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Wrestling Legend's Son Busted for Heroin

4/27/2009 6:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Richard FliehrThe 21-year-old son of wrestling legend Ric Flair was arrested in North Carolina on Sunday after Charlotte police say they found heroin in his car.

Richard Fliehr
was booked on felony possession of narcotics along with charges of driving while impaired and driving with a revoked license, WSOC is reporting. Fliehr bonded out of jail on Sunday.

This isn't the first time the Nature Boy's boy has been in trouble with the law -- back in March, he was also arrested for driving while impaired.

Flair's daughter, Ashley, was arrested last year for fighting with Ric and a police officer. Ric didn't press charges, but Ashley was charged with assault on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest.

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can't wait for the reality show now....

i can already see the rehab episode

1968 days ago


Maria, why don't you do yourself a favor and just die? You obviously have nothing going on in your life and need to put others down to make yourself feel better. You posted three comments on this story when only one would have been enough. For you to say that wrestlers are lowlifes and that any musclemen can do what they do clearly shows your ignorance. Wrestling is an artform. It is athletic entertainment and a billion dollar industry. It takes a wrestler years to perfect his/her craft. The more successful wrestlers can make millions of dollars a year. Wrestling is like movies except wrestlers do it all in one take. There's no director yelling cut and there are no stunt doubles performing the stunts. The wrestlers do their own stunts.

That being said, I hope everything works out for the Flair family and Reid gets some help. I've been a Ric Flair fan for many years and my heart goes out to him.

1968 days ago


Rics book To Be The Man is worht the read. He has led a pretty hard life himself.

1968 days ago


to bad they didn't make it safer to drive by getting the Nick Hogan too.

1968 days ago


If this were Heath Ledger you'd all be saying what a tragedy. It's funny how if they are not famous then they're just junkies.

1968 days ago



he's as evil as Ray Charles!!!!

The sky is falling.../

the sky is falling!!!!!!



the sky isn't falling!

I'm just a bored hick...

who needs to focus on someone else....

besides my lame ass.


1968 days ago


Nice family you got there RIC. A real source of pride. NOT!!!!!!!!!!

1968 days ago

artie help    

this kid is spawn of an Icon, give the douchebag his props.

1968 days ago


How many people posting ...

are Catholic or pseudo Christians.

You're always the first ones to crucify someone.


Unless it's a family member or friend...ofcourse.

You're as loyal as your stinking options.

1967 days ago

alan brickman    

he screwed up...doesn't mean people get to act all rude and psychotic...

1967 days ago


And this is surprising?

1967 days ago


Well lets see here, let me ensure I try and use some proper terminology to passify the evil spirits -- I smoked my first joint at 17 and smoked for the next 10 years on a regular daily basis. I also held a very good paying job, I also graduated from high school with honors and went to college. I didn't take up pot smoking again until I was rather stressed out in my job and it was at my husbands request that I do so to relax me, I was 36 and I toked again daily for the next 8 years (and by year 6 that daily became heavy use, I'd toke an ounce a pot by myself in 2 weeks time). Yes, I still had my good paying job, I got raises and bonuses every single year. And no, I never ever went to the other side and tried any other drug, I had coke offered to me many times, I never had a desire to try it, I was always afraid it would be laced with something and I'd heard once you try it, you want it again and again and again, and I just did not want to even try it ever. And I never was around anyone that did heroin or oxy etc.

I have been clean now -- on Saturday, May 2, it will be 28 months for me. I quit cold turkey. I did not go to rehab, I did not do 12 steps. I just quit. The only type of withdrawl I actually remember going through is the hunger for it on a daily basis and when I say hunger I mean the thought of wanting it every day, the wish of having it. And that went on for many months. And even to this day, the thought will occasionally pop into my head, man I wish I could smoke a bowl. But, I am truly proud of myself, I did it on my own, and while everyone has a different experience and story to tell about their addiction, for me I believe it is about choice. I am the one in control of my choices, therefore, it is I that controls the addiction and I have no desire to give in to that addiction again.

No one is perfect and for you holier than thou types and hypocrites that come to this site and post and say your evil evil crap, karma is a bitch and my God and your God will judge you, don't you think he won't. Just who the hell do you think you are to wish someone dead because they have a drug problem? Do you walk on water? Does your sh!t not stink? Think again hypo! And for you Catholics -- I don't like calling out people but so be it, if you are coming here and making evil comments ugh, you better step the fluck off the podium. Who the hell has rapists at the pulpit? And who amongst any other religion turns out more alcoholics? My guess would be your religion!!!! And perhaps the Jewish faith is next in line.

1967 days ago


I hate reruns, hate them with a passion! That's you MARIA. How intelligent are you that you have to repeat your useless comments? LMAO at you!

1967 days ago


Oh and how's that for a drug addict? Should I have just gone off and died? I save animals in need for a living. I put my intelligence to good use BECAUSE I went through all that I went through. And I truly believe it's made me a better person. A better person who really needs to stop commenting on TMZ... I know I know!!! I lose at least 10 points off my verbal score every time I hit the "comments" button after each article here.

1967 days ago


The comment that SHOULD have shown up before that last one stated to "Inny", who I can only assume is referring to me as "a hick" that I was born, raised, and still live in NEW YORK CITY and have an I.Q. (WISC III) of 147 (Verbal Conceptualization Index), 128 (Perceptual Organization Index), and 134 in Freedom from Distractability (I was 8 years old at the time). So when your in-home health aid comes to spoon feed you your gruel, abuse you, then apparently read you TMZ articles and their comments then type back responses for you, and they read you this comment, you will know you couldn't have been farther from the truth, dumbass.

1967 days ago
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