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Toni Braxton:

My Insurance Co.

Has No Heart

4/29/2009 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0429_braxton_ex_3-1Toni Braxton has been left holding the bag after canceling her 2006 concert in Las Vegas due to heart problems -- and she says Lloyd's of London screwed her.

Braxton has filed suit, claiming she bought "non-appearance" and "cancellation" insurance, which protects entertainers in case their concerts have to be cancelled.

Braxton says Lloyd's refuses to pay for the losses at her Flamingo Hotel concert that never happened, on grounds it was an undisclosed, pre-existing condition. Braxton begs to differ.

She's suing for undisclosed damages.


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First? Anyway, you talk about kicking someone when they're down! Shameful.

2001 days ago


Sounds like every other insurance company screwing average Americans out of money. What else is new?

Obama will fix this. Don't worry.

2001 days ago

Me Sittin' Here You Sittin' There    

Insurance companies have got to be the most corrupt industry of all. They always have their excuses not to pay something (like in this article) and are quick to increase your premiums. They are a massive and corrupt waste IMO.

2001 days ago

Linda Mott    

If you know about a preexisting condition and don't disclose it, they have the right to not pay. I don't think it was nice of them, but they had a contract with that clause in it and she either forgot or didn't think it mattered to reveal the problem. I know it is a shame, but they are backed by other groups of people's money for each policy.

2001 days ago

I live in New Orleans so hearing an insurance company doing this to someone is not surprising. There are still tons of people fighting for their insurance money from Katrina.

2001 days ago


Too bad. Toni should have disclosed her condition and paid the higher premium. Lying/omitting information to insurance companies is always a no-no.

2001 days ago


Toni should have had sleepwalking insurance. I saw the show, and she looked sooooo bored. Like she couldn't wait for the show to end. She just wanted out of that dog. I couldn't imagine having to endure that snoozefest night after night... in the end, I can't really blame her for using any excuse to jettison that sinking ship. Cut her some slack; staying in that awful show was cruel and unusual punishment, and she just couldn't take any more. I give her credit for not wanting to inflict any more pain on unsuspecting audiences...

2001 days ago



2001 days ago


It isn't exactly a secret that Toni Braxton has heart issues. I don't know how the insurance company can complain about a pre-existing condition. They allowed her to purchase the policy after her heart issues were well-publicized. Additionally, they could require a physical for the policy in which case her condition would have been discovered.

And I hardly think Obama would get involved in the affairs of a London company.

2001 days ago

Jomica Man    

I'm certain what will work against her will be the fact that a few months after cancelling the shows in Vegas, she signs up to be on Dancing With The Stars in early 2008. It is well reported that being on the show calls for crueling practice sessions. Many on the show had to drop out due to the physical demands over the course of the last 2 seasons, as well as the current season. It seems her heart condition did not prevent her from dancing on this show, yet not perform singing in Vegas. Insurance companies will any angle to cancel a policy. I think they may win this one in court.

2001 days ago


READ the policy before you purchase coverage. Its in the fine lines..............Bring your magnifying glass with you.

2001 days ago

John D. Genovese    

Jomica Man, I was about to post the exact same thing. I was living in Vegas at the time of all her canceled concerts and then it was announced she was going to be on Dancing with the Stars and everyone in Vegas was like WTF? She can't stand there and sing but she can go through the grueling process of 'Dancing'? No one believed it then. She's a fraud.

2001 days ago


Hmm, shame, shame if you lied Toni, no soup for you!!! Oops, I mean no insurance money for you (and I hope you've retained attorneys that aren't charging you a fee unless they win your case in court deary otherwise how many thousands will you be out than for a no win case deary).

2001 days ago

Hilton is a Loser    

We don't really know the details of this so to make any comments is just speculating

2001 days ago


Undisclosed? I remember hearing inthe news when she had surgery. So, ineffect, this is public knowledge. It seems the insurance company's trying to weasel out of paying.

2001 days ago
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