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Tupac Is Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4/29/2009 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photographic evidence that Tupac Shakur is alive and well and drinking Hand Grenades in New Orleans -- unless we're terribly mistaken.

Tupac Shakur: Click to view!

13 years after he was shot and "killed" in Las Vegas ... a man appearing to be 2pac was spotted in a bar on Bourbon Street last weekend.

We were unable to get any sort of DNA evidence -- but this photo is good enough for us.

Thug life, bitches.

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1974 days ago

please read more than the NYP    

Tha's not Tupac.

1974 days ago


Haha that's a great look alike. But it's definetly not him.

1974 days ago


If Tupac is indeed alive, he obviously wants to be left alone. I can't say that I would we be totally shocked if he were to pop up and rejoin society. Stay tuned folks.

1974 days ago


You people taking this seriously crack me up. IT'S A JOKE. Like saying, "Look, it's Elvis!" Tmz does not really think he is alive, nor are they attempting to make people believe so. You people are morons with absolutely not one spec of personality or sense of humor.


1974 days ago

Harvey's Mom    

That guy isn't Tupac, I know him though...

His real name or rap name is Tuthpic...

He is a rapper from NE Louisana and has the same dad as Tupac.

Tuthpic loves the attention and went to New Orleans in hopes of getting his picture taken to cause an uproar.

Tuthpic's new album "Tuth of Amerikaz Most Haunted" will be hitting stores soon....Stay Tuned!

1974 days ago

Dr. DMgemini63    

if he is then he and elvis must be room mates

1974 days ago


Haha.. nice try guys..

1974 days ago



1974 days ago


I do think its tupac have u seen the tupac alive videos on youtube theres one a fan took around a recording studio showing tupac holding a bottle of cook with jermaine depree and some others standing around a couple of vehicles and when they found out they were being recorded most of em group around tupac so he couldnt be seen another dead give away is when the dude in the blue hat says hide tupac man and looking at the vehicles u can seee theres a few 2005 models so in my opinion hes alive and all of us have heard about the 7 day theory and on his newest albums certain lines dont make a lot of sense till u reverb em and play em backwards theres one in his song life i lead it can be found on youtube its the verse that leads with when u see me holla mo set play it backwards reverb it it says im alive and me missing you thers a few others check out youtube type in tupacs alive videos and they should all pop up and have all of ya forget about all the sevens in pacs life think about it if he isnt showing back up now whose to say he wont be showing up in 2014 add the numbers up equals 7 i do believe hes alive too many new recordings every year etc etc and alll of em have been known to contain subliminal messages when played right i think hes been in cuba and when recording his albums only has come to the state to do a recording and only very few people have ever known it that meaning his trusted friends outlawz and his trusted friends in the recording industry and if thats tupac in that photo which i believe it is makes sense he could be showing up now as well 2009 subtract the numbers equals 7 and have we all forgot about black haze the rapper who never makes public appearances but has recorded songs look that up on you tube compare the flow certain songs have been time scaled a bit and slowed down abit by black haze in normal mode he sounds just exactly like tupac dont belive it you tube all of what ive said then come to your own decisions i did mine and i think he is alive and soon alll of us will know and see for ourselves and i also believe black haze is certainally in my opinion tupac but then again everyone has their own opinions and mine is tupac is alive and well

1974 days ago


the coroners report also says tupac weighed 261 pounds we all know he didint thats a lie

1974 days ago

Atl girl    

thats him
i knew it

1974 days ago

Paul - from the ONT    

If this was / is him. .Lift his shirt.. Should have big ass THUG LIFE on his chest.

1974 days ago

Run Tiger Run    

Naw, that ain't Tupac. Last time I saw him he had plenty of bullet holes in him. By the way, a friend of mine just wrote his son. Wanna read it?

Dear Barack,

How is it going, my son? I know you are busy with running America, the former land of the free. I never thought you could pull it off, but as we both know: humans are weak. They believe simplistic slogans and empty promises from politicians. They always have, and they always will. That is why we now rule them. I’d like to comment on a few of your programs because they seem to be working so well.

National health care. That’s a good one, my son. Your idea to spend 40 billion dollars on a computer system to track every prescription, test, and diagnosis will keep Americans afraid to visit their doctors for fear of what will go into the database, and it will keep them home. We need this because healthy people are harder to control.

Stimulus packages. Excellent! You have already spent more money on mindless projects than the rest of the presidents combined. Planting new grass for the Washington Mall was a great way to blow 165 million dollars. Giving 50 million dollars to the San Francisco mice was outstanding. Once you convince humans that they are worth less than mice, they will treat themselves accordingly i.e. more violence, disrespect, and that means more souls for us. It would take me days to comment on the rest of your “earmarks”, but trust me son, you have America on the highway to Hell.

Bash America first. Fantastic! Those arrogant Americans have always been tough to divide. Keep apologizing to the rest of the world for their crimes. The One World Government is coming whether they want it or not. We will “bring people together” as you like to say, under UN control. Keep threatening to arrest Bush, Cheney, Gonzales, and Rice for war crimes. That will keep them secluded and fearful along with the rest of the Republican rebels.

Nanny laws. Keep it up, old boy! Take away America’s guns. Install hate speech laws so that people become afraid to speak their minds. Make them live in fear. Get that Cap and Trade system in place. Convince people that carbon dioxide is poison. If you can convince people that a tasteless, odorless, and colorless naturally occurring gas is in fact deadly, you can convince them of anything. Complete control of America will be at hand. We will have their hearts and minds.

Good luck and much love,


1974 days ago


if that is him wich i don't think that it is bc its side view too hard too tel l and if it is him then who did they put 15 feet under in a casket? or did he just climb out all full of bullet holes lol

1974 days ago
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