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Miss California Gets the Big O

4/24/2009 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Surrounded entirely by heterosexual people of faith, Miss USA loser Carrie Prejean received a standing ovation at the Gospel Music Dove Awards last night.

Carrie Prejean: Click to watch
Oh Lord.


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Wow #12 suddenly became! ;)

2009 days ago


i AGREE WITH number 12 BIG TIME, helloooo, majority of people have children out of wedlock, random sex partners...etc... so marriage isn't what it is ''meant'' to be. I don't get the big deal. Ok I am str8 and yeah a child without being married, but you know what, THAT'S NOT WHAT '' GOD''' wants, supposedly, who are we to say what's right and what's not. I think they should have just as much rights to get married as anybody and IF YOU WANT MY OPINION I would have LIED MY A** off to get that crown. Pfft, being '' right or not'' look at half the crackheads out there getting their crowns taken away because of drugs and other random things.

12. All you people who say "all she did is answer honestly", what's inherently wrong about your thinking is the notion that it's ok to discriminate. What if Perez had asked her "do you believe black people have the right to vote" and she said no, or "should Jewish people be excluded from serving in the military" and she said yes... all of you would be hysterical. But for some reason it's ok for you to respect her opinion about something that you take for granted, and 50% of the time, a commitment you don't honor or make a mockery of by getting married in Star Wars outfits. I am heterosexual and Christian and I have no idea how you people don't want others to be happy as long as they are not hurting anyone or infringing on the rights of others.

Posted at 2:19PM on Apr 24th 2009 by Ann

2009 days ago


Ann...I'm curious why "marriage" is so important considering that the country sanctions civil unions with all the perks and non-perks of marriage.

To me, marriage is based on religion while a civil union is based on gov't. If homosexuals want marriage then they should be talking to the various churches about it, not the gov't. Or do we want the gov't interfering in our faith as well as just about everything else?

2009 days ago


And she is a loser, because she believes what over 75% of the world's population

Or is she a loser, for having the balls to say it?

I think homosexuals that think the whole world
should accept their lifestyles, or be labeled homophobes, are the true losers
in this issue....ARTOFWAR.

2009 days ago

Bob Barnett    

I'll bet she swallows

2009 days ago


Homo marriage will NEVER be legal in America. I know of many CA people who say they are for it
but when they got in the voting booth, voted against it. It just ain't right.

2009 days ago


Good for her. She is a new voice for the downtrodden majority.

2009 days ago


"the truth hurts" You liberals can't stand the truth.No matter how hard you try you will always be wrong.

2009 days ago


#9, HAHA, RE: "...BTW...who won !!!" The woman said everyone should have a choice and HER choice is between a man and woman. Cant she have a choice too??

2009 days ago


She has a right to her opinions! Many gay rights' activists have become bullies. She also represents the majority of the people of California. The Torah, in Leviticus, condemns homosexuality.

2009 days ago


More people love hetero Carrie than love homo Perez. The heteros have clearly won this battle.

2009 days ago


for someone who is suppose to be religious...that blouse sure is low cut and makes her look like the drag queens shes bashing.........someone (a lesby) should take this beyotch out and kick her azz....shes nothing but a bleached blonde skank.....grow up you idiot pagent contestant...cant call you a winner, but can call you STUPID!

2009 days ago


Its nice to see a strong person who stands up for what she believes in even though
Hollywood will blacklist her and then go and make 50 more movies about
the blacklisting of communists who admired the mass murderer Joe Stalin and to let us know
How awful blacklisting is....( I never understood the difference between Hitler and Stalin)
Hollywood is full of cowards. Even if they disagree with her and most of the voters
of California they have to admit she has guts. I would hope some of the gays in hollywood
will stand up and say she should have freedom of speech. If anyone discriminates
against Gays its hollywood! Why are the actors always scared for anyone to know. if they are gay
Its not the moviegoers who for the most part don't care...Its the people who run hollywood
hire in hollywood the money men in hollywood who try to keep it quiet.
Hollywood is a sexist, homophobic culture run by greedy business men and scared actors.
How many of the actors are scared to defend her for fear they will lose work?

2009 days ago


read the Bible.....pray for faith....pray for guidance....pray for the world....morally we are in shambles
If things aren't working out for you, look at your the right thing

2009 days ago


Miss California has balls! She's not backing down - I love it!

2009 days ago
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