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Alex Rodriguez

B*tch T*ts?!

4/30/2009 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0430_arod_bn_0-1Don't blame us for the nickname...

According to a brand new report from the person who broke the original A-Rod steroid story a few months ago, some of A-Rod's Yankees teammates called him "Bitch Tits" in 2005 -- because he allegedly developed man boobies from steroids.

According to Selena Roberts, "Bitch Tits" didn't stop using the 'roids back when he was on the Rangers -- as he stated publicly -- but cheated all the way to NY. Roberts claims in 2005, A-Rod's teammates noticed "he put on 15 pounds in the offseason which included round pectorals, a condition called gynecomastia that can be caused by anabolic steroids." In other words -- dude had bitch tits.

Another fun fact from Roberts' new report: She claims A-Rod was hated at Hooters because he only tipped 15 percent.

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mellon bruse N    

into your brain ha ha ha

2002 days ago


Well the New York Yankees paid more then a 100 million for some bitch tits and continue distraction. A-Rod should just be a man for once in his life and walk away from the game.

2002 days ago


I'm sick of waiters, waitresses, etc. expecting somebody to tip more than is warranted just because the customer can afford it. 15% is a fair tip for reasonable service and, no, 20-25% is NOT reasonable - why pay 25% extra to get the stuff you pay for brought to your table.

2002 days ago


If it's true that he only tips 15% then that is just plain sad. Waiters and waitresses work hard for their money and it's disgusting to see people who have more money then they know what to do with be cheap.

2002 days ago

showgirls fan    

purple lips and bitch tits. and hides the fact that he likes men buy surrounding himself with tranys

2002 days ago


If servers want more money, they should get a better job - rather than expecting the percentage for an "average" tip to keep going up from 10, to 15, now 18 or more percent for service that "meets expectations". Tips damn sure shouldn't go up just because the person can afford it. I can afford to pay an extra $5 for my lunch today, but it doesn't mean the price should go up.

All the whiny servers need to show a little ambition and find a *real* job that pays more, rather than hanging out with the 18-year olds and expecting more and more money to fall into their laps.

All tipping should be abolished. You're paid to bring food to tables and keep drinks full. If you don't like your wages, move along.

And a tip to the hippie at Starbucks - you're paid to make coffee and get scones out of the case. That's it. That's all you do. Don't expect a tip for performing the duties outlined on your job description. The same goes for the girl at Jamba Juice and everyone else that's put out a homemade tip jar. I'd much rather drop some coins into the "Save the Kittens" jar than get you into the midset of expecting handouts.

Rant over.

2002 days ago


Hated at Hooters (oh no, say it isn't so!)??? Probably because his boobies were bigger than most of the waitstaff!! LOL

2002 days ago


Oh, and Selena Roberts is a jock-sniffing gossip whore pretending to be a real reporter. Her book is supposedly full of nothing more than rumors, theories and worthless little side stories (like the Hooters thing). Selena is to A-Rod as Pedro Gomez was to Barry Bonds - nothing but following him around trying to get famous for having their name associated with someone else's dirt.

2002 days ago


# 8- I raised my 2 children being a server. It is a real job & a very hard one at that, everyone should work as a server once in there life & they will see it is a very hard job. The way you talk ,noone should work as a server & then who would bring YOUR nasty self your food when you are out at a restaurant? Don't judge someone else's job until you have walked in there shoes!!

2002 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

These athletes all need to lose the big salaries and stop cheating and start using only nice words to describe the ladies and their lovely lady lumps. And to #8, I agree with much of your rant. Exceptional service is one thing but it is the rare thing, really. Restaurants should just pay their people right and let the customers go home happy with a firm, flat tip of say ten percent. It would be good for business. There are times when I would go into a restaurant for a sit-down meal but just can't quite afford the meal and the twenty percent or whatever they expect. And enough of the tip jars for coffee, for sure--and how 'bout those folks who empty the jar after every tip? What's up with that?

2002 days ago


I always said he was a little bitch, guess its true.

2002 days ago


The correct term is:
Man Cans

2002 days ago


I give "Mr Pink Was Right" a standing ovation. You are dead on with that rant.

To the women who said she raised two kids fetching food from the kitchen and making sure drinks are topped off I laugh at your belief that being a server is a "real" job. Come on! It's a jerk off job that should be held by kids in college, not one to be done by a grown ass woman with two children. You are like the banana scanners at the supermarkets who think their job should entitle them to $20 an hour and the platinum health benefits plan. When you reward mediocrity, a substandard and unambitious work force is what you end up with.

2002 days ago


I find it hard to believe that Harvey doesn't have a pic of AROD from 2005 without his shirt on. I thought getting pics of men sans shirt was the entire reason he conned them into starting TMZ?

2002 days ago



HIP HIP HOORAH.................



2002 days ago
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