl gave an honest answer to a question. Was she supposed to lie to get the crown????

I really do not get all the hoopla.

Also, I am Jewish, so I do not refer to the bible as my living guide, but Christians do, so the bible says marriage is between a man and woman, so should the bible be shunned??????

1977 days ago


Good, after all she has been through I think she deserves it. I don't agree with her opinion, but I absolutely respect that she was willing to give up the crown simply to be true to herself. She knew she wouldn't win if she said that, and she said she was amazed that she even got second.

We all need to learn to get along, I'm more liberal but my boyfriend is very conservative- we just had a 4 year anniversary yesterday. No one's views are necessarily "right", or "wrong" and in this world we should encourage people to be themselves and to stand up for their beliefs, not hide them in order to win some contest.

Just my thoughts.

1977 days ago


#3 we are so on the same page

1977 days ago

chris t    

She's a SKANK anyways!

1977 days ago


All you people who say "all she did is answer honestly", what's inherently wrong about your thinking is the notion that it's ok to discriminate. What if Perez had asked her "do you believe black people have the right to vote" and she said no, or "should Jewish people be excluded from serving in the military" and she said yes... all of you would be hysterical. But for some reason it's ok for you to respect her opinion about something that you take for granted, and 50% of the time, a commitment you don't honor or make a mockery of by getting married in Star Wars outfits. I am heterosexual and Christian and I have no idea how you people don't want others to be happy as long as they are not hurting anyone or infringing on the rights of others.

1977 days ago

Rock Singer    

This is really funny/stupid she now has gotten more press coverage than the winner... BTW...who won !!!

1977 days ago


I still think the question should not have been asked. It was the wrong forum. And she didn't give a 'wrong' answer - even though people act like she did.

1977 days ago


People who preach tolerance sure aren't tolerant of other peoples beliefs.. This girl has a strong belief and isn't trying to make other people think the way that she does. If Shannon moakler or whatever name is reads this you should have known that she might just hold christian values considering she is attending a christian college.. once in a while you can find a true christian there not the al a cart type..

1977 days ago


it is about time someone in hollywood stands up for what they believe in and doesnt change their mind when people disagree with them.

1977 days ago


#12, how is she infringing on the rights of others? Is she the governor of California? No! Her opinion has no bearing on anyone else.

When we vote, we are asked to state what we believe, and if it is your opinion is that someone is "wrong" in choosing "no" in terms of gay marriage, I am going to have to disagree with you. If it were inherently wrong, we wouldn't be given that choice. I voted AGAINST Prop 8 (for gay marriage) but I was not so upset that it passed, because this isn't only MY state, and decisions should not be made just because SOME people think they are "right".

You know what? Maybe in 100 years we will all look back and say "wow, I can't believe gay marriage was even an issue", but for now, each state is making a CHOICE as to what is "right" for them at this current time in history.

I honestly do not believe that any state can make the "wrong" choice, because the majority is being heard, and their voice is what counts.

1977 days ago

Prejean is a dumb whore!    

She's a brain dead bleached blond bimbo ho!
She actually DID NOT answer the question.
What she managed to get out of her dumb mouth was
a mish moshed jumble of crap. Why would any one
assume she would've won, if not for her bigoted jumbled
answer? Did you see the score cards of any judge,
let alone all 12? People like her have no right to represent

1977 days ago


First of all #12- IF SHE HAD LIED TO GET THE CROWN then I would have a problem with her.

Secondly, refer to the bible, you know that book that many people live by, I think anyone that is deeply religious shares her view and that has NOTHING to do with blacks or jews.

I do not share her opinion, but I have respect for her for staying true to her beliefs and not lying to get a crown.

1977 days ago
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