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Investigated by Police

Social Services

4/30/2009 10:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0430_octomom_bn_tmz_01-1Child and Family Services and two La Habra police detectives questioned OctoMom Nadya Sulemen yesterday, after a teacher reported her 4-year-old autistic son showed up to school with a black eye and bite marks.

OctoMom's attorney told the AP her 2-year-old twins may have caused the bite marks, and tried to explain the bruising by saying "Poor Aiden, he falls a lot. He jumps at noises and things and bump furniture and walls."

No word if officials will take action. Good luck, Octo.


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Lynette, Bitemarks happen at your daycare. Your son had them, all the time. And you were not concerned with that ? You hold your son so cheaply ? I hope you enjoy your time off, as much as Octo-mom is enjoying all her free time off. And you had children, because..............?

2002 days ago


Linette Biting, of your child__________not a problem for you.Perhaps you can ignore the biting as long as the daycare provides you with time off ???!!!! Or services your needs.

2002 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

Oh Gawd...I just can't believe that #86 actually said biting is normal at her daycare regarding her son. Whoa....someone needs a reality check and perhaps a call to social services on herself and the daycare. THAT is not normal behaviour at daycare. Lynette...are you always this stupid or was the day wrote that a special occasion?

I'm wondering if herself ( Suleman) notified the teacher when she ( or whoever) took him to school that day about the bites and black eye or did they just dropped him off with no explanation. Thus leading the teacher to call the police and CPS.
Raising 2 boys myself , we had plenty of incidents where they fell off skateboards, bikes..and road rashed their faces, knees etc. One even ran into a friends car whilst he was chasing his friend and broke his leg...(left a hellva dent in her car too) But we always went to the school and notified the teacher and school nurse what had happened. In this day and age its what a parent HAS to do....because if a child shows up at school with injuries and no explanation, teachers are REQUIRED to notify the proper authorities.

Just on a lighter side...another Cinderella story yesterday at the Kentucky Derby.

"Mind that Bird"......cost $9,500.00

Brought in by Trainer with broken ankle in his pick up and standard trailer from New Mexico (about) $1,200

Beating the "Big Boys" at the Derby at 50-1 odds PRICELESS!

Susan Boyle and Mind that Bird.....2 best "feel good" storys of the year.

2002 days ago


I read the article, yesterday regarding Octo stripping at a Strip Joint. Apparently she signed a contract for a year, performed totally nude, was "a little heavy", & not a good dancer. According to the article, she touched, & was touched by the customers, Apparently she was particularly good at lap dances. She left the 'business', when it became obvious that she was pregnant. There was a picture of her signed contract, & a comparison of that signature to her own. It matched. Although this is a magazine article, I believe the basic premise. That she was a stripper. She of course, has denied this, & stated on camera that she will sue. Typical 'sue'-liman. From my point of view, based on Octo's perpetual deceptions, I gage the strip joint & dancers infinitely more credible than Octo.

2002 days ago


Ankaret & Rose... Well said. A sad reflection, isn't it, when a ' parent ' views abusive behaviour as normal , not recognizing symptoms of abnormal , maladaptive behaviour..& worse yet, not caring. I would not want to be a fly on the wall in that home, for fear of what I might see. This little boy, Aidan.........yes, I agree with the posters who foresee imminent danger to the babies. He is a little hellion...........a product of his home environment, & an inadequate mother with poor parenting skills, who basically, doesn't have the time...........& isn't willing to give them time, due to her more pressing concerns , that of Fame & amassing wealth. As far as I am concerned.........the Nannies, The State are the children's mother. She, is their business manager............her relationship with her children , tantamount to a business contract.......and a poor one at that. This is how she reflects herself to me. I have seen Aidan on the news several times. He is an ill mannered, aggressive little boy, with extremely poor social skills. I actually, am concerned about the welfare of the babies.. & terrified that Octo- imbecile will introduce a pet into the equation. Rose, I absolutely agree with you. This unpleasant child, is a bully, now.............his future...........predictable, as this social catastophe unfolds.

2001 days ago


I do not understand, the biting is normal logic. I could not maintain my children, in a daycare, whereby this occurs regularly. & is accepted as normal. No matter the expense incurred, nomatter the difficulty in finding daycare.......I could not subject my child to that. It reeks of dysfunction, & my child is worth more than that. I love my little girl................

2001 days ago


What a cruel twist of fate, for the children. She will never be a mother.

2001 days ago


I was looking for something this afternoon and it brought up TMZ site. After reading the comments of a few people about Nadya, I was amazed how much time people are putting into downing another human just because she has children. You all need to grow up and get a life. It shows you don't have anything better to do with your time. I feel sorry for you. Nadya is going on with her life and family. And she is doing a "GREAT" job with her children. Kids will be kids. You have shown us just what I am talking about with all your negative comments. Kids say and do stupid stuff, like you. GROW UP!! You are not putting one dollar in her pocket. And we all know you don't work. Have a wonderful life!!

