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Wolfgang Puck Sued for Crappy Dining Experience

4/28/2009 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wolfgang Puck is being sued over a restaurant bathroom -- not because a woman claims it was covered in "urine and feces" -- but because someone allegedly ripped her off the crapper while she was in mid-squat.


The woman claims she just wanted to take care of some toilet business during a lunch at Puck's most famous Beverly Hills restaurant, Spago back in 2007. But according to the lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, the bathroom floor was covered in "standing pools of urine and feces" -- and the only usable toilet didn't have a lock on the door.

Here's where it gets messy -- the woman, Majorie Linden, claims she had to use one of her hands to hold the door closed while she took care of business on the throne. But mid-squat, with her hand stuck firmly on the handle, another woman allegedly yanked the door open causing Linden to fall "face-first onto the tile floor."

Marjorie claims the fall broke her back, messed up her knee, and caused serious mental damage -- among other things. Needless to say, she's suing.

But reps for Spago claim the woman is completely full of crap when it comes to the cleanliness of their bathrooms -- "In our 27 years of business we've never had an issue close to this ... that portion of the claim is totally without merit."


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the health department would have shut them down if it was true

1949 days ago


The woman is "full of crap"? Do I smell some bad TMZ irony here?

1949 days ago

mellon bruse N    

Don`t do the smit if you can`t close the shielt!.PHONE cams photo`s of me smitting were`nt cool but I closed the deal and GOT.Same old smit time after time messy but when you got`a your smit than get.How about a broken bypass bage full of smit/blood and someone yelling for help laying in it and a million people running away.First aid in the blood N smit isn`t glory it`s called being a human being!.

1949 days ago


Wolfgang Puck sales an so-called organtic canned soup commercially, with ungodly amounts of sodium in it. He should be ashamed of himself!!!

1949 days ago


Addendum: Wolfgang Puck sales a so-called organtic canned soup commercially, with ungodly amounts of sodium in it. He should be ashamed of himself!!!

1949 days ago


I hate that women...yaaaaak

1949 days ago

Linda Mott    

Note that they said never in their 27 years of business, did they have anything "close to this" . That sounds like they did have similar incidents, but not as bad.

1949 days ago

Karen Ann    

One of the classiest restaurants have a bathroom this way? I don't believe it in a minute. I hear and read that's where all the celebrities go and they wouldn't if the place is what the woman described. As far as her sueing, people are sue-happy anymore and I hope she loses. Remember those girls who said that McDonald's made them fat and tried to sue? It's sad anymore....

1949 days ago


Hey, it can happen to any restaurant and it has nothing to do with class. A toilet could have overflowed just before the woman entered and the staff didn't even know about it yet. The restaurant is still liable. It's been my experience that the upscale restaurants are always the ones with broken stall locks too.

1949 days ago


#3...W H A T...T H E... F U C K are you talking about? are you smoking crack, shooting heroin, smoking bud, snorting coke or smoking meth??? not only do you sound like a complete douchenozzle, but you also make zero sense,,,,i know this is TMZ (the lowest class of smut available) but, SERIOUSLY get an effing grip on yourself before posting a comment.,,,was your post a lame ass attempt at impersonating wolfgang puck? i would call you a 'tard, but i think thats giving you waaaay too much credit so i will just stick with F~U~C~K ~I~N~G T~O~O~L

1949 days ago


Let me tell you, all te red lobsters I know have never had this problem and it's a normal resturant. Same goes for applebees, etc. Those upperclass restaurants are a pain in the azz

1949 days ago


Why did she wait two years before suing??

1949 days ago


Hey # 3 WTF Boo is right. If your going to make a comment a least make some F&*KING sense. GET HELP F*&CKWAD

1949 days ago


Nah, holding onto a bathroom stall door while someone is pulling would NOT result in you baing knocked to the floor and breaking body parts. Sounds like she fell off of a ladder while at home and then decided to sue Puck. I know someone who actually did this while he worked for UPS. He then claimed he hurt himself at work and collected from his job. And soon everyone in the family talked about the accident as if it had happened that way, despite the fact that I'd seen the actual accident occur.

1949 days ago

artie help    

#10 , couldn't have said it any better.

1949 days ago
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