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Rob and Big -- Attacked by Racist Hackers

4/29/2009 11:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Big & Rob pollSome hate-spewing cyber coward has hijacked the official MTV website for the hit show "Rob and Big" -- and replaced an innocent poll with a racist attack on one of its stars.

The poll, which was first discovered by, has obviously been hacked -- but it's unclear how long it's been up on the MTV site. The poll reads:

What has been your favorite part of Rob and Big?

- how much they love ebaums
- meaty is a meme
- Seeing Big Black in a thong while sucking rob's balls off
- The torture of Drama who will soon kill everyone and result in an hero

FYI -- The "Rob and Big" show wrapped up back in '08.

Attempts to reach MTV for comment were unsuccessful.


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Man With No Name    

But Opie, saying the word with an A sound at the end, does NOT change the word! All you're doing when you say the word with an A, at the end, is changing the PRONUNCIATION. Changing pronunciation DOES NOT CHANGE THE WORD ITSELF!

Example: The old "you say Tomato (tow-may-tow), I say To-mato (tow-mah-tow)", adage is a great way to describe the "N" word phenomena. They aren't saying a different word, they are just pronouncing it differently.

I get so furious when people say "There's a difference between the A version, and the ER version!" No there isn't. I don't know when this ignorant line of thinking became acceptable, but it's completely wrong. In fact (regardless of was BS WikiPedia says) the "N" word with the A at the end, doesn't even exist! It's not in any English dictionary, therefore the word does not exist. PLEASE KNOW THAT ANY TIME SOMEONE SAYS THE "N" WORD WITH AN "A" SOUND, IT IS THE EXACT SAME THING AS SAYING THE N WORD WITH AN "ER" AT THE END!

Regardless of race, if a person can't understand that the word is the same with ER, or A at the end, then that person is IGNORANT AND UNEDUCATED!

1973 days ago


A, LISA, I'm sure blacks would love to be in Africa, but since we were stolen, and forced here to work for your lazy a*ses, we're no longer African, nor welcome there the way we should be...we're too mixed up with your blood line, because while massa hated us, he had no problem laying his seed in us.

As for Blacks using the N word, so what! We took the power of the word from you, and used it to our advantage. It doesn't even hurt aymore. We really feel sorry for the losers that use it, and think they're cool, or hurting someone. Hell, My president is black, yes black...look up the one-drop rule, have a problem with it, blame your ancestors. It's all good. The fact that you all dispute it show your hate for people. Go catch the swine flu, losers.

1973 days ago


Well, as I said it's the intent that counts, not the word itself. I personally don't use the N word regardless of its ending. But black people who use it to each other practically never intend to hurt with it, they don't mean it in a degrading way.

I won't argue against that it's better to just not use it, there's too much bad history around that word. But there's still a huge difference between someone brushing off a black guy and calling him the n word in a rude manner than someone who says it almost as a compliment (to a "gangsta" type person or youth who acts that way).

1973 days ago


They did for the lulz! Go back to ebaums.

1973 days ago

no thanks!    

# 20 Kimber. Get over it you stupid twit!!!! You want to go back???? Fine! We'll give you all a free trip back, a case of spam and a spear stick. Then we'll kick back and watch you all die of AIDS and kill each other of one hundred times faster then you do here for a cup of dirty piss water. NO MORE FREE CHEESE FOR YOU!!!

1973 days ago


Wow...with comments like these I wouldn't be surprised of any of you guys hacked the poll. It's clear there is racism from everyone in America. I'm a black Hispanic man and I try to avoid the "N" word as much as possible. It's stupidity of whit people to put black people all in one box, but there are educated smart black people that have never said the "n" word or used it in a way to describe an ignorant person. And Opie, any way you say it is negative, saying it is bring us back 400 years, and my ancestors ( even though I'm techincally mixed) fought to long to get where I'm at today.

Btw, You racists can burn in hell. I'll give the hackers one that last one is hilarious cuz Drama gets hazed daily by Rob....

1973 days ago


I love Rob and Big! Big has this cool,down to earth christian charm that I think is so genuine! Rob is just fun and hilarious and smarter than he lets on. It's one of the only shows I let my kids watch, they love Meaty. Why do people gotta hate?

1973 days ago

Your name:    

I bet this was either the work of 4chan or EON8

1973 days ago

no thanks!    

If you don't like it, thats why they invented BET!!!!! Too bad us whites can't have our own station....that would be racism now wouldn't it!!!

1973 days ago

no thanks!    

Suicide is always an option.

1973 days ago


I approve of this,

1972 days ago


f off with all your racism garbage. Blacks can say whatever they want about whites and it's alright cause they used to plow fields for a living. To hell with that! I didn't own any and I find their racism offensive.

1972 days ago


Also did 6 million really die or was it just a zionist lie?

1972 days ago


4 your pinky ring, the thing is I'm at your level without $$$$C4

1972 days ago


I love that ED attacks always make people scream and flail about how racist and scary the world is, but they're really just making fun of the types of people who flock to these articles immediately after, spouting racist BS. it's a self-propelled racism bomb, and the hackers just laugh it up as we create all the drama ourselves. it's a troll springboard and people just fall right over it every time.

1972 days ago
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