2001 days ago


For Jane and Cindy - If the child to whom you're referring is the one we've seen in the videos who repeatedly shows lots of inappropriate "acting out," it's Caleb, the 2- year-old (lighter of the fraternal twins), not Aidan. Caleb is the one who supposedly bit Aidan, and is also pictured on the Octorazzi site actually *biting Nadya on the back* while they are out at the park. He is also the one most often seen in the videos hitting other siblings, and hitting Nadya in the face when she tries to hold him. Aidan is more withdrawn, and not often seen in the videos.

We don't know, of course, if Caleb acted this way *before* he found himself in such a hectic situation, with eight newborns, a half dozen additional nannies, and camera crews around. His aggressive actions may have been triggered, or made worse, by the stressful situation, and his desire to try to get his mother's attention in whatever way possible. I'm guessing that when the kids were in Grandma Angela's care, she probably was a little more proactive with them than Nadya has been, so this behavior would have brought stronger consequences than the "gentle... gentle" approach. We do know that both the twins, as well as Aidan, have been identified as having some special needs that qualify them for SSI support.

Whatever the case, this situation requires lots of hands-on supervision - not only to make sure that the children don't hurt each other, but also to make sure that they get the attention, training, and discipline that each of them needs to get through these challenges and achieve their highest and best degree of functionality.

Prior to the birth of the octuplets, a nanny was provided to help with the care of Aidan and the twins. Might be that since the arrival of the new babies, nanny attention is diverted in that direction. Hopefully the CPS visit will give Nadya a "heads up" that she needs to focus more attention on the other children too, or there will be a more serious consequence. Maintaining a residence for fourteen children under the age of eight is, requires, effectively, the same attention to supervision, discipline, and routine that would be required in a day care facility.

It's sad that apparently CPS does not recognize the fact that bringing eight more babies, six more nannies, and media presence into the home of three children with special needs is abusive and neglectful, and certainly not "in the best interests" of the children. If they can't have a truly functional "home" environment in this situation, at least we can hope they will be safe.

2001 days ago

Lil Bobby    

They should lock these big lip, creepy looking woman up!
And give her litter to good homes in Africa!

2001 days ago


Blessings You most certainly are entitled to your opinion, as we all are. In my opinion Nadia is not doing a ' great ' job with her children, nor do I consider her a good mother. Furthermore, I do not like her as a person. While you are entitled to your opinion, you do not make it credible, by shouting out ridiculous comments : " we all know that you don't work ". You don't have privy to posters' socio-economic status, or lifestyle, or identity. I have , however just been privy to a childish, hypocritical post. Yours.

2001 days ago


Blessings. I work full-time.......In an Emergency dept..12 hr an emergency R.N. I see abused children........regularly. Biting is a symptom of a dysfunctional child. You say that she is put down just because she has you have a deficit in terms of reading, comprehension or rationalization.? The problem is not, having children. It is lack of emotional & financial stability. The decision to deliberately bear a large number of children, that one cannot provide the love attention & financial support for. No Father, State supported. For sale on the Media Market, to the highest bidder. This is a mother ?? You support this ? If I were your child I would run as fast as my legs could carry anyone........anyonelse that would show me some caring... A neighbour, relative, Social Services. You think that she is doing a great job.? You are one of the reasons that CPS exists.

2000 days ago

m. s.    

leave this woman alone and let her raise her children... if this was a white woman she would not be harrassed this way.

2000 days ago


The fact is that this OctoMoron has given birth to siblings for fame, fortune, and to fulfill her mentally ill needs, not to mention torture her parents. She is no more a parent than my 12 year old daughter is to our dog, but my daughter takes better care of our dog. OctoMoron's house is always in complete chaos, which is NOT the environment for an autistic child whom is overly sensitive to sound, sudden noises, (shouts, crying, screaming, toys thrown, etc), touch or confined spaces. All of which you have with 14 children under the age of 8 and OctoMoron has the big Master bedroom all to herself! Autistic children have an intense need to be left alone, quietly undisturbed enjoying whatever it is that holds their fascination. Aiden has never experienced that, and he will suffer as a result. Balloon lips ignored this fact and just added to the children's burden, but not hers as she's been going to school all day for the last several years.

Absentee OctoMoron is no more in touch with the needs of her siblings than I am with the needs of my neighbors' cats.

2000 days ago


Where is the physco bitch while the two twins are gangin up and the 4 yr old!!
DING DONG wake up and watch your kids!!
I think this is so wrong on so many counts. ..
Makes me sad to think of the love and attention these childern will never know.... and are not getting.

1999 days ago
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