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Wolfgang Puck Sued for Crappy Dining Experience

4/28/2009 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wolfgang Puck is being sued over a restaurant bathroom -- not because a woman claims it was covered in "urine and feces" -- but because someone allegedly ripped her off the crapper while she was in mid-squat.


The woman claims she just wanted to take care of some toilet business during a lunch at Puck's most famous Beverly Hills restaurant, Spago back in 2007. But according to the lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, the bathroom floor was covered in "standing pools of urine and feces" -- and the only usable toilet didn't have a lock on the door.

Here's where it gets messy -- the woman, Majorie Linden, claims she had to use one of her hands to hold the door closed while she took care of business on the throne. But mid-squat, with her hand stuck firmly on the handle, another woman allegedly yanked the door open causing Linden to fall "face-first onto the tile floor."

Marjorie claims the fall broke her back, messed up her knee, and caused serious mental damage -- among other things. Needless to say, she's suing.

But reps for Spago claim the woman is completely full of crap when it comes to the cleanliness of their bathrooms -- "In our 27 years of business we've never had an issue close to this ... that portion of the claim is totally without merit."


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This sounds exactly like the joke going around the internet. I think its totally bogus.

1973 days ago


nice article

1973 days ago


S&L needs to SKIT this. That's absolutely hilarious! Insert "have you had a bad day" song with each turn of events.

1973 days ago


I would NEVER eat at any Puck restaurant, especially if he's doing the cooking. He licks his fingers while he cooks. GROSS!!!!!!!!!!

1973 days ago


You did not have one of your guys following the lady into the bathroom TMZ? You guys hang around bathrooms all the time. The Article should say lady falls into some TMZ.

1973 days ago


Hey ArtieMike I see you've returned, who was impersonating you online the past few days?

#3 Poster as for your gibberish crap don't waste your or our time

Hmm, it's possible a toliet could have overflowed, however, with the advent of camera phones, I'd think that's the first thing I would have done, and no matter how bad I had to relieve myself, I would have used the men's bathroom. I would presume the lady that pulled the door open is also named in the lawsuit. As for all the medical problems, hmm, I just wonder if paramedics were called -- on scene, ugh, you fall, break your back, hello, your ass is not getting up from the floor until someone lifts you up onto a backboard and carries you out. Umm, mental problems? Ok, whatever. I want more facts. And if she's just plain ole sue happy like so many others in this world just to make a buck, I hope she loses her ass in the wind.

1973 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    


1973 days ago


It sounds like she is full of crap. In 20 years in EMS I've never heard of someone falling from a squat onto their "face" (probably fat belly) and breaking their back. Physics say its extremely unlikely unless she had a midget in a lead backpack strapped onto her back.

1973 days ago

lost in lalaland    

I've never seen their bathroom look anything but spotless. Shines like a new dime. She's FOS.

1973 days ago

lost in lalaland    

Uh, Songbird. Do you mean SNL? What the hell is S&L?

1973 days ago

Makes you say Hmm    

Aren't stall doors open in not out?......unless your using the handicap stall, then it's to far out of reach when your squatting.

1973 days ago


In the public bathrooms I've been in, the stall doors push IN, not pull out.

1973 days ago

Some guy    

Spago is immaculate. You can see into the kitchen, only divided from the dining area with huge panes of glass. Wolfgang is actually there fairly often; checking on the food and interacting with guests. This is either an entirely made up story or the woman is insane. If it isn't I would love to see the details of how someone fell two feet off a toilet and broke her back. Maybe she was the basis for Samuel L. Jackson's character in Unbreakable.

1972 days ago


#11 - boo: are we the only sane people here this evening?

#3 - please use your meds only as directed. please!

I know there is not a full moon tonight, but some of the posts make me wonder........

1972 days ago


Public bathroom doors open INWARD for safety reasons. This woman is full of the brown stuff.

1972 days ago
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