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Halle Berry -- A Third World of Difference

4/29/2009 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A refreshed, rebuilt Halle Berry hit the red carpet in Hollywood last night -- looking like she finally got that shower and food she was missin' out on.


What a difference a makeup artist, a hairstylist, a designer dress, expensive heels, a manicure, expensive jewelry and the right lighting makes!

We're just sayin'.


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hell with them all    

HallE! Marry me babe and I will take care of you like a queen and your little one forever. You will always look like a million bucks. from a man in love but can not touch.

2004 days ago


A loving mother holding her healthy child is beautiful all the time. It's the world that is ugly.

2004 days ago


Why the referrence to the Third World? Hmmm!!?? Well, anyways like the guy with the dreadlocks said, she still looks better than anyone on TMZ. Including the pretty blond, boy.

2004 days ago

Olde Grfeywoolf    

While that is certainly an improvement, even on her worst "Mom" day, she is still of the most beautiful women on the planet! Go Halle!

Interesting baby name; wonder if she is a SF fan and reads David Webber?

2004 days ago


She dosent look that much different. Just no makeup but its not that stark of a diffrence at all. She was at the doctor with her daughter, the worry must show on her face. If she took the time to get made up for the cameras before taking her daughter to the doc, you probably would've bashed her for that.

2004 days ago

baby girl    

She IS a diabetic. How is that being racist? WTH!

2004 days ago


Give her a break!!! Do you really think she lives everyday with the thought of going out, that she is "On The Red Carpet". Acting is her profession period. She is not required to be "on" 24/7 and is a woman/mother first, not a "Star". I am sure she is tired and goes through the same trials and tribulations that other women do and should be left alone. You know what, there are plenty of women who do not feel like throwing on their make-up on their days off and dressing up.

2004 days ago

Crazy Oldie    

the miracle of makeup! This is what women are magicians...

2004 days ago

Thetan Mapother    

Halle looks so damn HOT in that very sexy and nice outfit, every bit of her, and WHAT AN AZZ!!!!! soooooo nice. yummy

2004 days ago


Why is it alright for TMZ to refer to Halle Berry as coming from the third world when she is an American actress from Ohio? Would TMZ make similar comments about a white actress who was snapped looking disheveled while holding her child? Also, is there something wrong with (or shameful about) coming from the third world, as TMZ seems to imply? Or, is it that people from the third world just look a particular way -- a fact known only by the brain trust that is TMZ? TMZ, this is not a "Shawn Johnson looks like a mouse" type poke at a celebrity; rather, it is an insensitive and juvenile attempt at humor based completely on the color of a person's skin.

2004 days ago


Again, how does tired black woman equal "third world"? The caption says more about the author than it does about Halle Berry.

2004 days ago


well, this white boy would not mind waking up to this fantastic specimen of a woman,,,this girl is hot if she's blue with green polka dot's,,,and no makeup . and a woman holding a child is beautiful in any color.

2004 days ago


This ignorant chick lost all her beauty the day she drank and got in the car. She hit the car and took off. Because of her "Hollywood" status she got the old slap on the wrist. Halle show us your beautiful scar on your forehead. I lost all respect for this woman. It's really no surprise she's known as a bitch throughout Hollywood the way she treats people in the professional world.

2004 days ago


To the TMZ Staffer who wrote this (boy or girl - notice I didn't say man or woman)....I'm sure Halle on a "bad" day is WAAAY more than you could ever hope to be. Grow up.

2004 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

Ummmmmmm Stupids at TMZ she is shooting a movie and you buttholes know it! She is playing a single mother on drugs trying to get out of a bad situation... They already reported on it on E.T. stupid fools.... and Halle isnt a 3rd world county res. she is From Ohio! Leave the lady with total class alone!! God knock it off!!! The Olson Twin looks like a 3rd worlder not Halle!! You losers at TMZ are real jerks too... go back to school get a real education AND a real job that contributes to the world and not takes away from it!!

2004 days ago
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