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Linda's Boyfriend Free to Burn Hulk's Rubber

4/30/2009 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It looks like Linda Hogan isn't the only thing her 19-year-old boyfriend is allowed to ride -- a judge just blocked the Hulkster's attempt to keep the youngster from driving his cars too.

Hulk Hogan: Click to view docs!

Hulk had asked the judge in Pinellas County to keep Charley Hill out of the driver's seat because he feared his marital estate would be liable if the kid got into a wreck.

Hogan tried, the judge denied -- but the judge didn't necessarily disagree with Hulk's plight. In the papers, the judge wrote that it "would appear to be exceedingly imprudent" to keep Charlie from getting behind the wheel.

Hulk's attorney told us, "This issue certainly isn't over... clearly from [the judge's] statement from this hearing that in principal he agrees with our position but legally does not feel he is able to grant an injunction."


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i cant believe the idiots that post on this site supporting linda. she is an absolute wreck spending every last dime that should go to settling the divorce case, and settling the graziano case. hulk comes across as a good guy during his radio interviews and has never wavered from his desire to settle the case with the assets split down the middle so he can move on. i wish tmz would focus on the walking trainwreck that is linda's current life; all they need to do is shadow her for a few weeks and her coke infested trap will change everyone's minds without any doctoring of the story.

1968 days ago

ex lax    

damn an he lets his son drive,that a racestrer an murderester in my mind! damn nick take for family out for a sunday race! an burn em all

1968 days ago

ex lax    

must say all that bleach made em all crazy!

1968 days ago

ex lax    

an ps brooke the biggest man in the family cause she stackes em up!

1968 days ago


Why dont she get her own damn job and earn her own money it is his money and she has NO RIGHT to it

1968 days ago

ex lax    

starting to wonder If the joke Of a family aint playing cards with a certain wrestling company.. so the hulkster can tag his daughter an tap on his x's boyfriend? sounds like a fake show to me!

1968 days ago


First of all, I believe the judge probably said that it would be PRUDENT to not let the guy get behind the wheel. Not IMPRUDENT. Secondly, I think that Linda probably isn't getting it on with the young stud, but is just making Hulk believe that she is, just to get under Hulk's skin. I don't put anything past that money-grubbing, white trash, witch. The beyotch needs to get a job!

1968 days ago

Trey's pop    

I hope fat Linda's alligator mouth doesn't write a check Charlie's gnat ass can't cash.

1968 days ago


I'm confused. Have the vehicles been awarded to Linda or not? Are the vehicles registered to Hulk Hogan or not? Are the titles in Hulk Hogan's name or Linda's? Are the titles free and clear?
Seems to me, if the titles, registrations, and insurance policies of the vehicles are under Hulk Hogan's name, they are indeed HIS vehicles, and as such, are his property. Barring the unsafe operation of his vehicles on public roads, Mr. Hogan is free to do as he pleases with his vehicles. Meaning, he can decide who can and cannot operate them.
If ANYONE operates any vehicle without the consent of the legal owner, it considered THEFT. So...If the vehicles are truly and Legally Hogans, and Charlie Hill decides he wants to go cruising in one of them, All Hogan has todo is call the police and report the car stolen.

1968 days ago

Linda Mott    

He needs to move on and forget his pride.

1968 days ago


this is why only chumps get married.

did you know that Linda Hogan wants HALF of his FUTURE EARNINGS!

it's bad enough that she's entitled to HALF the money HE EARNED by destroying his body.

she feels ENTITLED to HALF of his FUTURE earnings.

she'll probably get it too.

1968 days ago


Considering the FACT that their divorce isn't final, and nothing has been awarded to either party, Hulk has a very valid point...Should the crater faced little sh1t wreck and seriously injure someone in one of their vehicles (he obviously doesn't own one himself) Hulk would be held legally responsible as the vehicle owner...

If it were me, I'd be requesting that the courts order ALL of the jointly owned vehicles, including little Nicky's, to be immediately sold and the monies split...That would eliminate the potential for Hulk being liable for Linda's irresponsible antics, and any future bad choices AND consequences would be solely on her...
Or, head down to DMV and sign a "Release of Liability" on every stinking car Linda has in her possession...

Why should Hulk have to buy more insurance for things that he has no control over?...Linda has plenty of his money already, so when is she going to be held accountable?...It isn't all on Hulk guys, Linda seems to be content in causing as much damage as she can here...

1968 days ago


Worry about your OWN boy.....nick needs some're such a bitch Hulk...grow up!!! 50 year old fool...

1968 days ago



1968 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

I'm GLAD Linda has a younger and hotter BF....GOOD FOR HER. She can do WHATEVER SHE WANTS BECAUSE HULK IS NO LONGER IN THE PICTURE TO TELL HER WHAT TO DO. Linda put up with his jealous, steroid-laden ass for too many years as it was and hope she cleans him OUT.

1968 days ago
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