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Linda's Boyfriend Free to Burn Hulk's Rubber

4/30/2009 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It looks like Linda Hogan isn't the only thing her 19-year-old boyfriend is allowed to ride -- a judge just blocked the Hulkster's attempt to keep the youngster from driving his cars too.

Hulk Hogan: Click to view docs!

Hulk had asked the judge in Pinellas County to keep Charley Hill out of the driver's seat because he feared his marital estate would be liable if the kid got into a wreck.

Hogan tried, the judge denied -- but the judge didn't necessarily disagree with Hulk's plight. In the papers, the judge wrote that it "would appear to be exceedingly imprudent" to keep Charlie from getting behind the wheel.

Hulk's attorney told us, "This issue certainly isn't over... clearly from [the judge's] statement from this hearing that in principal he agrees with our position but legally does not feel he is able to grant an injunction."


No Avatar


He's worried that her little BF is a much of an irresponsible loser as his own son. LMAO!!!

2002 days ago


Following the OJ theme...whose home is also in Florida, but his kids are not - OJ's is not currently using his vehicles. Maybe the Hulk could knuckle drag a letter to the double murderer with whom he relates, and ask to borrow one.

2002 days ago


this is why i will never ever get married.marriage serves one side and under minds the other.i would not be surprised if hulk offs his ex and boytoy,because his ex is really baiting hulk.and on top of that you don't get your head banged around your whole career and not retire with a inability to think clearly.

2002 days ago


This is all about control. Hulk wants to control Linda. I cant believe he has never apologized for that horrific OJ comment. Hulks attorney "Dirty Dave" is stinking up the court. Go back to Reno and the Dog Chapman you loser

2002 days ago


Y'all keep wondering why he made those "horrific comments"?
Comon!! You wouldn't feel the same way?
She just doesn't stop and no respect for anybody or anything including herself.
She's just pathetic. I don't find this claim to be unreasonable at all.

2002 days ago


didnt this pervert rub oil in between his daughters thighs.

2002 days ago


Hogan tried, the judge denied -- but the judge didn't necessarily disagree with Hulk's plight. In the papers, the judge wrote that it "would appear to be exceedingly imprudent" to keep Charlie from behind the wheel. -

Don't you mean "To keep Charlie behind the wheel"?

2002 days ago


I feel kinda sorry for Hulk his bitch of an ex is making him out to be a fool.once again she better be glad I am not the Judge.

2002 days ago


As far as I can see there is a HUGE difference between Nicole Brown and this pig that Hogan was married to. Nicole seemed like a good person who wanted to get on with her life. But that piece of human garbage Simpson who TOLD her beforehand if he ever murdered her he would get off, would not let her. And even if she was seeing Rod Goldman (which they say she was not) She was not flaunting him all over town. AND she was a good mother. This to me is the opposite. Only the rage is the same. Linda Hogan is a fat, overly made up, slovenly (is there such a word?) materialistic, pig. I can't stand the site of her. Not that I think highly of Hulk Hogan, but she is such a poor excuse for a mother and a human being. Does she REALLY think this nitwit kid that she is doing would TOUCH her if she did not have money? Well, that's one of the reasons she is getting her filthy paws on everything she can. And I truly believe she is getting so off on tormenting the ex. What a pitifull existence they ALL have. OK, my rage is over.

2002 days ago

Starr Vega    

I have an idea, I mean his spousal support alone is $40k, that must mean his gross income is in the neighborhood of a couple hundred grand a buy more insurance HULK!!!! What's that going to cost you? A couple hundred bucks a month at the most? If your THAAAAAAT WORRIED about it call your insurance agent and let him figure it out. jeez. That 's what the judge meant by "At most it is speculation that liability could result." SPECULATIIIIOOOONNNN, that means....chances are, it ain't gonna happen....highly unlikely. Clearly the judge did NOT consider the possibility of Charley crashing to be "a "substantial likelihood of immediate irreparable harm" which is the stipulation for him to order such an injunction..... So buy more insurance you cry baby. She moved on. Give her the pink slips. Sign them over to her. Let the stupid cars and boats go. Buy new ones. Who cares. Then if he crashes it's her problem not yours. Sounds like this is more about Hulk's jealousy of Linda's young BF than it is about the stupid vehicles and liability.

2002 days ago

for the record    

This story is not accurate. The Judge did not agree with
the Hulk! As it was reported in the florida newspapers The judge
actually said this.....
Judge Greer's ruling disagreed and said the boyfriend's driving "would not constitute 'substantial likelihood of immediate irreparable harm.' At most, it is speculation that liability could result."
How the hell can that statement be even close to what
was reported as the judge agreeing with the Hulk.
I happen to live in fl so had already heard this before
I read tmz. Wonder how many of there other stories
are just that Stories!!!

2002 days ago


linda is a pig......and flaunts letting her boytoy benefit using material assets that Hulk (not Linda) earned. I think the ugly piggish thing had a really easy good life married to him, now she still wants the easy good life but minus....she might be a pig but she's money grubbing smart pig.
there is no comparison between her and Nicole. OJ was an obsessive, controlling, abusive SOB all their married life. Hulk has not been that.

2002 days ago


Like I said Hulk: I don't believe in violence against women but if you decide to off those two, well, I understand.

2002 days ago


whens HULK gonna leg drop this kid!! HULK UP and body slam this kid BROTHA!!! haha

2002 days ago


Men are such babies, and this guy is delusional. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Get over it whiners.

Also, the judge does not appear to be agreeing with him at all.

2002 days ago
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