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Shawn Johnson

Roasted by the Piano Man

4/24/2009 2:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This dude in a Des Moines piano bar had Shawn Johnson as red as the #3 billiard ball on his shirt after he sang a hilarious song in honor of her and "Dancing with the Stars" partner Mark Ballas.

Shawn Johnson: Click to watch
We'll just try and ignore the part where he sings about the 17-year-old's chest.


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AmericanMade, I feel your dumb redneck ass needs to be addressed.
You "brave" American boys in Iraq are war criminals and murderers.
Iraq never threatened us and never attacked us in any way shape or form and have no ties to Al Qaeda.
That makes the attack on them an illegal occupation, not a war.
Please feel free to refute my statement with your evidence at any time.
Afghanistan was legitimate and I have the utmost respect for those guys.
Canada and France were not attacked so quite frankly they have no reason to send tons of troops in.
It is disgusting redneck people like you that are the reason that this country is in the shape it is in.
You call people from other countries cowards and what not and then expect them to buy your products and stand alongside you.
The entire world is rooting for the downfall because of ignorant people like you that are too dumb to realize that we live in a global economy. It is people like you with your attitudes that put me and my family in jeopardy.
I wish you and your kind would just move away to an island somewhere, you are not wanted here.

2006 days ago


amen to that Venom

2006 days ago


jeez... people like "americanmade" give the rest of us Americans a bad name... if he's such a hard ass why isn't her over in Iraq?

2006 days ago


18. jeez... people like "americanmade" give the rest of us Americans a bad name... if he's such a hard ass why isn't her over in Iraq?

he/she, it, is to busy sucking on his mammas tit.

2006 days ago


I love our friendly neighbors to the north.
And all you nonamericans, i assure you, we are not all like Americanmade. I don't agree or trust our goverment, but I still love my country, so be nice.

2006 days ago


To those of you wondering why she was at the bar. Relax, the piano bar is also a restaurant and she was there with her parents and Mark. She didn't have any alcohol to drink.

2006 days ago


I don't think all Americans are fat, obnoxious and just plain ignorant...there is just a lot of them out there. I realize that people tend to generalize, but that is often the picture that is painted of Americans. Ao, you can help by proving us wrong. Please.

2006 days ago


Can't we all just get along? I am very proud to be an American and very proud to live in the US. .....but I sure love my Canadians and such! War sucks, fighting sucks, this economy sucks, but lets at least try to quit the badmouthing.

2006 days ago


canada has a wreck of an economy...great job on your health care system.

please stop coming to the USA, buying our products and watching our tv shows, and copying everything that is American.
you people are so boring you dont have your own identity, oh i forgot the obvious (fat, pasty white and stupid)
o're next if you dont stop trash talking.....remember saddam?
and france too!

2006 days ago


hahaha AMEN #23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2006 days ago


Why is it that musicians (not from America) feel they haven't made it until they make it in America?

2006 days ago


canada reminds me of that kid that would run is mouth at you until he got his ass kicked real keep it up!

2006 days ago


Talking about a 17 y.o.'s breasts is perfectly hot. She's legal in my state.

2006 days ago


Actually, I think that's Artie from the Howard Stern show. lmao

2006 days ago


Wait isn't TMZ based out of America? Hmmm...if the US sucks so bad....why are u coming to a website that is ran by fat, lazy, dumb, ignorant, broke Americans????HMMM, I ponder that.....

2006 days ago
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